wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Each one must ask him or herself, “Am I an echo of the Voice for Creator?”


And if one cannot then one could ask,


“Why do I think I am NOT an echo of Creator’s Voice? What DO I echo?


Why do I not emit the Light of all creation?”


Desert Spirit









Friday, February 05, 2010

Desert Spirit


     My mind holds only what I think with God. ALL THINGS are echoes of the Voice FOR God. This is what my lesson teaches. In reading the words, I think the things that appear externally TO me reflect this Fact, IF I am attentive to this. But now, today, at the sacred cabin in the desert, the Thought occurs to me that this would HAVE to include ME.


     I have not thought of this lesson in this context, until this instant, today. But I MUST BE included in this truth, in this responsibility to Him, to myself and to all others if ALL THINGS ARE echoes of the Voice FOR God. Then, I MUST BE a Voice for God echo. I must be, I will be he who echoes His Voice.


     And others must be this. Even those who may think or believe they are not part of God must one day come to the realization that THEY ARE an echo or they echo the Voice FOR God, that Creator WOULD and COULD and will use each one who is willing to uphold their part it the Great Awakening.


     Then, each one must ask him or herself, “Am I an echo of the Voice for Creator?” And if one cannot then one could ask, “Why do I think I am NOT an echo of Creator’s Voice? What DO I echo? Why do I not emit the Light of all creation?”


     This is the fundamental question every being could encounter. For what OTHER purpose does a being have, on this plane or any other, if it is not the purpose of fulfilling his or her part in being an echo of and for Love?


     Now I look back, in hindsight, to see all I have received from others and other things has ALWAYS contained the echoes of the Light of the Uni-Verse, and that it was only my misperceptions that disallowed me to hear and see truly this fact. The Voice FOR Creation, for Life, for Love, has NEVER been absent in every living thing, in every circumstance I have encountered, in every happening I have experienced.


     As I look at my journey to this sacred cabin site that began yesterday, I see and hear the echoes of His Care quietly working in all experiences, guiding me, watching over me, caring for me.


     When I concerned myself with attempting to make it to the county dirt road before sunset, my drive west was greeted by a vast picture show of a most beautiful sunset. My drive west revealed the sunset in all its splendor. Had I paid more attention to getting to the county road by sunset, I would have totally missed the sunset.


     When I arrived to the country road, concerned about the road’s conditions due to recent wet weather, I was shown how many times I drove these roads, in rain, in sleet, in snow, in sun successfully. I have never not been able to manipulate myself through these roads.


     When I was doubtful which entrance, either 1 or 2, to take to access the inroads, I was shown entrance 2 was not passable as revealed by the red beacon light on the road equipment, far off in the distance, that was repairing the road. The red light clearly spoke to me to, “STOP – DO NOT COME THIS WAY, USE #1 ENTRANCE.”


     When I concerned myself with whether or not entrance 1 was passable, I discovered many had recently driven on the road, and the maintenance of it prepared it for me so that it was an effortless drive.


     ALL THE EFFORT I expended on this journey was in my mind, attached to speculation, doubt, uncertainty.


     And finally, when I arrived at my destination, and stepped out onto the sacred land, inhabited by the ancient ones eons of times ago, upon which the cabin sits, the canopy above was filled with stars beyond the count of numbers. They filled the clear, dark, cool night sky to maximum capacity. And I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness beyond what words could express.


     The echoes of the Voice for God manifest for me in the seen and the unseen, in endless ways. I know this now, BECAUSE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN the universe holds this duty of respectability inherently within them. What other duty COULD they hold? It would be a good question to ask oneself.


     So do I join the legions of others to also be an echo of the Voice for Love and Light. And what other duty could possibly be more important, more inspiring, more meaningful than this?