wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Now I hear the Question again,

What can you contribute to an Intelligent Universe?

Desert Spirit




MARCH 20, 2010



     Today my lesson reads,

"Today we practice in a form we will maintain for quite awhile.

We will begin each day by giving our attention to the daily thought as long as possible.

Five minutes now becomes the least we give to preparation for a day

 in which salvation is the only goal we have.

Ten would be better; fifteen better still."


     The daily thought is,


In defenselessness my safety lies.

     When I read this message for today, what comes to mind are my early days of A.A. where I was told, "My primary purpose is to stay sober, and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety." It was the PRIMARY PURPOSE that became my saving grace in A.A. Everything else took a back seat, to the degree often where my daily job duties suffered negligence as I gave my attention to my attempts to live a sound, sane existence.

     It was the external world that drew me into it with all its trappings, but it was A.A. that set my priorities straight. It was the introduction of the idea of a spiritual journey, that I was a spiritual being having a human experience, and that the spiritual being part was where my priorities had to be set. It was the idea that in spite of all the world's rules, demands, laws, there was and IS Another Law that is greater than the material, physical world that could Guide me through it.

     And so my attention turned more and more to the inner journey as the primary purpose of my existence in time and space. And as this became more important than my physical existence, or my personal definition of myself and my concerns for the body, so did the value of the Spiritual Reality grow to the point It Revealed Itself to me more and more. And these Revelations were only possible when I gave time and attention to Them.

     Now I come full circle, as the lesson today reveals my primary purpose. And as I once thought how arduous was a five minute interval out of my very busy day to give my attention to Spirit, I now see how idiotic that is. Spirit begs me to spend five, ten even fifteen minutes getting to KNOW MYSELF, getting to know my mind, how it thinks, how it perceives and how it is related to the One Mind. And I was shocked when I originally learned the material, physical world was, to me, more important, more superior than the Reality of the Unseen.

     The world is designed to keep my attention at ITS level, yet this is what Spirit calls, "the dream of forgetfulness." I FORGET I am spirit, using a body at this level, the physical realm, to not only awaken TO the fact I am spirit, but to extend this reality to others, AS I AM GUIDED TO DO SO.


     As I am guided to do so means I do not become a priest, a preacher, a minister, a reformer, a politician, or even a leader. For those are all parameters by which a very insecure mind operates.


     Spirit, in truth, is Anonymous. And so within my anonymity as spirit do I come to Receive the Higher Mind and Its Intelligence, applying these Teachings, quietly, to my own mind/spirit/soul and existence. And if I am lucky enough, Spirit may provide another to whom I may extend my experiences. But I need not seek them out, nor build a church, not solicit donations so I can build a ministry that would only be based on lies, deceit and opinion.


     So each day I attempt to give attention and value to Spirit do I see this as the RIGHT USE OF TIME, in time, and the right use of Space, in space. I come to see that Divine Leisure is not something that money, or retirement can provide. Divine Leisure is the time and space I give TO Spirit in my willingness to give value and attention to It. And FROM THAT awareness carry this in my daily activities.

     So five minutes, ten, even fifteen minutes is not what I give sitting quietly trying to conjure up an image or idea of the Spirit World. It is the reality I live by in every breathing moment. For if my attention rests solely ON and IN Spirit as my Reality, then how would my existence manifest before me?

     Sickness then is not necessarily a purification process of MY mind or body, but can also be my service to the Brotherhood as I absorb the toxins of the world, of the collective mind, as my participation in the cleansing of the whole. And as this debris is cleared away so am I made free to be OF service in the many venues Spirit provides.

     It is so.


     Now I hear the Question again,


What can you contribute to an Intelligent Universe?