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Desert Spirit



From: S.

         Hi David

       Thank you, this is a beautiful post. (TIMA - 2/28/2021)

     I've come a step closer to understanding the relationship between soul, spirit, and life.

       Spirit is an energy in movement. We are spirits and life is an expression of that spirit's energy. The souls is what differentiates each of us. "Souls are individualized spirits."

      Yes, exactly.  This is why no one can “own” another person. No one can say “You are my child/son/daughter...you must listen to me and respect me because I brought you into this world”. This of course is all bullshit.

       You are Part of Creator as are all others. Those who do not recognize you in this capacity have failed themselves and failed you and have not discovered their relationship with the Source, the Creator of all life. To Creator ONLY do you owe gratitude, and to those who have helped you to remember your relationship with It and with your Self. 



From: S.

       Thank you, David.

      I understand the difference between spirit, life, and soul, and now I am very curious what/who is the Source/ the Creator. Aside from creating spirit i.e. energy in movement, what else does it do?  

      This you ask IS the eternal question.

       If you were to go out at night and look up at the star filled sky, you may begin to glean what you are asking. In fact in that experience with a star filled night your question would be most appropriately asked.


       Suffice to say to define the Source has been attempted since the birth of mankind. What has no limits cannot be defined through limits.

      Creator has been called many things including but not limited to Creator, Life, Light, Love, Eternal Parent. It is That From Which you came, from which all things came. Your body came from what we call “parents” but they did not give you life.

       Ramtha calls It “an open-ended Is-ness”.

       It makes all things that live possible. Without the Source there is no life. But these are definitions I established based on my experience with my seeking to understand or know the Source.

       You can experience what is the Source of your life, from where your spirit came, through you in your earnest desire to discover this Source within you and discover what It has come into the world to do through you. It is That for Which we all seek.

       It has been called many names, so a direct experience with It would precipitate Its desire to give you a name that would be appropriate for you.  But to say “The Source is Love/God” would be to deny you the opportunity to have It provide Its Name, Title and Reality to you, as well as a direct answer you seek.


     Hello S.,

       Forgive me the answer I gave you...it is inadequate. And I must amend this error now.

       For it is the Source, the Creator in you Who asks me this question, “What else does it do?” because I realize It does EVERYTHING we seem to be unable to do ourselves.

       WHATEVER ARE your present difficulties the Source/Creator in you will guide you to the Answer that is most beneficial to you and others.

       For it is Written in Sacred Writings, “The things that seem impossible with men are possible with God” (or the Source of all life, the Creator).



Desert Spirit



      The brother asks me this question, “What else does it do?

      This question S. asks IS “THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION”. Who knows directly the answer TO this question except That Which asks it?

      And so it is a TREMENDOUS RESPONSIBILITY TO be Given the opportunity to answer such a question. Its importance is beyond words could describe. For the dull have no sensitivity level, and my Sword is not sharp, and could not cut through a loaf of stale bread.

      It would be inappropriate for me to even begin to provide an answer TO such a question. For it would imply GOD HIMSELF ASKS ME to answer this question.

      One waits an entire lifetime, thinking he knows what it means in the Lesson, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day”, and THEN in a single moment, Creator shows up in the words of someone with whom I have been communicating.

      I do not even see,

This was the moment God Chose to speak to me

and I missed this sacred holy instant”.

      It is a question that exceeds in importance ANYTHING I SEEK to acquire in this world. People think what they would say to God if He appeared to them, or what they would say when Jesus appeared to them, and yet is all a hypothesis. It is all bullshit. No one could be prepared for such a moment, because “You do not know the day or the hour He will come for/to you”.

     How many holy instants have I missed? How many times HAS He spoken to me and I have not heard His Voice?

      The question is more important than trying to answer how to fix the cabin solar system.

     It is more important than trying to figure out how to pay off all my debts.

      It is more important than trying to find out a way to acquire 3715 Maya Dr., Gallup, NM because I think it should be mine.

      It is more important than trying to figure out how to purchase the house in which I have already paid over 40k in rent.

     It is more important thank trying to figure out how to pay the IRS 8k in back taxes owed.

      It is more important than trying to figure out how to live rent/mortgage free when my entire life I did not seek these things from the world but now I do as this physical vehicle becomes taxed through the tasks of physical labor.

      It is more important than trying to find a way to pay off the cabin debt.

      It is more important than attempts to win the Florida Lottery.

      It is more important than seeking to end this chronic back/sciatic nerve pain.

      In fact, it would and could PROVIDE ALL THESE THINGS TO ME if it were more important to me than all these things. It therefore is a question that has tremendous responsibility within it. It would be, in fact, a question the Source/God Himself would ask me to answer. And what would I say TO the Creator in response? For it MUST BE the Source WITHIN S. Who reaches out from S. TO ME with such a question.

      3/21/2021 = 11 = 2

      The day S. asks me the Eternal Question.

      HOW MANY have I met who have asked this question, and what tremendous responsibility do I have TO S. and to You the Father/Source/Creator to provide an appropriate response not only to him but to You?

      This IS the million dollar question. To answer this question IS the Answer to ANY situation I would ever seek TO find an answer. For IF I KNEW directly the answer TO this question, every other question I think I must find an answer to would BE answered.

      “Aside from creating spirit i.e. energy in movement, what else does it do?”

      It could do and would do all things I seem to find difficulty IN doing. Then it must be true that ALL THINGS I seek to find answers to could and would be answered by He Whom I claim to be “the Source”.

     It seems to me, therefore, That Which can do ALL THINGS can do them THROUGH ME, in a time, place, way of Its choosing. For otherwise I am assuming, based on my thoughts and actions, I know that He could do these things through me and what steps I would have to take in order to accomplish this.

     You the Source ask me this question today, and re-actively I tap out a response from my “porcelain throne” without even giving time to think ABOUT what You my Father are asking of me. And so as my study continues, it reads,

Yet you are also used to classifying some of your thoughts

as more important,larger or better, wiser or

more productive and valuable than others.”

    Without even thinking about the question, or its source, I throw out my generic response. I do not even recognize the level of important this question presents. The more I think about it the more disturbed I become.

      A moment that the Creator Himself chose to invite me to communicate directly WITH Him is Offered and IS LOST in a single holy instant due to my ignorance and stupidity.

      God Himself asks me a question to which I fail miserably in answering. For the thought given is established to be “NOT so important” based on my perception of the individual who asks it, a misperception of he who gives the question, and thus reveals my true disdain for humanity.

      How then could I ever be useful TO a person, much less to myself and therefore to the Source?

      Now as I reread my replies to S. I discover the hypocrisy of my own words:

“You are Part of Creator as are all others.

Those who do not recognize you in this capacity

 have failed themselves and failed you

and have not discovered their relationship with the Source,

the Creator of all life.”

      For it is He Who asks THROUGH this Part of Creator the Million Dollar Question for which I have inadequately provided an appropriate answer.

     Though I speak the words, I have failed to live the words of my own philosophy.