wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"No greater a lesson would it be for me to demonstrate my sinlessness

than by returning and making my home MY home.


No greater a lesson could I demonstrate than my recognition of sinlessness."


Desert Spirit





Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Desert Spirit




What is the Holy Spirit?



     Today my lesson continues with the ideas of my past, my departure from my home, what I perceived to be an injustice, and exile, a being “forced” to leave a dwelling to which I have grown accustomed. For years, the sweat, blood and effort to make peaceful my dwelling in the world became a reflection of my spirit, my soul. It is not a piece of real estate. It is an extension of what and who I am as spirit.


     And being removed from me has had an affect on me much deeper than I cared to investigate. That is until recently when these thoughts begin to rise out of the depth of my subconscious mind, and make their way to the surface. Now like a raging volcano, I will not hold them down any longer, for their expression must be revealed in the world I share with other bodies. It is my demonstration.


     If nothing happens by accident and chance plays no part in God’s Plan, and if everything that happens to me I have asked for, then leaving, or told I must leave my home must be that for which I asked. I must have asked TO be exiled, for my sin. In someone’s suspicious mind, I loved another, and for this I was cast out of my home; the “unforgivable sin”. It was not a difficult decision for someone to make, for there were many who rallied around, giving their myopic opinions and prejudices, taking sides but never being able to mind their own business.


     Is this entire sequence of events not the idea OF separation from God? In someone else’s mind, the perception was that my “forbidden love” for another was unacceptable to the one who “loved” me, and for this I was sent away, exiled, cast out of my home. How dangerous and how careless is the suspicious mind?


     This is the lesson for which I have come to demonstrate my sinlessness.


     Now today I ask for my return, safe and swift, to my home. I ask this in the name of God our Father and the Great Translator of all dreams of sin and fear to dreams of happiness and love. I ask to be returned to live in my home, the only place I have ever felt IS my home.


     Now I appeal to You my Creator, and Elder Brother as Teacher to me. Return my mind and home to me healed. Now I leave this asking with You, for I know not how or when I will be allowed to return. For the world has its laws and rules, and are those with which I cannot compete. So I appeal to a higher understanding in anticipation of receiving clarity for this lesson, and live by the Laws of Love.


     Now as a new day begins, there is a drizzle of rain, my tears I shed as they wash clean my mind and my world. I come to pray to the Unseen Who reside in my mind. Come forth now, and lift my mind and spirit into communication with You, that I may see and hear truly Your Will and Plan for my earthly journey. What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Decide for me for my life. Let this prayer be part OF Your Asking.


     Today I study Your words in my Lesson which offer me,



When sights ands sounds have been translated from the witnesses of fear to those of love, learning has achieved the only goal it has in truth. For learning, as the Holy Spirit uses it to the outcome He perceives for it, becomes the means to go beyond itself, to be replaced by Eternal Truth.”



     What IS the eternal truth? Is it that I live IN God’s Mind safely, fearlessly, and love for any other cannot exile me from my Home? The world teaches I have sinned against God, and for this sin I have been cast out of Heaven. In the world of dreams, I am accused of loving another and for this “sin” I have been cast out of my home. It is then a demonstration of my sin? Or do I come to live the truth of my sinlessness and make this my demonstration?


     You tell me these things, yet fear attempts to convince me and show me I can be removed from where I wish to reside, and this is the wish of another. Someone else has decided where I will live and where I will not live. And yet all I think about these recent days is my return to where I wish to live.


     Now You tell me today that learning has taken me beyond it to the LIVING OF this truth, the direct experience I will to demonstrate. I will to demonstrate not only my sinlessness but that I cannot ever BE exiled from my home. This living through the lesson is the tranquil successful end I seek. So if I am to learn that You and I can never leave my Home, then here now today I asked to return to my home, the only place I feel truly at home.


     Fear, anger, jealousy has cast me out of my home, and yet You say I asked for such a lesson. Now today I ask for the lesson to allow me to use this truth and return my home to me. Return me to my Home/home. IT IS THIS ETERNAL TRUTH I WILL TO SEE REFLECTED IN MY RETURN TO MY HOME. Why is it not THIS the lesson Love would allow me to experience?


     Your Words reveal,


"If you but knew how much your Father yearns to have you recognize your sinlessness, you would not let His Voice appeal in vain, nor turn away from His replacement for the fearful images and dreams you made."



yearn - (OE, Goern, eager) - to be eager; to be filled with a longing or desire; to feel tenderness or sympathy 



longing – strong desire, yearning; feeling or showing a yearning



desire – to long for; to crave; to ask for; a wish; a request; a thing desired




     Teacher, today You say I do not know how much the Father YEARNS for me to recognize my sinlessness. And I feel this is the entire lesson OF my “sin” and how it brought about my exile from the only home I have ever known. And to be told “You must leave”, for me, is the greatest sin, the greatest violation of my spirit.


     My constant thought is of my return to my home. So I communicate this wanting, yearning, desire to You, my Great Translator, and carry my thoughts to the Creator. And I ask, “My Father, is this yearning in me to return to my home Your yearning of which the Teacher speaks today, that I do not recognize IS Your longing for me?”


     I endlessly appeal to you to help me recognize my lesson here. I yearn for You to hear and see my yearning. It says You appeal to me in vain. Have I still not accepted that there has BEEN NO SIN, there HAS BEEN NO EXILE and You will return me to my home?


     Do I turn away from Your replacement for my fearful images and dreams each time I think it is impossible for me to ever return to my home? And yet would You send Love to me and then receive this Love that punishes me?


     Now the Elder has said, “This is your home; we will take care of it until your return.” Is this Your Voice spoken to me? And the Elder says, “We were moved by your words…” Would they be moved by my undying yearning to return to my home? Would You? Would I be moved by Your undying yearning for me to ACCEPT my return to my home IS assured? Do You appeal TO me TO return to my home? Oh my God….


     I perceive the only way TO recognize my sinlessness IS TO RETURN TO MY home from where I think I have been exiled. I perceive this IS Love’s translation of my lesson. I perceive THESE ARE Your Words to me today, and I recognize here and now Your yearning in me IS the yearning I feel, if You live in my mind.


     It says the Father is filled with a longing for me to recognize my sinlessness. I am filled with a burning and a longing to recognize I have NOT sinned, I have NOT been exiled from You, I have NOT LEFT Heaven, and I have not left my home. I have ONLY EXTENDED my love to all of them, equally, and without measure.


     Now I ask You, “Is to love one but not others a sin that is punishable by my losing my home/Home, cast out, exiled from the ONLY place I have every felt AT home? How do I return? How long must I wait? How many arguments will be raised to try and convince me of my exile? How many appeals must I make to You for my swift and safe return? And what action must I take now or demonstrate for You to prove it is my desire to return to my home?”


     Someone tries to convince me that my sin is the reason for my exile. And they have ALL agreed on my punishment. No greater a lesson would it be for me to demonstrate my sinlessness than by returning and making my home MY home. No greater a lesson could I demonstrate than my recognition of sinlessness.


     Now I yearn TO make this demonstration. I want to perform this miracle. I yearn to return to my home. And this prayer is my appeal to You, our Father, and You, the Great Translator of my dreams of exile to Your Thought which says, “You cannot ever be removed from Love.”


     Now my Lesson reads,



The Holy Spirit understands the means You made, by which You would attain what is forever unattainable.”



     I made “sin” and “exile from my home” not only possible but attainable. I have “committed” a sin and broken the Law of Love. I have been “exiled” from my home to which I think I cannot return because another has decided this is how it will be.


     And the Lesson continue,



And if you offer them to Him, He will employ the means You made for exile to restore your mind to where it truly is at home.”



     OH MY GOD….the very words I have used You now return to me. How can I NOT recognize You HAVE heard me? You offer me back the VERY WORDS I have used to appeal my yearning to you; EXILE and HOME.


     My Teacher and Great Corrector, receive my thoughts of gratefulness today. Receive my sin and my thoughtsof exile. For I think my love for all others and the world has cast me out of Heaven. And I think I have been exiled and have lost my way back to You. It is the “unforgivable sin”, to give my love to the world, to all others.


     Now I offer You all this to use as You will. Restore my mind and my home to me today, now. I call forth the truth of Your words. I call forth and claim the restoration of my holy mind to its sinless state. I call upon You. I yearn for You to receive my appeal. Restore my sinless mind to the truth OF my sinlessness. And FROM THIS sinless mind restore my home to me, my only true home.


     I call forth and claim the truth of this lesson in a form I can see and will understand and experience directly. Only Your restoration of my mind to its sinlessness WILL bring this miracle forth.


     Now I will accept no less than this, LOVE WILL RESTORE MY HOME TO ME. And I will return in a time and place and way of Your choosing. I will return to my home. And only I will to demonstrate as it IS my return from exile another sought to give me.


     I will not accept my exile because of the perceived sin of love. And here and now today, 3/12/2013, are we joined; 3+1+2+2+1+3 = 2+1 = 3; 3 being the Trinity, the Father, the Son and Great Corrector are one here and now.


     My home is restored to my mind, revealed now to me through Your Words of my lesson.


restore – (L, re, again + staurare, to erect) – to erect again; to GIVE BACK something taken or lost; to return to a former of normal state; to bring back to health and strength.


     I am given back, today, the home taken from me, lost to me, from which I think I have been exiled. In my mind is this already done. In time and space will this truth be made manifest, solidified into the happy dream of a tranquil end that awaits me.


     It is so.