wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“I have accepted the penalty of my sin.


Now I accept the reward of Your forgiveness.


It is only fair I be treated with respect and my Home restored to me.”


Desert Spirit






Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Desert Spirit



What is the Holy Spirit?



“From knowledge, where He has been placed by God,

the Holy Sprit calls to you, to let forgiveness rest upon your dreams,

and be restored to sanity and peace of mind.”




     Today You offer me to allow forgiveness to rest upon my dreams, and implies there is an unforgiving thought in me with regard to my dreams and the world I walk. My recent thoughts of my wish to return to my home, the home from which I claim I have been exiled, have raised many thoughts and feelings in me. I have come to express, uncover, discover and investigate, that I may find peace in the lesson of exile.


     Now I have discovered, in previous investigation, there has been no exile, and what I asked for I received as I had asked. Being removed from my home, then, must have been the lesson that would teach me of my need for forgiveness. For this day I discover You see an unforgiving thought in me regarding my exile, and my past relationship with another.


     So I come to ask You to reveal to me this unforgiving thought in me, and how I have accused and blamed another for my exile. For if it is true all lessons are those God would have me unlearn, then the lesson of exile from my home must be one that has a light at the end of the tunnel.



     Now You offer me today,



Accept your Father’s gift.


It is a call from Love to Love, that It be but Itself.”



     Now in this holy instant I call forth and claim Your gift to me. You say it is Your call to me of Love, from Love TO Love. My lesson of exile and an undisclosed bitterness that may be lingering in me must be uncovered and released. For this heaviness of my removal from my home has terrorized and haunted me as I struggle with ideas of how I can return, or if I EVER WILL return to my home.


     I look to this day to RECEIVE Your call. How will it come, Teacher? A phone call? An email? A discovery in this investigation?


     I receive willingly here and now Your call of Love, from other minds that give me Your Answer today. For the issue IS relationship. Is it not in relationship were all forgiveness must be lived?


     I did not know I have a bitterness. I have convinced myself I am not bitter, but even if I am, I certainly am justified IN HAVING bitterness towards the object of my discontent; another for whom I blame my exile. Now I will come to see the lesson as You perceive it.


     My heart aches to hear the call that will return peace of mind and sanity to me, as You attempt to restore my mind and my Home to me. Give me this blessing. Grant me restoration of my home. Grant me restoration of my mind/heart/dreams/kingdom/world.


     Come forth now. Let me not be mistaken in the lesson You offer me today. Call TO me, my sacred Translator of all dreams, and speak to me now of Your will for me to be released from self-indulged punishment that I have imposed on others and the world.


     To forgive means to pardon. Now I receive the gift of pardon today. How am I pardoned for the “sin” I have been accused of committing, resulting in my exile from my home? How am I to be released from this bitterness that has resulted in loss of my home? Is it the bitterness that another holds that poisons my return? For today I perceive another must be released FROM THEIR bitterness about the perceived “crime” of which I am accused.


     All the pain someone feels I have caused has made me the object of another’s pain, the cause for it, the reason for it. Who in this world does not blame OTHERS for THEIR pain?


     For this “crime”, I have been accused, found guilty, condemned and punished. I have been held accountable for another’s pain, loss and sadness. For this crime my world was torn from me, and I was cast out of my home.


     I call forth and claim Your gift of forgiveness. Let me BE released from the crucifixion imposed on me by myself and by my guilt of another’s hurt. Father, forgive us for what we all have NOT done.


     Another did what they needed TO do, being the only way they would find justice.


     JUSTICE??? Oh my God……..


     I will not condemn another for seeking justice for the perceived “crime” I am accused of committing. I will not condemn a Son of God, the spirit of another, for my exile. But today I also seek justice. I seek the Divine Justice that restores my mind to sanity and peace.


     Now I ask, is THIS Your Gift to me? The unspoken bitterness of another motivated an action that was justifiable to them. Every being has their idea of justice they seek for the impositions imposed on them. Today I accept this. But I also accept my wish, desire, yearning to seek Your Justice and have my mind/home returned to me, as it is the ONLY Justice that can be true.



justice – fairness; rightfulness; reward or penalty deserved; to treat fairly; to supply grounds for; free from blame and guilt



     Oh my God……is THIS Your gift to me?


     Today I look upon all things not as bitter objects directed towards me to cause me pain, grief or loss, punishment, penalty. In the mind of another, there is only one way to have justice; to penalize the object of their pain, and act in vengeance.


     Someone is hurt, and places this hurt outside themselves, holding ANOTHER RESPONSIBLE for THEIR pain. I will not blame them for this. I come to heal MY mind, and in this let other minds be healed also.


     You prayed, “Forgive them, for they knew not what they were doing….” Forgive me, my Father, for what I have NOT done, and forgive the other for what has not been done TO me OR to them.


     What was fair for the another person was seen AS fair by the other person, even if I felt it was unfair. This was the other person’s’ justice; punishment for my “sin”, the price I was told I must pay, the penalty I received.


     In the other, it was the ONLY fairness. The other supplied ground for the actions they had taken. The actions were justified, seen as fair and right, seeing themselves not as guilty FOR their actions, but another as guilty. Nor do I blame anyone for these actions. I will to be free today to love, and have my home/mind restored to me.


     I agreed willingly to ALLOW this “punishment”, this exile from my home. But today Your call is a call of Divine Justice. And my return is guaranteed because it IS fair AND right my mind/home be returned to me.


     Now I supply the grounds for my desire to return. I have accepted the penalty of my sin. Now I accept the reward of Your forgiveness.


     It is only fair I be treated with respect and my Home restored to me.


     Come forth now. I will to hear Your call truly, our Great Corrector. For this Explanation has not been previously known to me, but cleanses me. I free my mind from bitterness and blame and free all minds from guilt and my attack on them. I blame no one for their actions, nor can they blame me for those I now take to have my home restored to me.


     Today forgiveness is Given, and Justice is served.


     Today my reward is to release all this to You and accept Your Justice for me and for all minds.



     Now the Lesson reads,



The Holy Spirit is His gift, but which the quietness of Heaven

 is restored to God’s beloved Son.”



     I perceive the quietness of Heaven in the ending of my bitterness towards the others, understanding this was their justice, imposed on me. I release all thoughts of bitterness and blame. Justice allows each one to move forward. Today Your Justice allows me this Call of Justice, and allows me to MOVE BACK, to peace eternal.


     Thanks be to You for the lesson Heaven offers me. From here I call forth my Heaven. I call forth and claim my home restored to me. I accept and receive willingly no less than this.


     It is so.

     It is good.