wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit



      As I always suggest, there is no tomorrow for those who live by Eternal Laws, you suggested there will be a tomorrow.


     “There is no tomorrow”, for me, is not a cliché.

     It is the Timeless by Which I live and by Which I came to sobriety.

      It is a constant reminder and an extending of a Timeless Reality.


     Your Bible and the red words of Jesus taught, Do not be concerned for the morrow. For it will have its own worries”, implying that to not deal with the disturbances within oneself TODAY will carry these disturbances on and on and on and on into infinity unless one reverses their power invested in delaying their freedom from pain NOW, today.


     My A.A. experience has taught me there is no tomorrow, that sobriety is always in the present.

     Therefore peace is always in the present.

     Therefore God is always in the present.

     Therefore anything that opposes a Timeless Reality that IS present is hiding this Timeless Reality.


     Depression that is present hides the Face of God in the present.

      One cannot say, "I love God" while giving power to depression.

      To give power to depression is to love depression.

      One cannot serve two masters.


     There is no time that I will be “free” of whatever it is from which I suffer in the present.

     Freedom from suffering can only be in the present, not in some vague, distant “tomorrow”.

     It will take a great deal of willingness and determination, IN THE PRESENT, to reverse this desire to give power to time, to delay, and to procrastination.


     So as I said, “There is no tomorrow.”

     To which you replied, “There will be a tomorrow”.

     To which I asked, “Do you have a crystal ball?”

     To which you replied, “No, I do not have a crystal ball.”

      Then I do not know how you can say there will be a tomorrow.


     And to this Fact I offer you this question:

      Do you think these people, rushing on to work in the early morning of Feb. 10, 2021 in Ft. Worth, Texas, thought there would be a tomorrow, or even another hour?




      In a matter of seconds, one’s universe can change forever.