wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 The Songs We Sing to Ourselves

Desert Spirit



      As I have revealed previously, in an out of body experience several months ago, I was Sent to an Elder Who, in a lotus position, eyes closed, telepathically communicated to me the following mantra: 

 "Those who follow the Guidelines will be Protected."

      Of course, I realized that these Guidelines were not exclusive to those relating to the pandemic, but also to the Laws of the Uni-Verse as the beings presently inhabiting bodies on the earth are heading to a significant shift into higher consciousness.

     Anya was today sharing with me someone wrote to her, "I am ready to surrender", a prompt that was stimulated by the fact that this being's life continues to deteriorate and spiral into chaos, disharmony and misery. I said to her, "But how can that be sincere or honest? TO WHAT or TO WHOM is this individual surrendering, and WHAT EXACTLY is this being surrendering? I would question whether this being even owns a dictionary, and if it has ever been utilized to discover exactly what it means TO surrender".

     And so as we enter the month of March, many are seeking to "return to the normal", which we have previously revealed, there will BE NO RETURN TO the "normal", to the past, for it is this that has precipitated not only the pandemic but the current conditions in the world.

     As it is Written, "All are called, but few choose to listen". And as the few are adhering TO these Guidelines, those who follow the wide path continue to snub their nose at the Uni-Verse.

     Now with this in mind, I came across the following picture of "spring breakers in Miami" celebrating what is "sacred" to them: 

      In stark contrast to this, I was Sent the following music video, as beings on the other side of the earth are celebrating that which is sacred to them. 

Earth Song

 by The Yippies in Biodynamic Garden

 in Järna, Sweden



       If you are still pursuing the externals and special relationships to attain your "happiness and love", or think your "soul mate" lies elsewhere, or you have not surrendered your distorted investments in "family", or realized that an illusion of family cannot be part of the Whole Family, think again. These things are not outside you.

     That Which seeks is that which one seeks.