wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Truth will set me free.


I am not free because I am a prisoner to this disturbance.


Therefore, this disturbance is not part of truth


and cannot set me free."


Desert Spirit







Thursday, March 14, 2013


Desert Spirit



“I place the future in the Hands of God.”



     I awaken to a new day, and as I make it to the coffeemaker, the remnants of expended energy extended in my yesterdays lays on my mind like a heavy blanket. As I prepare the coffee, I hear the Thought, “I place the future in the Hands of God”. It is Lesson 360.


     And so my study begins with the Light of this Thought. I place the future in the Hands of God. This I think today. This is the message You give me this day. This begins my day. I place the future in Your Hands now, for without this opportunity will I terrorize my holy mind with depression, sadness, anger, envy, regret. How merciful You are to offer me this Lesson today to remember. In it is the only thing that will allow me to take the next step today.


     My heart waits to be returned to You, to my Home, symbolized as an event in time and space, that which you call a dream. I place the future in Your Hands. This is my holy instant of release. I can do no more than this. I can think no more of this, say no more than I have said.


     I will not live the rest of my days yearning to return to what I think is lost to me, but if each step leads me back to You, then each step leads me back to my home. My appeal is for my future to rest with You. How distant is the future? A year? A month? A week? The amount of time it takes for me to complete this writing?


     Is the future at the end OF this writing?


     My Tarot reveals,







“In a reading, the Chariot represents a quality of energy needed to fight for a desired goal. It shows a struggle or conflict of interests, and can mean a fight for self-assertion is necessary. However, if well placed in a spread, a successful outcome is assured as is triumph over difficulties and obstacles.”



VII – (7)  -  “Seven is the number of wisdom and the number relating to completing of cycles. There are seven personal planets in astrology, seven virtues, seven vices and seven deadly sins. On the seventh day, God rested. Inherent in the number is a sense of completion of a phase.”









“This card is an interesting combination of the harmony of the Number Six and the Swords, which so often indicates strife or difficulty.  A ferryman carries a sorrowing woman and child across the water to a far shore. It is interesting to note that the water on the right-hand side of the boat is rough, while on the left it is calm. This indicates the moving away from difficulties towards more peaceful times. It can mean a literal journey, a move to a more pleasing environment; but this journey could also be on an inner level. This card can denote release of tension and anxiety after a period of strain, and a sense of harmony prevailing once again.”


VI – (6) - “The six is the number of equilibrium, harmony and balance. The six-pointed star is formed out of two triangles, one pointing up towards the spirit of heavens, and the other pointing down towards the body or earth, which symbolizes balance between them.”



     My return to my home is what I see as my return to Heaven, to You. And I give this to You to care for it, my mind, my home. Care for all others and for me all the days of my life until such a time is given for my safe and effortless return Home.


     A physical place is a symbol. It became a symbol of separation, of treachery, of loss, of sadness and exile. I ask You to accept these thoughts. I place my future in Your Hands. I place outcomes in Your Hands, knowing it is for my highest good.


     Who can hold anything in a world where perceptions constantly change and shift?



Now the Lesson of What is the Holy Spirit? asks,



Would you refuse to take the function of completing God, when all He wills is that you be complete?”



     I DO NOT KNOW, Teacher.


     Now you offer me a function, you offer me completion, and you offer me the possibility I would reject it. And who do You send to me but a sister who wishes for me to extend recovery to her? Yet I am skeptical, as her priorities led her away from the Journey and back to the streets. Now I am weary with her words that request me to journey with her and assist her.


     And he who has fallen silent, the one who came to enter recovery, Chisale, after being silent for days, weeks, has decided to come back and appeal for help. Do You send them back to me?


     I cannot help him if his priorities are distorted. I send him away, yet he pleads for me to remain to guide him. I cannot even guide myself. Yet I cannot deny in the midst of my own murky perceptions You send them to me. And so I will work with them if only to unburden me with my own self-centeredness.


     You suggest I refuse to receive the function of completing God when He only wills/wishes/desires I be complete, united with Him and Love? The greatest gift I could ever receive now in my earthly journey is freedom from a tortured mind of past ideas, and my return to my home. Every day absent from my Home feels I could never return. Would it be so eas, as Dorothy displayed, to click my heels together and claim, “There is no place like home”?


     The maintenance of my sacred mind is daily. The maintenance of any mind must be daily. The task of maintaining the sacred Home is daunting for those who have not the energy to do so. And the Home will fall to decay and dread. But I will maintain my vigilance to leave my future to You, in anticipation that You will return me to You and to my Home.


     Now I ask, how am I to complete God unless I return my mind to You? I perceive to complete You is to RETURN MY MIND AND HEART TO You. Come forth now and reveal to me that to complete God IS to return to the Home I have never left. Do we not all share in the One Mind?



function – (L, fungi, to perform) – the normal or characteristic action of anything; a special duty required as work; a formal ceremony or social occasion; a thing that depends on something else; to act in a required manner



     The normal or characteristic action of Love is to be returned to that from which I think I have been exiled. What special duty do You ask me to perform? I offer you my mind and its desires, yearning, wanting, clarity.


     If I only need what the world offers to return to my home, why do I need God???


     You ask me to perform a special duty. A miracle would be a special duty. You ask me to perform a miracle? And I appeal to You to perform a special duty THROUGH ME; return me to my Home.


     What formal ceremony do You ask me to take? What social occasion do You ask me to receive? I hear the words of my Hungarian sister who now possesses my homes that say, “We have nothing in common.” These are disturbing words. They do not set me free. They imprison me in my despair. How can her words be true? Even in this world I resided in a place that was my home in which they now reside. This is property we commonly share. How can this disturbance, “We have nothing in common” be a truth? Where is the blessing in this sister’s words?


     Are these Your Words to me, Teacher? “We have nothing in common”? Is this “Hungarian Tradition”? You ask me to uphold a function of completing You. How am I to do so when my sister claims, “We have nothing in common”?


     You say You need my help. Susan and Peter want help. Everyone wants MY help. Where is the Help You give me? And now You want me to COMPLETE Him? How?


     I depend on You, need You, rely on You, call on You to extend to them. How easily can it be done with Your Grace? What is the required manner in which You wish for me to act?



perform – (Ofr, parfournir) – to do a task; to fulfill a promise; to render or enact; to execute an action or process



We have nothing in common.” These word cut like a knife; they burn like fire, and I am not free.




Truth will set me free.

I am not free because I am a prisoner to this disturbance.

Therefore, this disturbance is not part of truth

and cannot set me free.




     Her words are not part of truth, and cannot set me free. Perhaps she has something in common with someone like her?


     If we have nothing in common, how can another ever hear my words? Yet my thoughts must be pounding their world like heavy artillery. How can I accept a function, do a task, fulfill my promise to You to return TO You my mind, and execute this actions IF WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON?



complete – (L, com, intense + plere, fill) – to fill with an intensity; filled with intensity; whole; entire; finish; thorough; to make whole or perfect



     My Hungarian sister who dwells in my home tells me, “WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON.” Is THIS THE VOICE FOR GOD?



common – belonging to and shared by all; widespread; of an entire community



communism – (see COMMON) – any system or theory of common ownership of property




OH MY GOD…..What is common is the practice of communism?


We have not a system of common ownership of property.” BULLSHIT. She arrived FROM A “communist state”. She LIVED IN A state where existed a system of common ownership of property. Wow.


     You tell me,




The Mind of God is a system of shared common ownership of property.”



    In the dream of forgetfulness she has forgotten “All minds are joined”, she has forgotten We have everything in common”. We ALL share common ownership in Your Mind. To know this, directly, IS to “complete God”, to fulfill my function. We all come from the One Mind, common ownership shared property.


     Then, GOD IS A COMMUNIST! Oh my God.


     Russia is a community of common ownership shared property, yet the world defines it as not free. The world defines the United States as free, but THERE IS NO SHARED PROPERTY OR COMMON OWNERSHIP. It is the exact opposite; the U.S. is not a representation of the Mind of God where shared common ownership of property is the reality, but Russia IS? Jesus……


     I place the future in the Hands of God, and before I am done with this lesson, the “future” You reveal to me is, “God is a Communist”.


     Now she says we have nothing in common, but she is a Son of God who has forgotten we DO share the One Mind and it is my function, authorized BY You, for me to extend this truth now. We DO have the One Spirit in common. We are ALL spirit; we are all safe in His Mind, common ownership of property shared.


     Now You tell me, “Would you refuse to take (receive) the function of completing God when all He wills is that you BE complete?”


     I came to see the Common Mind, the One Mind You share with us. I came to see we share in the Mind of God even if we THINK, “We have nothing in common”.


     Now I extend this discovery to all minds today, affecting ALL minds now. This IS Transformation. And I extend these thoughts to You. Do with them as You will, and if You will for me to extend this lesson to they who think we have nothing in common, I will do it now, today. Let their mailbox explode with the energy of this lesson.


     Yet it must be here and now I receive the task of completing God. All minds are joined, and must be affected and affect minds that assume, “We have nothing in common”. For her words are those that lead me to release the disturbance, as the truth sets me free.


     I guarantee you, sister, we DO  share everything in common, for Creator would have it no other way.



     It is so.

     It is good.



 Now I discover, “The Kingdom of Hungary existed for 946 years.”


     And soon this kingdom will collapse and be returned to he who claims common ownership of property. And there is not a force in the Universe that can block this.



9/4/6 = 19 = 9+1 = 10; 10 = Completion


10 X 365 = 3650 = 3+6+5+0 = 14 = 1+4 = 5



9/4/2016 = 9+4+2+1+6 = 22 = 2+2 = 4;


4 = The Square; Equal Sides; Reality, Logic, Reason; The essence of man's three-fold nature, mind/body/spirit, is brought to the material plane in which all sides are equal.


All sides are equal in True Justice.



946 x 365 = 345290; 3+4+5+2+9+0 = 23 = 2+3 = 5


2013 - 946 = 1067 = 1+6+7 = 14 = 1+4 = 5


5 years = 9/4/2011 - 9/4/2016


AUGUST 19, 2011 to AUGUST 19, 2016 = 5 YEARS



     “The Kingdom of Hungary existed for 946 years"

      5 YEARS.