wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"My temples pulsate of the awareness of the Temple within.

"Hold communion there, not in a building of brick and mortar

that the next shift on this plane will reduce to dust and broken cement and twisted metal,

like so many others have already."

Desert Spirit




Sunday, February 07, 2010

Desert Spirit


     Thank You, Spirit Teacher, Creator, Father of the Uni-Verse, for this day and this sacred place in the desert, the quiet and vast spaciousness into which I have been Sent, into which I will to immerse myself in my necessity to be healed, cleansed of all the worldly concerns and ambitions I have taken upon myself.


     As I sit upon this front porch in early morning, awaiting the sunrise, with a warm cup of coffee in hand, wrapped in an Indian blanket, the vast desert unfolds before me. It is that which I manifest this day. Difficult roads I have traveled to arrive here. Few have made the space or time for such a place. Yet it exists, not only as an external place but within me, an internal world of endless spaciousness, immense silence that can still the noisiest mind, that can quiet and purify the most cluttered heart. Anne Marie knows of this place, as she has travelled here also. Among a few, she is one who knows the reality of which I speak.


     Here, today, this immense Uni-Verse is made known to me by the many forms it reveals, and beyond what the eyes and ears of the body can grasp are other worlds unimaginable. Yet the brain would attempt to prove otherwise, that it rules over the Uni-Verse, that it can not only figure out the origins of the universe, but manipulate it to its advantage. And yet it is all a fitful dream of fancy that has no meaning in reality.


     Today I pass through time and space with an understanding certain lessons come to me as a way of bending me to the Universal Song, and that It has never abandoned me nor cared less for me. And so all the tools I needed are provided, and all the instructions are given to construct a safe and successful world of inner delight, carried within the being through time and space, bringing back to the Universe its timeless reality.


     This part of the material world is translated to be the link to the Unseen, the timeless world within the physical world experienced. Within the being is the timeless transmitted to its physical counterpart, making his/her existence without time’s burdensome load, and where time nor space nor worldly concerns no longer rule the mind is there no need for them.


     The mosaic constructed out of small miracles forms the great picture of the happy dream. Each piece is complete and whole, that when combined, makes the picture whole and a whole picture. Only in conclusion could place into this harmonious melody a hole. But it is an indication the piece does not fit. And this is the nature of discontent; placing a piece, or attempting to place a piece where it does not fit. Within such a foolish attempt is the lesson, “This does not go here.”


     Today the instructions are given that confirm all the pieces are in place and complete the great picture. And beyond this new adventure awaits another one to conquer. Love breathes life into the lifeless through these journeys and experiences. It is WHY they are given. They serve you in your serving others. In extension can the journeys and adventures be realized for what they are truly. And whether they are accepted, recognized by others or not, they have served their purpose.


     A library full of books only proves there is immense knowledge to be discovered. That it is never visited and not a single book is read does not deny the library of its integrity. Live there the spirits who inhabit the inner roads of those writings, and they wait silently to breathe life into the eager recipient.


     Every part is needed. No part is insignificant. It all matters.


     Now within this vein of thought comes my daily study that reads,


So you are taught to teach the Son of God the holy lesson of his sanctity.”


     A Son of God would be my Self, but also the Self of all others. Is this that with which I identify, or is my mind grounded in what the material world suggests is reality?



sanctity- (L, sanctus, holy) – holiness; sacredness


sanctuary – (L, sanctus, sacred) – a holy place, especially a church or temple; a place of refuge or protection


sanctify – (see saint + -ify) – to make free from sin; consecrate; to set apart as holy


     My temples pulsate of the awareness of the Temple within. Hold communion there, not in a building of brick and mortar that the next shift on this plane will reduce to dust and broken cement and twisted metal, like so many others have already.


     Each time I come here to the cabin I feel this was once a holy place – the site of a Temple of the Anasazi, upon which the cabin sits, as it overlooks the vast land that unfolds all around it. The temple/cabin site is the NEBULA. It is the Heart of a Flower. The land that extends beyond the center in all four directions is each petal of the flower. The road to his place is the long stem that leads up to the flower and thus to the temple.


     I travel up the stem, to higher altitudes, reaching the four directions, and each one leads to the nebula, the center, the heart. What matters the path I take? Here at the heart of wonder I experience all things NOW; past/present/future. The ascending upward journey upon the stem has moved me beyond the world and its thinking, far behind, far below. And here the past/present/future are seen as one -  the now moment.


     I reach out to them of my discoveries. My heart pours out to the ones I love.


     I will return to the plane of lower vibration only to transmit in whatever primitive form I can of a world beyond words and ideas and beliefs, beyond the world of materiality. The holy temple place reached gives revitalization to the soul as it continues on its journey. The nebula remains safe and protected in my absence from it. And I will return again until I need to travel no more.


nebulus -  vague; unclear


nebula – (L, mist) – a cloud of interstellar gas or dust, or, formally, a hazy distant celestial object, as a star cluster.


     The nebula is the center of all sacredness, yet it is nebulus to the forsaken, unclear and vague to the mind of worldly ambitions and interests. The nebula is the misty unreality that formulates out of doubt, speculation and arrogant betrayal of the Self and Truth. It remains an idea for many, a belief for many more, and those who have considered its reality exceeds worldly understanding venture to discover it and do find what they seek.


     The discovery of it brings immense joy, yet a paradox, and attempts to transmit what lies beyond worldly ambitions is difficult, sometimes futile. For many have not prepared themselves to receive it. And so mankind continues on its wayward journey. Let me not make a spectacle of the Nebula.


     Now my study reveals,


No one can fail to listen, when You hear the Voice for God give honor to God’s Son. And everyone will share the thoughts with you which He has retranslated in your mind.”


     Who will be willing to have his or her thoughts retranslated into what lies beyond the brain, what lies beyond conventional learning, what awaits to be newly discovered as inspiration?


     Today I pray, I yearn my mind, all minds may receive what is beyond worldly translations and understanding. And I look to the Great Translator to give meaning to my thoughts, my words, my experiences.


     In this study I transmit wordlessly to all minds, and look eagerly upon the world I experience where these thoughts are received and given back through the Voice for God.


     Today I wonder how long I will carry the wreckage of my past before I become willing to recycle it all into usefulness? This is but a universal prayer, not a personal request. Let me not think I can carelessly escape into the Nebula as flight from my obligations to all who have traveled with me, and the duties assigned to me at the level of worldly existences.


     With Your Grace, share the release they are entitled to as it is given me, to which I am entitled.


     So be it now.

     “it is done.”


     Now, ever so slightly, it begins to snow…

     Now, it increases…

     Now, it is a white-out…

     Such a timely wonder…