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"So we partake in the Season of Lent, or a Time of Lending,

a time when we lend ourselves to the Spirit for Its Purposes."


Desert Spirit





A Time of Lending


Friday, March 18, 2016


Desert Spirit


     Today my Lesson reads,


The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing.

Being thought, the idea gains as it is shared.

Being the Call FOR God, it is also the idea OF God.”


     Today I observed that we are in a period the world terms “Lent”, a time of fasting, a time of inconveniences, a time of denial of comforts, things for which we may take advantage, a time when we can do WITHOUT, and most people never practice a Time of Lent. Even the word “lent” can be construed to be, “I lent him my coat”, or “I loaned him my coat”.


     It suggests you do wish to do without so that you may discover that BEING WITHOUT does not affect your spirit, which is boundless, limitless and eternal. The Spirit wants for nothing, because it was created IN and BY Everything. But the ego, that part of the mind that has forgotten it is spirit, is inherently wanting. It is limited, it is confined to an idea, it is not eternal, and it is forever unsatisfied.


     The ego relates only to the body. Yet it is an idea IN THE MIND. And so the idea in the mind that wants to make the spirit AN IDEA ALSO, will think it, the spirit, is also limited. And so in the ego’s use of the mind, it attempts to provide to it, the spirit, what the spirit needs, because IT thinks it is PART OF the spirit. This is why people seek spiritual or religious meaning to fulfill themselves, but never do.


     So we partake in the Season of Lent, or a Time of Lending, a time when we lend ourselves to the Spirit for Its Purposes.


     The Lessons says that the Holy Spirit is the Great Corrector of minds. It is the idea of healing. To equate with the idea of healing OF THE MIND is to be related TO or to HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH Healing, or have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. To have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, or with Healing, means that we AGREE TO the process OF healing.


     Healing is also wholeness. So to be whole is to be healed.

     To be whole means there is nothing one needs to be complete.


     The spirit IS whole.

     To be whole means one wants or needs nothing.


     Yet in the world, as we think in terms of a physical being, we DO think we have needs and we have wants. I said before there are needs and there are wants. Needs are essential; food, air, water, shelter. Wants are not essential. They are preferences; big house, bank account, retirement account, special relationships, a husband, a lover, a wife, a child, and all the things the ego or the human being PREFERS to have so as to convince itself it “needs” these things. It needs them to feel secure, safe and protected.


     Those who live by this idea of protection are not ever safe. This makes them very dangerous, to themselves and others, and they live in fear of LOSING ALL TO WHICH THE CLING. So the carry a weapon, “just in case…” Even in the time of Lent the “good Catholics” will not part with their comforts. Their fasting is conditional; “Do not eat meat on Friday” was the idea Catholics practiced during Lent. WHAT a SACRIFICE!  And there are a host of other foolish rituals they and many practice to convince themselves they are fasting.


     Healing is fasting.


     That means that healing, or the Call for God, asks you to realize THERE IS NOTHING EXTERNAL that can affect you or satisfy you.


     Healing is fasting.


     It means that to do without, temporarily, ONLY AFFECTS THE EGO, but not the spirit. The spirit would rejoice in the idea of fasting, of healing, because when the spirit is celebrating a fasting, it is fully reliant on God.


     Then the season of Lent is a time when we AGREE to temporarily do without, and Spirit arranges the lessons for each being who wishes to shed this false self. A part of the mind is healed in the season of Lent, where fasting is practiced. By fasting I mean that the mind realizes that it HAS NO WANTING OR NEEDS.


     In fasting, the spirit realizes it needs nothing, and wants nothing because it already HAS EVERYTHING. It has everything because it is relating to God, to healing. The healing then is the idea “I HAVE NO NEED OTHER THAN THE RELATIONSHIP I HAVE WITH THE Creator.”


     This is true Lent.


     This is true fasting. Hardly anyone truly fasts.


     In a time when the spirit knows its only wish is to be one with its Creator, the ego suffers. This is then what we term “crucifixion”, for both occur simultaneously. When the spirit fasts, so to speak, the ego suffers. This is the battle that rages in the mind, because as I said, healing is an idea IN the mind, but so is suffering.


     And so when the ego suffers, it thinks it wants healing, and calls for mercy, convincing you that YOU need mercy. If it can convince you to NOT fast, then the ego will have been successful in pacifying YOU by pacifying itself. Yet the spirit has no need FOR mercy or healing, because  spirit IS mercy and healing.


     Now as we walk the path of fasting, many things are brought up in the mind so that we may remember that all that comes INTO the mind is merely there to trigger the reminder of, “I am sustained by the Love of God”. For in fasting, in crucifixion, in rebirth, there IS nothing else.


     Now Lent ends on March 24, the period in time and space that marks the end of the Time of Lent, followed by Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion, and then Easter Sunday which is celebrated to be the resurrection.


     We can use these as guides, not to bind ourselves to time ideas, but to realize that as we collectively suffer, so we collectively agree to END SUFFERING IN THE MIND and restore life to the spirit. If one mind affects all minds, then this Time of Lent is a united effort to heal the Sonship, or to raise the consciousness of mankind. So our temporary parting is only for the purpose of providing to each of us the lessons we have ASKED Sprit to give us.


     We asked FOR the lesson of Lent, so that we can rise above the perceived suffering, whereby we come to fully realize that THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD TO SAVE US OR COMPLETE US, that we ARE safe and complete as He Created us. And we have agreed to demonstrate this in this time in which we lend ourselves to others who walk with us.


     It is a time of shedding the old and welcoming the new.


     It is our rebirth.


     I share this with you, my Love.