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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Desert Spirit


      "There may not be a tomorrow."

      “I must admit, David, it is very difficult to wrap my head around this, but it doesn't make it any less true.“


     So I will try to offer you clarity regarding the unreality of “tomorrow”.

      Read slowly without time’s pressures on your mind.



     Fear, guilt, sickness, worry, anxiety, confusion, disharmony all are born out of time. If I did not have time in my thinking, none of these things could touch me.

      Time is not a reality. It is an idea made up by man. You do not need an alarm clock to wake up “on time”. It is unnatural to the rhythm of the body and to life to live by an alarm clock and time.

      If you did not live by time you could never be afraid of “being late”.

     You would never age.

     You would not have to wait to get over an illness.

     You could not have guilt of what you did or said that you think cannot be reversed.

     You could never die. Hence you would not have phobias or worry or depression.

     You could never be confused about what life is or what happens when you physically die.

     You could never be born into another body if you did not live by time ideas.


     Think seriously on these. Do not agree or disagree and then go set your alarm clock for another day.

     Do you know a computer will not open a web page if your computer clock is not set to the PRESENT TIME? So the computer can only run accurately IN THE PRESENT NOW MOMENT. Counting the now moments is how time is calculated.

     Start NOW by living in the present, of a timeless reality.

      Think about this - right now as you are reading this is the presence of no time. By the “time” you finish reading this you will say “It took five minutes to read this - that moment of now when I began reading is gone”.... No, it is not. The NOW moment without time is still here.

     It is STILL NOW.

     It was NOW when you began reading this sentence.

     It is NOW as you are reading this “next” sentence.

     In an hour, from now, if you are present and are aware of it, that moment WILL STILL BE NOW.


     It is ALWAYS NOW.

     What you call “later” is the NOW MOMENT extended, or elongated, where your attention is on what is occurring and registering in your mind “what has already occurred” (what you call a past) and “what will occur” (what you call a future).

      But IN that past moment or future moment you will be aware that “It is still NOW ...” How can there be “a past” if the past is gone?  And how can there be a future if it has not yet occurred?

      The body is ruled by time ideas in your mind, which means if you ended ALL TIME IDEAS you would dissolve the body instantly and would be aware only of your pure, timeless, boundless, unlimited, infinite, eternal spirit.

      So then ask yourself if you wish to continue to live by time ideas.

     Because for you, in reality, there is no tomorrow.

      The Order of the Universe will prompt you of where you need to be and “when” you need to be “there”.

      Do you think an alarm clock can be trusted more than the rhythm of Life?


     For surely the sun will not arrive “late”.