wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“The link to the earth plane must be now a straight line – vertical –


in which my thoughts lift me out of time ideas


and the horizontal linear thinking of the world.”



Desert Spirit








Saturday, February 06, 2010

Desert Spirit



     My lesson reads,


“Give Him your thoughts, and He will give them back as miracles which joyously proclaim the wholeness and the happiness God wills His Son, as proof of His eternal love.


“And as each thought is thus transformed, it takes on the healing power from the Mind Which saw the truth in it, and failed to be deceived by what was falsely added


     So I must respond to this.


     Spirit, Creator, God, One Mind, I offer my thoughts and  my mind to You Who gave it in creation, that my mind and its thoughts will be healed of all false interpretations I gave it and them. I offer You my cares, my concerns for the debt I owe my brothers.  You say gratitude is the only debt I owe. Therefore I will to pay the debt of gratitude to them, willingly, eagerly, now.


     Now as I look upon this lesson today I think of this cabin journey, and how this lesson is clear, how my thoughts injected deceptions into the thoughts of this cabin trip. Every step I took was with concern. I feel I have been relentlessly plagued by my mind’s false pretenses. So many misinterpretations I begin to no longer trust anything I thought or considered. And so it became for me a demand for proof of what each lesson You offered speaks that did not contain deceptions except where I attempted to deceive myself into believing the otherwise outcome.


     Now today You offer me,


“All threads of fantasy are gone


     This is a truth. It must be a truth if it is Your Thought and You offer only truth. But is it a truth for me? Even if in reality it IS true, do I live this truth? I must see how I live this truth, or how I do not live this truth but think I do, paying mere lip service to it.


thread – a fine, string-like length of spun cotton, nylon or silk used in sewing; any think line, vein, etc.; to make one’s way by twisting, weaving,, etc.


fantasy – (Gr, phainein, to show) – imagination or fancy; an illusion or reverie; fiction portraying highly imaginative characters and settings


     The Tarot speaks of a journey’s end, a completed, successful journey. It speaks of a great time of success, of happiness, of good luck and good fortune. In fact, it speaks of how the Querent has already come to this success that awaits his discover of it. If ALL weavings of the ill-use of my power is gone and if all falseness is finished, then here and now this day must be Heaven, and is revealed in this lesson I scribe from the cabin.


     The link to the earth plane must be now a straight line – vertical – in which my thoughts lift me out of time ideas and the horizontal linear thinking of the world.


     Here today at the cabin I feel I have been returned to what is true, what is sacred, and it is my reality. I will journey back to Florida and my duties and my responsibilities and my lessons. And I will see there TOO is my Heaven. Being transformed in thought, my world will no longer reflect nor contain the false.


     I come to live the truth of this lesson. I come to see the truth of the journey’s end and the completion and fulfillment of all in my perceptions. I will to see the effects in a form I will understand that affirms this lesson that You extend to my mind today. Thank You, Creator, Elder Brethren, for this gift. Thank You for journeying with me and bringing me full circle to completion.


So be it now.

“It is done.”


     Now the lesson reads,


“And what remains is unified into a perfect Thought that offers its perfection everywhere


     What now will be my message to all minds who request something from me I temporarily seem to not be able to give? In giving back to them what they have requested, dissatisfied with what they waited to receive but never did, do I meet the criteria of repayment of the debt I owe to them? If one debt is paid, are all debts paid? Is this not what the lesson suggests? If one mind is healed, are not all minds healed?


     If I willingly repay the debt of gratitude I owe my brother, how is such a lesson shown to me in a physical form, in a world of form? What one debt have I willingly, eagerly paid that has satisfied ALL debts I think I owe?


     If I have paid one debit willingly, would all debts be paid within that same willingness? Is my willingness divided, fragmented? Do I wish to pay some debt but not all debt to the universe? How do I pay willingly one debt that all debts will be paid willingly?


     I think I owe many debts. I think I must learn many lessons. I think each lesson is specific, and special, and so a complete set of rules apply differently to each one. I think in terms of fragments, and not in terms of unity or wholeness and perfection.


     If one debt is willingly paid, is it a perfectly united solution to ALL debt? What remains IS unified? I have paid debts willingly, but I have still debt, many debts, separate debts that remain. Could ONE debt willingly paid BE ALL DEBTS WILLINGLY paid?


     You say, “One mind affects all minds.” I have recently experienced a desire a need, a willingness to repay and give back refunds, to repay and give back what was entrusted to me. Can one debt paid serve sufficiently to pay ALL debts? I am speaking of debts of the mind, karmic debts. Is this lesson to bring perfect unity to ALL who have shared in these lessons with me?


     Unified is the word You use. Which of my debts would not be unified if one perfect payment of one debt sufficiently satisfies ALL debts?


     I think I must pay many, many debts; each one separate and specific and special that represents many different lessons. Yet if unity is a miracle, and perfection is all-inclusive, then one debt paid is all debts paid. And I recall the joy to receive a single opportunity to pay off a long, held debt, how my brothers trusted it would be paid, and the day it was paid what a relief I felt, and what a relief it was for them. In fact, it was in that moment that I felt, deeply, that it was the turning point in my journey.


     If You my Elder Brother paid one debt to your brothers, ALL your brothers HAVE received your blessing. ALL have been paid, even if they do not realize it. Then, let THIS BE the truth: ONE DEBT WILLINGLY, SIUCCESSFULLY PAID IS ALL DEBT WILLINGLY, SUCCESSFULLY PAID.


     This transformation in my thinking MUST change the form of my dreams, and bring forth corresponding effects. It is why You say, “Change your thoughts about the world, rather than try to change the world


     I accept no less than this. In willingly and successfully repaying the Source of Cleansing, I have eagerly, willingly and successfully repaid ALL debits. And this is the message Your lesson brings forth from within me today. It is what the Tarot has revealed. It is what I extend to all minds now, seen and unseen.


So be it now.

“It is done.”


“And what remains is unified into a perfect Thought that offers its perfection everywhere


unify – s(ee uni + -fy) – to become or make united.


uni – (L, unus, one) – having only one

-fy – (L, facere, do) – to make; to cause to have; to become


Unify is to make one, to cause to have one, to become one.


One debt – one payment.


unite – (L, unus, one) – to put or join together so as to make one; to combine; to bring or come together in common cause or action


unity – oneness; harmony; agreement; harmonious, unified arrangement of parts in one artistic work; continuity of purpose and action.


     The perfect, willing fulfillment of full and final payment to the Source HAS unified ALL mind and ALL debt, has brought harmony to ALL debt arrangements. ALL debts are paid if unity is one and You give this gift to me today. And as my thoughts are transformed by this realization, so will the world I experience reveal this truth, manifesting in effects the forms I will understand.


So be it now.

“It is done. Bless you this day.”