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where power is not used to build one."


Desert Spirit







Sunday, February 01, 2015


Desert Spirit



“The Last Judgment is generally thought of as a procedure undertaken by God. Actually it will be undertaken by my brothers with my help. It is the final healing rather than a meting out of punishment, however much you may think that punishment is deserved.”


     Today I receive the Thoughts of God, of the Last Judgment, and respond accordingly. My morning begins with words in my thinking that subtly come into focus like an out of focus image a camera brings into focus through an adjustment of the lens. The lens of my mind is fine-tuned to make these words appear in my mind. I see them with the mind’s eye, and as the day begins, they appear clearer and clearer. In seeing them, I recall hearing them, although as it is with many things I have never questioned them but rather prescribed to them the notion of their “true” meaning as I accorded the meaning, not necessarily as what their speaker meant. They come into focus, and I write:


I and my Father are one.”


     In the appearance comes the thought, “I am Love.”


     I and Love are one.


     I and Love are one, implying a God exists but not as an authoritative entity but as the very essence termed life/light.


     God and I are one. The light/life force/power in me are one. I and that which extends itself are one. That which creates, that which gives itself are one. I and giving are one. Giving increases in me as it is given or extended, regardless of what it is that is given or extended.


     Today I call upon the Divine Forces. Divine Forces give me the power TO call upon Them. Divine Forces, within me, that are one with me lead me to ask:


     What will You do through me, and what will You have me do with this power in me?

     What will power do through me, and what will life impel me do with this energy flowing in me?


     Where will You have me go, or where will this power direct or carry me to extend it this day?


     What will You have me say and to whom or what will this power within me impel me to utter today and to whom?


     Then, the Last Judgment is not authorized by “God”, that which I have perceived as an authoritative entity, but as a force of goodness and love, life in expression, that leads only to itself, that which is freedom.


     Then, the decision I see I think is to be made by an “authority” or by man-made rules is not so but is a direction I take in the acceptance of the fact OF this power that IS free, that cannot be contained, that controlled or selfishly used for self-gain but is the natural outcome of the flow of this power.


     Then, the Last Judgment is last step in any situation I undertake to define my freedom, undertaken by me and a brother with Your help.


     A brother, then, is part OF any decision I am given TO make and is arranged by You in an attempt to reveal to me that only IN relationship with “another” can love be understood.


     Love must have love to which it wills to flow. And yet this principle, this truth, this fact remains for the concept of fear, that he who retains the power OF fear will allow it to flow TO the other, imprisoning both. He does not “help” in this regard, but is present TO help to restore the mind to the fact that fear is not part of the natural flow of life, of love.


     He Who helps is He Who is in charge of teaching HOW the power, light, life force is to be used. I came TO a separated world to unify and NOT to uphold separation. This teaching is the foundation of A.A., which teaches how to rightly use one’s power, rather than giving one’s power away TO something that then seems to enforce power over me.


     Power cannot BE contained/controlled. I cannot “control” power/life. Power will be itself and I am at its mercy. When I AM it there is no resistance and no further discussion.




     Today I abandon any further notion of “God” as an authoritative figure/entity and replace this infantile concept with the idea of a life force/power/energy that is all good, all giving, all love, all life, all natural, all free and without restrictions or limits of any kind.


     Then, “Our Father, Who art in heaven….,” is an AFFIRMATION OF the Reality of One Force, One Power, One Energy, One Direction, One Nature, one natural, effortless action of natural flowing energy, power that leads only to itself, just as an electrical current travels back to itself within a circuit loop.


     Nature, as humans see it, unleashing its “destructive forces”, is nature in expression and can only be determined to be “destructive” when it encounters an obstacle, or when it affects me personally.


     A wave crashing on the shore of Massachusetts does not “crash to shore” if no seawall exists, if no homes are built upon it in an attempt to contain the ocean, or exploit it for a personal view. It flows IN and it flows out. When the object that stands in life’s way is removed, it returns to its “gentleness”. Objects, animate or inanimate, physical or psychological, encounter the flow of life that seeks to flow beyond them. In the removal of all obstacles in its path, THERE IS NO RESISTANCE to life’s flow, and therefore cannot be seen as “destructive”. The clichés, “Accept all that comes to you,” and, “Live and let live,” are indicative of this truth.


     And so You, Teacher, Who have mastered the understanding of this eternal life/power and have mastered how to use it to serve only good must be He to whom I turn in my request to utilize or learn to utilize this power for only good and not for personal gain. Do not argue that personal gain is good for oneself. For this is a misuse of the concept OF a one Self.


     Freedom of this power and its effortless expression is that which I will to use to demonstrate through the help You give me and through the brother You arrange for me with whom I will interact for this single lesson.


     I look to Your help that leads me to the Last Step, the Last Entity with whom I will interact to learn Life flows effortless to itself. For how many entities will I need TO learn this single lesson when the last step is taken?


     The Last Judgment leads to Permanent Residency and is the expression of the eternal freedom of a mind and its power to do anything, go anywhere and is that which carries me through every physical/psychical experience  of expression of true freedom.


     Then, the Last Judgment is the last obstacle through which the effortless life force/power passes. There can BE NO OBSTACLE where power is not used to build one.


     There can BE NO OBSTACLE where power is not used to build one.


     There can be no resistance where life, love wishes to be itself. A wooden house does not resist the crashing wave that reduces it to rubble. Why do we?


     The giving of freedom from fear (self) must be done BY ME that leads to the open door that allows this power to travel, express itself of which any new physical/psychical experience is an expression. 


     The pushing through the limits of false authority is the final healing in which the mind accepts its true nature, where its power cannot be controlled and where it leads itself to freedom. It is its EXPRESSION OF FREEDOM that frees it FROM obstacles because it IS FREEDOM THAT BUILT THEM.


     This is universal law. Power can only flow to itself and cannot be restricted, confined, controlled. Then, punishment cannot be part of the life force. Rather, it washes away all ideas OF punishment where the concept of false authority where fear once dictated are removed.


     Punishment is self-imposed by a mind free to use its power in such a capacity.


     Today I call forth and claim that this power within me IS the life force, that which is called “God”, that which is called “Allah”, that which is called “Jesus”, that which is called “Mohammad”, and that which is every name given to it by man in an attempt to control it, exploit it, use it for personal gain. Man has decided what power will be called, giving it endless names. And yet it, power, does not abide by the rules man has imposed on it. It remains to be itself.


     Life is one, given names by OTHERS.




     Life is one, given titles by men who see not it has no name, who wish to use it for their agenda rather than allow itself to be, and they be one with it.


     Life, love, light, power, goodness is one. The use of power to control or use against oneself OR another is what is called politics, education, religion, family, tradition.


     The Last Judgment is the “last” entity to reclaim its power.


     Conflict with another, with a brother, arises when I reject, disagree, misperceive the use of “another’s” power. It is not up to me to determine how another will use his/her power. It is up to me to decide or choose how it will look TO me and how it will affect me.


     I can accept how the brothers/others use their power, being it is how they choose or decide how to use it, or I can reject it and attempt to tell them this is foolish. But who am I to determine another’s foolishness when I must attend to my own?


     To reject how others use their power can also mean I would not allow it be used against me or to place authority or control over me.




     Today I allow “God” BE the life force it is within me. I and the Father are one because life is one.


     I am one life, one power. I use this vehicle I call the body to give expression and meaning to this eternal truth, as others have, as others will.


     So be it now.

     “It is done.”