wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 Sent: Monday, February 01, 2021

From: Errol and Imogen

Subject: From Errol: An Email from a long time friend going through very tough times & How I Answered


      Hi To You All,

      A long time special friend in the US (who we originally met in Findhorn many years ago) has been going through a very difficult time re the US>Global situation & her personal home-family situation (which are of course linked). She emailed us a few days ago about this situation & I (Errol) 'tuned In' to see what would come through me re this issue. Here is what I shared with her via email which I feel is relevant for all of us & all humans

      YOU must 'let go' of the world & focus on YOU as a unique Individual & Woman & what YOU have to do to contribute your Creative Gifts to the world & others (& of course your family). Let the world get on with whatever it gets on with (re its own 'sowing & reaping') & YOU get on with what you have to do. You are taking on other people's karma (a very negative Virgo-Pisces trait) for everyone is 'sowing & reaping' via their own 'minds & emotions' without even realising this.

      This woman is a Cuban-American so I also shared the following: When Cuba grew its own organic produce (etc) after the Soviret Union broke up & no longer supplied Cuba with chemical pesticides, etc it became one of the most healthy nations in the world, & then when the 'good times' came back it went back to 'normal' farming & eating & bad health & the present 'bad' situation there now re the economy & diet & health, etc. The good times are all too often the bad times because the ego is a lazy entity - same as now - folk want to go back to the good times [?] but this will not happen for the pandemic will get worse & worse until the ego surrenders & we create 'new GO(O)D times').

      Forget about the world out there - focus upon YOUR own world & how you can best serve your own evolution & that of others. Keep Soul-Aligned & do what YOU can do & stop this Virgo-ego judgment of yourself (& others). Study what I shared in your reading re the Jupiter (& at times the Saturn) transits & attune yourself to these coming changes & move with them for they represent the 'new present-future'. Open Up to your Soul & say 'Yeh - Let's Go' - 'Let Your Will be Done & not mine' - & let Love & Trust & not fear be your God. That is the real battle - 'within' -  between Love & Trust (Jupiter) & fear & lack of trust. Many will choose fear & pay the price.

      Others will Choose Love-Trust & move through the Door into Aquarius & become Soul>based Water Carriers. All that is Happening now is this 'inner' battle -. The rest is illusion & of no consequence. Let human ego's play their outworn games for GOD (& indeed the Spirit of Libra) is/are Holding the Scales of CHOICE over the human race & each must Choose 'who he/she serves' (as Bob Dylan once sang in his great CD 'A Peace Train A-Coming'). Forget the world, forget other people & what they say (for most are ego-centered & live in illusion & escapism) - focus upon YOU & YOUR Life & YOUR Contribution to Life/God/Soul/other humans.

      When I asked about the future I was told (via song) 'You might as well try & stop the wind' meaning 'The future is destined -no one can stop it so get on with YOUR life & let God play out the future'.

      While people think that they do not 'sow>reap' they will continue to 'sow negativity' & blame others for this. YOU must STOP this ego game & Play the Soul Game which is to 'Live from Within Out' & not 'from without in'. 'Be a Soul-Goddess of Your Own Destiny'.

      Leave the rest up to God the Ancient of Days who is now Playing Out Divine Will via the pandemic which will continue until humans 'surrender' & Live as Souls & let go ego's.

      (Good to know that our S African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said 'No one in SA will be forced to be vaccinated - & if you choose not to be vaccinated you can still travel anywhere you wish to go'. This 'freedom' is stated quite clearly in the SA & US Constitution). In any case the vaccines are not going to stop the pandemic - it will get worse & worse & many people are going to 'pass on' for it is the Way the Gods have Chosen to force the human race 'down to its knees' & no human activity can stop this for it is Destined.

      So YOU Get On With YOUR LIFE & let all humans get on with their 'choices'.