wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 1:14 PM

From: Errol and Imogen


What do we mean by 'Living in the Present' and

 'Why is this so important' and

the 'Secret of the PRESENCE'?


     Hi to you All,

     What do we mean by 'Living in the Present' & 'Why is this so important'? 

      No one needs to be informed about the very tough testing stressful (& even traumatic) times of 2020 & 2021 will be very much the same as these type of pandemic's last 2 years (SARS lasted 2 years). One of the great fears of such times is the sense of loss of personal control of one's life & the sense that things are occurring beyond one's control. This is not simply re the pandemic>lockdowns>mask wearing>distancing>economic collapse>financial loss, etc but also the sense of radical global present>future changes & the required personal changes that go with this..BUT this is the deeper Purpose of all the above of which the pandemic etc are the 'mediums' & 'so what to do to deal with this great 'Turning Point' crisis for humanity'?

      In many senses humans have no choice but to learn to 'Live in the Present & Live Day by Day' (& do what every day calls for re all the small & big things one has to do daily) & this is not easy BUT it is actually the Central 'Key' to the New Way of Living in the Age of Aquarius (which is in the process of manifesting via this crisis as indeed is the 'meltdown, collapse & death' of the Age of Pisces).

      Nevertheless Living in the Present in the physical sense is not enough (to keep one sane) for one also has to 'Live in the PRESENCE' (of the One Divine Spirit that Exists at the Core of ALL CREATION - including Humanity & all Humans) & which (by the way) Gives LIFE to all creation. Let's repeat this 'Key' - The PRESENCE or Spirit or Monad (also called the SHINING PRESENCE) provides the LIFE ENERGY that allows all creation to LIVE. And yet humans (a facet of creation) completely ignore this FACT - they literally do not even take it into consideration. If this is the case 'who or what' then Gives LIFE to creation? Certainly not the human body or even ego, & so are we surprised that human existence is so totally messed up & corrupted (Corruption is the natural result of the above Great Error or 'Sin' - from Latin to 'Be Off Centre' - & it is from the Centre or Core that the Spirit/Monad gives LIFE to all creation).  

      How does Divinity make this most dangerous of Sins evident to humanity & all humans? CRISIS - Pandemic >>>>>>which breaks up the ego & forces it to become humble & SEE that its LIFE FORCE comes from the Spirit (at its Core - like the Core of the Sun where LIFE FORCE exists & which Flows Out to Enliven the Whole Solar System). The same Core/Spirit exists in all humans where Life Force is generated & gives LIFE to all facets of the human & without this LIFE the human could literally do nothing. And humans (& human society) does not even give this any consideration!?! Ignorance & Arrogance at its extreme. This cannot go on & nor can the wholesale corruption of human life on earth. CRISIS.

      And so on to the PRESENCE at the Core of all humans which is LIFE & which gives LIFE & which is ABUNDANCE itself & which supplies all human needs (not desires). When we Live in the Present we also have to Live in the PRESENCE which is a Sense of Easy Going Connection & Relationship to & with the PRESENCE.  

      Thus the 'lockdowns' (or 'lockdown of the ego') which provide the perfect opportunity & grace to Do This Inner Connecting Work. And then humans have to learn to Be in the PRESENCE at all times & Give the SPIRIT/GOD-PRESENCE honour & respect & THANK YOU for Giving me/us LIFE to Live & do all that I/We do (Even breathing can only occur with this LIFE & if we cannot breath well.....). This is HUMILITY - this is the SURRENDER to GOD/SPIRIT & this is what is required before the Pandemic will be withdrawn for the Spirit controls all & can withdraw the pandemic (etc) at any time it so chooses. The vaccines will not work because the Spirit controls this Process - only the SPIRIT VACCINE will bring this CRISIS to an end when the human ego 'surrenders'. This is both a 'personal' & 'collective' surrender.

      It is when, finally, the collective 'surrender' occurs that the WORLD AVATAR (or the AVATAR OF AQUARIUS) will APPEAR & this & only this will be the Saving Grace of humanity & the end of human corruption for the Avatar will reveal the Sacred Teachings that reveal the hidden Truths of Life & Evolution. When the AVATAR Appears there will be the Real Rapture for all humanity will be Enraptured in Joy & Love & Saving Grace. 'All will Change in the Twinkling of an EYE' - & then the Real Joyful Creative Work will begin of Co-Creating the New Earth & the New Humanity. This will not be travelling to other planets (sorry Mr.Musk & Mr. Bezos & Mr. Branson, etc - what a tragic waste of money & time) but Fixing up the Earth & Humanity & every facet of human life.

      The Saving Grace - Here-Now - is to Live in the PRESENCE & when people do this 'all their life needs will be provided' for the Spirit/Monad Knows All & Provides All for the God-Presence is ALL & Gives LIFE to All. This also transmutes fear & the sense of 'loss of ego control' for if the PRESENCE controls All 'ALL IS WELL'. This is the Secret of Real Security at all times. The 'KEY' to Real Life & Security & this is the positive conscious 'surrender' of & humility of the ego.

      The present CRISIS is meant to force the human race into this New Life Journey - it is the Core of Life in the Age of Aquarius. It is also what the World Avatar will Reveal to humanity & it will be by far the Greatest Revelation ever given out to humanity (Thus the Great Apocalypse - the Great New Revelation).   

      In CHOOSING this WAY OF LIFE one Chooses to also 'enter the Door into Aquarius' & the New Future for humanity so best to CHOOSE this Now & not have to keep going through the terrible pain & suffering of this required & destined CRISIS. We are NOT at war with the virus - we are at war with ignorance & arrogance & corruption.

     May the PRESENCE Bless & Protect us all.