wilderness path

a significant inner journey



Saturday, March 12, 2011


     Today my Lesson reads,


We acknowledge our mistakes, but He to Whom all error is unknown is yet the One Who answers our mistakes by giving us the means to lay them down and rise to Him in gratitude and love. And He descends to meet us, as we come to Him. For what He has prepared for us He gives and we receive.”


     Can I acknowledge my mistakes, my misperceptions, if I am unwilling to look upon them or if I think I have none? If He would give the means to lay my misperceptions down, would He be the Light that would  shine upon my mind and reveal these misperceptions to me, that I may be free of them?


     What other than the single misperception that I am a body, and not a spirit with a mind, could be the source of all suffering that I eternally carry?


     How can I lay down what I do not think exists in me? Would He speak OF mistakes and errors in my thinking if they were non-existent? Would gratitude and love Guide me TO acknowledge my errors and misperceptions in thinking? Would I show Him my gratefulness FOR Him by acknowledging my mistakes and errors in thinking? Could I BE grateful FOR such a merciful action? And were I to cling to my misperceptions and error in thinking, what but sadness and grief would be my reward that I give myself?


     Let me see now that if I cling to sadness or that which feels self-defeating, it is because I am not grateful to You, for You, or for Your light. Let me see now that only Your light could easily shine away impurities in my mind were I to exercise thankfulness FOR Your light that would reveal mistakes and errors I have not acknowledged ARE in my thinking.


And He descends to meet us, as we come to Him.”


descend - (L de, down + scandere, climb) - climb down; to move down to a lower place; to pass from an earlier to a later time, from greater to less; to slope downward; to come down; to make a sudden visit


     As we come to You, to Him, He makes a sudden visit to our minds and hearts. As we stretch for Him He extends His Hand to us. As I reach for Him He moves down to greet me?


     Thank You, my Father/Teacher/Brother/Sister of the Spirit World for every being You send to me in my earthly journey. Let me reach to You, that Your grace will be received by me. Let me remember that I can only BE AWARE OF Your grace when I attempt to come to You.


Let me see You will not interfere with my desire to not know You, not reach for You, not make contact with You, either within myself or another. And let me see only that You ARE present, as the Life Force within me Who comes to wash man’s mind clean and prepare him for the Great Awakening.


     Now I think of the Japanese in the wake of their rude awakening on March 11, 2011. My mind turns to not sorrow for them, but to their commercial fishing vessels that have been tossed around like toys by the great ocean tsunami that has paid them an unwelcome visit. Their whaling practices, their tuna hunting, their fishing exploits, their slaughter of the porpoise kingdom; these have not been gentle, merciful or kind actions upon the ocean kingdoms.


     They have depleted the oceans of life to the degree some areas are completely and utterly devoid of marine life. The have exploited the oceans, as have others. And efforts to stop them by organizations like Greepeace have only led to conflict and hatred between men.


     My Father, how do I show compassion for man’s present suffering, such as that which is unfolding at this time in Japan, when he himself has imposed this upon himself through wrong living, through the rape and pillage of the earth and the oceans?


     Now I come to consider the karmic consequences of man’s actions against nature, of which I am a participant, against the natural worlds of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. I wish to come to reach for You, that I may attempt to live right, abuse not the privileges of being on this plane, and contribute to its cleansing and awakening, rather than to its destruction.


     Be it so now, that I will to contribute to Wisdom and Grace, a Love not of this world and Divine Intelligence, that ONLY THIS BE my worldly experiences.

“It is done.”




For what He has prepared for us He gives and we receive.”


     I have attempted to reach for and take from the earth and man’s world, to get, to seize, to steal what I think will save me, sustain me, keep me safe and secure in the world of bodies. And yet what I take from the world and from man IS taken from me.


     I rape and pillage the forests for wood to build my houses. I build my buildings into which I store junk that I then sell to my brother, junk that has not real value or use. And these actions will not contribute to his awakening, or mine. And I leave the forests depleted, devastated, vacant, devoid of all that would keep the forests alive and a haven for its inhabitants, two-legged and four-legged alike.


     I dig for gold and minerals in the vast mountains that only contributes to the destruction of man’s mind and the earth, leaving the empty holes in the earth and an even larger empty hole in my heart.


     I rape and pillage the rivers, streams and lakes of their life inhabitants, and then use these streams, lakes and rivers for a toilet where I dump my waste, filth and garbage. And this is my thankful contribution to the beautiful earth, and how I exemplify my respect for all it has given me.


     And my water is now filthy, useless. Without fresh water I thirst, but my soul starves for a Drink of Sanity.


     And I rape and pillage the oceans of all living, breathing things, giving back nothing and consuming and destroying everything. And greed and ingratitude fuel my wanton ways.


      So what does the natural world have to say about all this? For it does not resist my assault upon it. What is its gift to me for this abuse and ingratitude that I have extended to it?


     What does the earth return to me for my destructive ways? 


     It can only give me what I have given it, and what I have taken from it. And it gives it to me gladly. My world, man’s world, has become a haven of and for destruction, desolation, chaos, death, worthlessness; a huge pile of broken, useless nothingness.


     Shall this shock me? Who would be shocked? How can this be a surprise? Why weep now?


     Who will blame all this on God? Who will shake their fists and curse the earth, the oceans, the air currents, the mountains, the streams and the ground man walks upon?


     Shall I run to the church and beg for mercy? Shall I hit my knees and pray my ass off until You Answer me? Shall my lifeless prayer to you fall of deaf ears? Do I think “Jesus” will save me? And I hear loudly Spirit ask, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?


     The earth gives back to me THE EXACT SAME GIFT man has given to it. How can I feel compassion for man, or even myself, who is part of this mania?


     How can I expect to receive the Grace of God when I give nothing TO Your Will, Your Wishes for me, Your Kingdom, Your Awakening?


     Now I claim my time on this plane I will to dedicate to the cleansing, restoration of my inner world, that it may affect the outer world, that it may be a demonstration to You of my sincerity and desire to awaken my sacred mind and restore it to its original condition AS YOU GAVE IT TO ME IN MY CREATION.


     For this, I will to receive Your Instructions as to how I may be a Worthwhile Contributor to this plane.


     Now as I view my world, my kingdom, my place in time and space, and as I review the experiences You HAVE given me, I claim every step IS what You HAVE PREPARED for me to receive. And what I receive is Your Gift to me, AS I attend to my wish to recognize here and now the truth of the Lesson:


Your grace is given me. I claim it now.” And I receive it now.


     To ALL minds this day do I extend this remembrance, that it may impact their world and their decisions to live right, according to the Self Who has come to restore man’s mind to order, and that this inner restoration of Order shall bring Order to this plane.


     So be in now, in the name of God our Creator I make and claim this undying appeal is true.


     “It is done.”