wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 "I understand you may have 'loyalty' to your 'family'

and certainly would respect that.

However, that is not something I support in my own life." 


Desert Spirit


Tuesday, February 20, 2018



4192 Heaton Terrace

North Port FL 34286-2618


Hello Chris and Anya, 

    I trust all is well with both of you. 

   I was thinking of writing to you for awhile, yet this became more of a desire after most recently I came across some books of mine tucked away in my bookcase that Anne Marie had marked up. I sent them to her to request she replace them for defacing my books. The issue stimulated me to think of you guys. 

     I do not know what Anne Marie told you guys about our parting of ways, nor what she told her friends, nor do I really care as I am most certain it was all based on her perceptions.  And so I am inclined to offer mine to ANYONE who may be remotely interested in the details as to why Anne Marie and I came to a place to part ways. 

     I will only share briefly that although we had an agreement with regard to the fate of the Lecanto home in the event of our parting, she took it upon herself to dispose of it for her own personal gain. It did not surprise me that she did so.  But when she called me two days after having a contract on it to tell me she sold the house, I wondered what her intentions were and if she found peace in her actions.    

     Beyond that, her occasional contacting me by phone after she moved on to Bradenton was always perplexing to me. But it was only after I shared with her that I was married that she severed all communication with me. 

      So I am offering you both, Chris and Anya, this opportunity to write to me and my wife Anya if you care to share anything with us or just say hello. I understand you may have “loyalty” to your “family” and certainly would respect that. However, that is not something I support in my own life. 

     I also invite your Anya to write to my Anya, Chris, as they share the same first name, and coincidentally they are both from the same country and I feel they would get along marvelously. My memories of your Anya, Chris, as well as my contact with her always impressed me, and I feel she and I got along quite well in the few times we came across each other’s path. And I am sure your Anya would also find my Anya as appealing as I found your Anya, Chris.  

     I discovered your address on the internet. I asked Anya if she wanted to ride the bikes to North Port and pay you guys a surprise visit, however, we have been a bit busy these days with our self-employment and have not had the opportunity.  Our address and contact info is below. We would like to hear from you, if you are not too uncomfortable with that.