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“If life be anti-climatic, one shall never be disappointed.”

Desert Spirit





Desert Spirit

Sunday, February 22, 2015



      As a human’s definition of it, life is a series of climatic experiences where one seeks for the attainment of “higher” things.     

     All experiences within the human existence seem to be defined this way -- a sensational ending to a movie, a climatic ending to a book, the finale of the musical piece tempted by the crescendo that leads to it, educational endeavors, religious pursuits, the necessity to dominate, war -- all things that one seeks the climatic “ending” of the experience -- the attainment of the “perfect” relationship, birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, divorce, vengeance one perceives will bring "victory" over the perceived enemy, the "conquering" of one's "failures," physical pleasure in the form of sexual expression, the birth of a child, the raising of a child -- the pursuits sought that define an individual's “enlightenment” -- the Olympic gold medal, the Academy “award”, a diploma, the hunger for educational ignorance, a "masters degree”, the desire for material wealth, conquering the mountain, defeating “evil”, the wish for the “luck of the draw” that brings fortune and fame.

     All things beings strive for to attain the “highest” level of self-defined “success” fail. For successes defined in and by limited forms are illusions.

     Every pursuit of this nature, inherently, is the pursuit and attainment of the opposite. Indeed, it IS the opposite that motivates the pursuit for these things, thereby the hidden assurance that “it” can never BE achieved or attained.  

     Eternal unfulfillment is peace. On every level it haunts insatiable minds forever hungry for “more”.

     Contentment is not a compromise.

     If life be anti-climatic, one shall never be disappointed.    

     Life is one, and forever new.