wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"I have condemned myself for being a fool, for believing lies, and for being tricked.


Yet today I am elated that this has been Revealed to me,

that I WANTED to be tricked, and fooled, and lied to and deceived.


And now it is only fair I would wear the robes of the great deceiver

and offer this to they who have so nobly fed their lies to me.”



Desert Spirit







Desert Spirit


Wednesday, February 29, 2012



“I am the holy Son of God Himself.”




     I claim and accept this is my Identity, today, and all the days of my existence in time and space. In this True Identity, I am not of time. Time is delay. I am not of delay. I am ahead of delay, and therefore I am ahead of time because I am part of Order. Nothing of the world can affect me. The game of death is not real, is not my life and is not my world, and I easily lay it aside now, today.


     What I think I want or need is meaningless. There is only peace and joy of God and me within them and them within me. I call forth and claim and accept my Part as Son of God this day. Let me remember each one You send to me is also Son of God. In this Reality I claim this day there is no loss, there is no lack, there is no disorder, there is no delay. There is only peace eternal and from this truth within me draws to my world its goodness.


     I come to accept my part in Creator’s Plan for my awakening. What will You have me do this day as Son of God, where will You have me go, what will You have me say as Son of God and to whom? Decide all things for me for my earthly journey. And who will hear Your Voice in me this day that speaks to them OF these things?


     Today my Lesson reads,


Yet what is it except a game you play in which identity can be denied? You are as God created you. All else but this one thing is folly to believe.”



folly (see fool) – a lack of sense; foolishness; a foolish action or belief



fool (L, follis, windbags) – full of hot air; a silly person; simpleton; a jester; a dupe, to joke; to act like a fool; to meddle; to trick; to deceive



     To not accept the truth of Identity as a Son of God is to be full of hot air, is to be a silly person, a simpleton. To not know I am as Creator created my mind and spirit is to be a jester, a dupe, a joke, and a fool who meddles in untruth, a trickster and a deceiver. My identity as a body and a personality has tricked me, deceived me and fooled me. And every being whom I encounter who has forgotten THEIR true Identity ALSO is a trickster, a deceiver, and a fool, meddling in affairs that are meaningless and useless.


     Yet can my role as Son of God wear the robes OF the trickster? Would You ask me to play the part OF fool? And if so, what might the fool’s jests be?


     I have condemned myself for being a fool, for believing lies, and for being tricked. Yet today I am elated that this has been Revealed to me, that I WANTED to be tricked, and fooled, and lied to and deceived. And now it is only fair I would wear the robes of the great deceiver and offer this to they who have so nobly fed their lies to me.


     Would I deliberately use this denial of identity to fool and deceive others, who wish to BE a fool and who wish to BE fooled, who wish to be a jester, a dupe who can be duped? Can deceiving others be negative if this is what they WISH TO receive?


     It seems to me I have been dealing with idiots, not fools. Yet I have BEEN duped in believing they will do what they say they will do. And yet even today, in THE MIDST OF this lesson in which I have extended to them, “What you receive you give; what you give you receive,” is the delay continued.


     My brother is also the trickster, the fool, the jester. He replies, “I think the delays are behind us,” and speaks this jest IN THE MIDST OF A DELAY! And yet he expects for there to BE NO DELAY in what he wishes to receive.


     Now I perceive they see me as a fool, irresponsible, a foolish being, who cannot manage his life. Must I be concerned with how others perceive me, or only with how I perceive myself? And yet, what am I dealing with expect fools, jesters, who I perceive trick, delay, deceive me? Is this also what I WANT?


     I have been told and taught by the best fools in the universe. All my life this has been true. And this teaching has sculpted me into a master trickster. I am told and taught by others their elaborate stories that are SO convincing I unwittingly accept what they tell me. And yet now I have discovered it is all a sleigh of hand, a magician’s movement, a trick, stories told to appease me, to make up for their shortcomings, and cover and hide their own irresponsible ways.


     They wish for others to mirror FOR them a responsible person and existence. How can I ever mirror or reflect for them order and harmony and responsibility when all they offer me is tricks? Is there an Order within this trickery?


     I can only give what I have been given. I can only give what I have been asked TO give. They seem to be asking for one thing, while actually asking for another. They seem to be asking for food and I perceive they are asking for food, while they are actually asking for a drink of alcohol. Shall I say, “No, I cannot give you alcohol…it is not good for you…. I will give you an egg sandwich…”? Shall I give what is NOT asked for? Shall I give what has NOT been given to me?


     If You, Wise Teacher, assign this role to me, then I will be the trickster. I will be the jester. I will be the fool. I will be the idiot. I will give them riddles and stories and I will give them elaborate fantasies and lies that provide relief to their concerns while in truth it will be all deception.


     If I am as God created me, would I be asked to be the one who gives riddles and receive those who have offered me deception? Or shall they only deceive, and have deceived, be granted a true word? It seems to me they prefer the lie to the truth. They find truth ‘interesting’ but not true or sincere.



     They offer me folly, deception; the tricksters who say one thing and do another but expect others to be truthful, honest and punctual. My frustration has been due to this desire to give them what is not what they give. I thought it was my responsibility to give honesty and punctuality while receiving less, and this has been deep conflict in me, until today. Today I am freed of this frustration because You allow me to see that I will fulfill the role of offering exactly what they have offered me and not more or less until it is needed nor wanted no longer. 







     It is not possible to give more or different from what another requests. I will play the fool. I will tell them what they wish to hear. I will give back to them their own words. If they speak of delay, so will I give them delay. I will speak in tongues, in a language they can understand. If they speak in a foreign tongue, I will learn their language. I will learn to speak their language. For language is not of an ethnic background, but only of the Heart.


     If they speak of delay’s ending, so will it Be this they receive. I am the fool. It is a role You offer me that I will gladly fulfill. And what words I give them I will give from You.


     This discovery will split mountains in half this day. The mountain will be told to move over there, and it will obey.


     The minds of those who have lied so long have taught themselves it is better to lie, easier and less painful than telling the truth. They have made lies the truth. I have accepted this lie of a life, as a body, as a personality, a truth, my true identity. How could I expect THEM to not lie to me when my life IS a lie, IS a demonstration of false identity?


     I will offer them what they wish to hear to appease their fears and worries. I will give the false promises as the gift they wish to receive. And they will condemn me for it. But I do not care. I will BE Mara the Great Deceiver who offers deception as the gift they wish to claim for themselves. And this will be the truth by which I will exist in this world as Son of God.


     Let them deny their own foolishness and pitiful definitions of themselves today. I extend this message to You, Teacher, that it may affect, THIS DAY, all minds. What greater gift CAN I offer myself and all minds?


     Let them see me as the fool. What do I care if they wish to blame and accuse me of the very foolishness they themselves extend to me and to others? The only difference here is I am made aware of the Identity to which You introduce me, who wears the fool’s robes. Yet they will never be the wiser.


     The world is full of minds that WANT to be deceived. For their true Identity is lost to them, selecting rather a pitiful display of emptiness to offer the world while thinking they actually have something of value to give. And I am part OF this mania, although I cannot  contribute to it except where the Role assigned to me asks me to do so.


     Yet is it really a contribution of deceit I give?


     Now I will carry, wear and display the fool’s robes for them. I will give them elaborate riddles and empty promises that entertain them until they laugh themselves to death, or they wish for them no longer.


     Now I am safe within Your care and the Assigned role You ask me to play in the game of death. Yet I will not die, nor will misery be my companion. And I will honor their wishes and requests nobly and give exactly what they have given. For it must be the perfection of the Universe that makes this possible.


     I will not dishonor their requests for the Fool’s Jests.


     Condemn me not for what you have asked me to give you this day. For it comes not uninvited.



     Now my Lesson reads,


In this one thought is everyone set free.”


     OH MY GOD….


     I am free to play the part You assign. I am the fool. And in this I AM free.


     I offer You and this role no resistance.


     In this will true freedom of minds, hearts and bodies BE received BY them and by ALL minds.


     It must be so….