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Desert Spirit



To: S.

From: desertspirit@comcast.net


     Sorry to hear about your cat, but who knows, some say cats have nine lives. Certainly human spirit has many more lives than nine.

      Thank you for your empathy, David. It means a lot to me. Tima definitely has more than one life, and perhaps he’s just being born again somewhere. As for the human spirit, it definitely has more than one life.

      May you please tell me what is the difference between life, soul and spirit?

      In the simplest sense of these words, they are all the same. They are synonymous with each other. Regardless what word you use, we are speaking of the same thing.


     Life, soul and spirit are One.

     Life is soul and spirit.

     Soul is life and spirit

     Spirit is soul and life.


     To delve deeper into this, life could be defined as energy. More specifically, life is the movement of energy.  Energy is movement. It is not stagnant.

      From there life is the expression of the spirit. Spirit is then energy in movement, or energy in motion. Energy in Motion is E-MOTION, or emotion.

      Soul is thought of as the individual spirit. We are all spirit. We all have the same energy, the same power. All things that express life use the same power, same energy. But we are individual souls.

      We are spirits expressing or extending life, or the life force. But we individually express it in endless ways.

      Think of the soul as a set of fingerprints. No fingerprint is the same. But the individual soul is expressing or extending the universal spirit, using the energy of life or the life force to do so.

      The spirit and energy is identical but its emotion or how it emotes is different. That is the soul.

      ALL things that are expressing life are spirits extending the universal life force/power in its “specific” way. So everything living contains spirit; minerals, animals, plants, as well as those things that are not physically apparent to us; wind, heat, cold, moisture, sound, smells, feeling.

      Souls are individualized spirits. No two zebras are the same. No two mountain ranges are the same. No two rocks are the same. No two grains of sand are the same.

      No two bodies of water are the same, but they all are part of the composition we call “water”.

      The body, or anything that is defined as physical matter, is not part of life although we have been taught this by others who also were not aware of this.

      What can die is not part of life, meaning form/matter. Life is Reality. In Reality there is no death.

      Physical forms then are not representations of life but are representing or RE-PRESENTING the life force of the spirit.

      Tima is the name he requested of you to give to him.  You did not select this name for him.  


     A. did not name you S.  You gave that name TO A. as what you would be called in this lifetime.

     Your spirit did this prior to entering the fetus as its soul was being developed. Your spirit was “designing” the soul it would express in much the same way you design a logo for someone.

      Life expresses itself THROUGH matter but the matter itself has no life on its own. That goes for animals, plants and minerals as well.

      Life is creation or the expressing of the creative energy. The spirit is what uses that energy, just as the spirit is using the body to express itself in that form. The soul gives personality or personal identity to the spirit that is expressing the life force.

      People say “Animals have no soul”, yet they who make such asinine statements have no soul.

      The soul of Tima will manifest its spirit energy into another form until it transcends that level of consciousness. The next level from animal kingdom in life expression is human existence.

      It is suggested that cats take on the negativity of humans. It is difficult to act, speak or feel anger or depression when you have a cat sleeping on your lap.

      That purring is the internal generator taking on the human energy and converting it to useful energy for itself, like what an inverter does with solar energy, converting it from d/c to a/c power.

      Tima has used up all his space and generating capabilities in taking on the energies of his companions.

      And when the sun expends its generating power it will recede from the matter and become a “dead” planet or dead star and shine no more.

      Tima shines no more as a body. He has discarded his body/physical costume for a new one. That is all.

      Try to not make it more than that.

     That is Tima's message to all of us.


     Wow, thank you so much. I will share my thought on your response with you soon!