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From:  Errol Weiner  

      Many people are feeling very exhausted at this time & near on their poor sore knees - both because this is the Pisces Cycle & because Sun & Neptune are in conjunction (tomorrow Venus & Neptune are in conjunction which will be very different - see below)

      The Sun = our personal self (like the Sun of a solar System) while Neptune = the Oneness of Life (like the Galaxy) so the personal self gets absorbed into & wiped out  by Neptune & thus people feel 'wiped out & exhausted' (& feel 'on their knees'). So a good time to rest & relax more & chill out & have a glass or two of chilled white wine.

      Now tomorrow the Supreme Goddess Venus (Isis/Tara/Kwan Yin) comes into exact conjunction with the Lady of the Oceans Neptune so two Goddesses meet in Love-Light-Harmony-Healing-Grace-Peace Union. Be OPEN to this Goddess Grace-Healing (especially special because Neptune rules Pisces & Venus is 'exalted' in Pisces so this union is even more potent in its Graceful-Healing influence). 

      All the greatest Goddesses of the various cultures are in fact connected to Venus because Venus/Isis is the Higher-Self (Twin Sister) Planet of the Earth & the Souls of Humanity are from Venus [These Venusian Souls or Solar Angels live in the higher Elevated Planes of Venus. Astronomers think that because Venus has a poisonous physical atmosphere there is no life on/in Venus but Life Consciousnesses live in the higher Planes of Venus & in all the Planets - LIFE has 7 Planes of Existence & Evolution throughout the Galaxy & Cosmos & not simply on the gross mortal physical plane. Narrow minds make for narrow life which is the cause of all tragedy on our small sad planet]. 

     Errol and Imogen

    Hello Errol,  

    Thank you once again for the good works that you do and offer.

    I would like to extend my sentiments regarding something you suggested. I trust you have eyes to see and ears to hear truly what I wish to offer here.

     Probably it is not appropriate to encourage others to “drink wine” during difficult times since altering one’s feeling through the use of alcohol desensitizes the being and prevents him or her from experiencing the full efficacy OF their discomfort, which ironically is essential TO surrender.

     Its hard to come to humility when you are high on artificial elixirs. And certainly this will prevent a being from discovering where their “knees” are in actuality.

     Why do beings need to turn to artificial stimulation for “relief” from “the pressure”? Is that not how so many BECAME careless and unfeeling? Cannot a Higher Power offer more than a glass of cheap wine?

     Justifications for drinking are not valid, but questioning WHY one justifies a need TO drink is essential.

     David in Florida


From: Errol Weiner

       Hi David

      Thank you for your email & all that you shared. Well when people are under extreme pressure & stress (& pain) many will turn to something to relieve the pressure & escape (for a while) - some alcohol, some drugs (chemical or natural) some sex or porn some song or dance etc etc. In a sense this is quite natural & to whatever extent (in balance) does help to relieve the pressure & stress & who are we to judge what is right or wrong in this regard for whoever.

     We certainly enjoy a glass of organic wine at our mail meal times (We only have one glass). Of course if this becomes an addiction it does no one any good (& addiction is of course a BIG problem in the above regard all over the world). We do not do any drugs (of any sort) but we also do not play the game of 'false purity' as no one is really pure once you examine their life at a deeper level (what about the impurity of the emotions & mind & of 'acting' pure in itself which = pride & in many cases hypocrisy especially re so-called 'religious' people which is well known in the US, etc, etc)

      Balance & moderation in all things is the best way. If people practised intelligent moderation in all things it would create far more balance in human society.

      With All Good Balanced Wishes to You & Anna

      Errol & Imogen  


     Thank you for that, Errol.

       Perhaps a few glasses of wine with a meal is “wanting to return to normal” thinking, while it has been stated repeatedly “There IS no returning to normal”. Is that possible?

     I perceive the only thing we can offer each other is our experience. Everything else is intellectual understanding which leads to educated ignorance. 

       I entered A.A. in 1985.
     I understand addiction.

       I also have heard the endless justifications for drinking. I worked with and sponsored many alcoholics, and a functioning alcoholic is the hardest to reach.

       ”Social drinkers” do not see the level of their own self-deceptions.

       Who does not see their own level of discipline in the undisciplined mind?

       These are not judgments, but facts.

     Facts are true.

     Judgments stem from making conclusion based on assumptions drawn from ignorance.

       I extend recovery, an alternative to excuse making for habitual thinking as I am Guided to do so. For as it follows the principle, “Nothing happens by accident and chance plays no part in God’s Plan”, we are not at this point by accident.

       Would you consider that to have a glass of wine with every meal becomes a habit, and habit is addictive behavior?

       For those who are caught in such habits will not think so and would be amazed to realize just how difficult the habit would be to break.

       “Breaking a habit” contains a return TO it. So modification of one’s behavior is false purity. It is not pure abstinence.

       In order to have pure abstinence a psychic shift must take place. It is not what one can accomplish on one’s own. It must be Given when the conditions for this shift are met.

       I wonder what kind of willingness and discipline it would take to not have wine with a meal?

       It would be interesting to see, “What level of resistance would I encounter in attempting such a discipline?”

     Perhaps asking, “Why do I think I need a glass of wine with my meals?” would be introspective. But at the risk of sounding hedonistic, may I share two things you previously wrote?

       1. “Narrow minds make for narrow life which is the cause of all tragedy on our small sad planet.”

       So drinking wine with every meal becomes “heaven” and “what I deserve”.

       2. “...two Goddesses meet in Love-Light-Harmony-Healing-Grace-Peace Union. Be OPEN to this Goddess Grace-Healing (especially special because Neptune rules Pisces & Venus is 'exalted' in Pisces so this union is even more potent in its Graceful-Healing influence).”

     Do you think with this kind of Energy one would not need false purity? Perhaps without It, one would?

       Why would the narrow-minded cling to its habits while such potent healing energy could break one free OF habitual thinking?

       Then again would it be safe to say all natural grape juice is false purity? And does grape juice not offer whatever one perceives one is receiving from a glass of wine?

       Thank you for listening.