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" People who come to inner transformation do not need a Shaman.

They come to be their own Shaman."

Desert Spirit




Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Desert Spirit


     My brother asked, “What is transformation?” He asked this question in reply to my comments about Peru guy who was seeking joy and happiness. He was after one time joy and happiness but not complete transformation.


     Enthusiasm is not part of joy. Enthusiasm goes to Peru or Tibet to get fixed. Joy sees that this is foolish and a complete waste of time. It is an illusion of purification and not its reality.


     He is after easy results. At the same time, Spirit sends each one the task according to one’s level. So I cannot judge the guy or blame him. That is what he wanted and received it. After looking around and doing this a couple more times, he may conclude he wants to go deeper.


     He received it because he does not know any better. So now I am revealing this Fact.


     Do not encourage people to follow false pursuits. Destroy the enthusiasm that makes foolish pursuits possible. Bring people to helplessness. Raise their discomfort level. Take away all their options and this way they must face themselves.


     Wow….can I really do that? I have to experience it myself first.


     All you need to do is question people’s motives, and this will move them to question themselves.


     It sounds very logical to me…..yes, motives……


     But the thing is that the motives are different according to the level. Someone needs cleansing on the first stage to make the next step then…..


     No. It is all deviation. People look to take short cuts and make excuses. They say everyone has their own path. This is complete and utter bullshit.


     They take different paths and do different things to deviate away from themselves, and this is their justification for trying to “find” themselves. And this is all the ego’s cleverness to distract you.


     Wow, that is what I have always believed.


     When people are serious about inner transformation and recovery and healing, they will stop fucking around with all this bullshit. An honest serious person will see the cleverness of the ego’s distractions.


     But if they claimed these methods helped them to sense joy again and receive happiness, if they prove the Shaman’s practices helped them….


     It is bullshit. It is not true joy. It is pink cloud and it will not last and that is why they look for the next thing. People who come to transformation do not talk about how joyful they are. Hey do not draw attention to themselves. They remain anonymous. They do not boast about their adventures.


     People who come to inner transformation do not need a Shaman. They come to be their own Shaman.


     Wow… but they need a teacher, a guide, a master, like Irina, like me….


     We will always get what we need even if what we need is not what we need.


     When you extend, do not conclude what it means for them. You only need to be concerned with extending, not what you extend. It is for Spirit to decide. If you conclude what it means, then you are doubting Spirit’s power and wisdom.


     Oh, no, I would not like to doubt Spirit’s power.


     Can you tell me this: transformation is change of form. But why only form? I personally perceive the meaning of the word as deep change from within…how come?


     Form is not necessarily material. Form is the way something looks. Transformation, then, is a change in perception, not necessarily a change in physical form.


     A change in perception is more like to what I think it means. But form is external and content is internal. By some reason transformation is a change of external but we employed this word into another meaning of internal also…sort of expanded the word.


     The word FORM means TO FORMULATE. To formulate means to create in the mind. It means to allow thoughts to become clear to oneself in one’s mind.


     Form is not external. Everything begins in the mind. The body is an idea in the mind, solidified into matter, but it begins in the mind. Even the matter is an idea in the mind, an image in the mind.


     So body is also not external??? It is one with the mind? What IS external then? What is the form?


     There is nothing external, because there is nothing outside you. In truth, external is what is extended from your mind internally.


     OOOHHHHH, it is blowing my mind…. the world around is my mind???


     In the Bible it is written, “Be renewed by the transforming of your mind.”


     When you look up into the sky at night and you see the dark sky and the many stars, you are looking at the eternal, internal Mind of God.


     The question, “What is transformation?” IS transformation in action. It is the Action and Power OF Transformation that gives the question. It is the PRESENCE OF transformation that provokes the aspirant to ask the question. The problem arises when the aspirant seeks for an ANSWER TO the question, rather than see that the presence OF transformation IS the question that is presented.


     You have to write this down. It is beautiful.