wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“Service is an effortless function that God assigns to the Son

in his interest and desire to fulfill his rightful place in the Sonship.

Everything else is meaningless.”

Desert Spirit





 Desert Spirit


     Today my lesson reads,

You cannot understand yourself alone.

This is because you have no meaning

apart from your rightful place in the Sonship,

and the rightful place of the Sonship is God.


This is your life, your eternity, and your Self.

It is of this that the Holy Spirit reminds you.

It is this that the Holy Spirit sees.


This vision frightens the ego because it is so calm.

Peace is the ego’s greatest enemy because,

according to its interpretation of reality,

war is the guarantee of its survival.”

      To understand myself alone, not as a body, but in reality, as the spirit I am, would be to understand myself as ALL ONE. In such an understanding I would be not only ONE WITH the Universe, I would BE the Universe in which ALL THINGS LIVE. This is the level of an avatar. Yet for us, who dream of separation and of a life in a physical reality in a body, this is at best a fantasy.

      So He tells me I cannot understand myself alone, meaning that in this world where everyone is separated BY the body, by gender, by tradition, by ideas of nationalism, family, separated by geographical locations, there is a deep inherent loss of meaning IN the individual. The pursuit of worldly ambitions, be them religious, educational, social, political is the pursuit for meaning in a meaningless world  by the individual who has lost the meaning of his or her True Reality. It means one has NO meaning or function ANYWHERE apart from or outside of God and the Sonship.

      We have become bewildered by all the trappings of the world and for anyone who is lucky enough to realize it, we come to a deep place within us that says to us, “I am not home here. This cannot be my true home. This cannot be the meaning of my life” which may occur sitting one day in some office taking phone calls selling some product or service to people in order to “make a living”.

      To find meaning in one’s life one must first end the external pursuits, because it is the deep, inherent feeling of meaninglessness that motivates us TO find meaning. One thinks one will find meaning in the “right relationship”, be it with another body, a religion, a tradition, a role, a job. And these endless ego distractions serve to satisfy one thing, and that is to keep the ego occupied with unessential busyness so that a being NEVER discovers True Meaning of the Self of which we are all a Part.

      Now to study, realize and apply the lesson for today would be quite liberating. One might discover there IS NO MEANING TO BE FOUND IN A WORLD WHERE BODIES HAVE REALITY. And it says that to realize this, truly, deeply, would bring calm to one’s spirit, and terror to one’s ego.

      It further goes on to explain that the Holy Spirit, the Great Corrector of the mind, DOES SEE one’s rightful place IN God and in the Sonship, and so if He sees this then He must also see what is the ONLY MEANINGFUL ROLE one would fulfill in this world. Yet in order to make contact with this Vocation, this Role, the Great Comforter requires us to surrender to this possibility.

     So in A.A. they say, “Do nothing about the temptation to drink.” Do nothing means to NOT PICK UP A DRINK, to NOT ALLOW THE TEMPTATIONS to find a cure for it. To not respond to a conflict is most difficult because it suggests THERE IS SOMETHING FROM WHICH ONE MUST BE PROTECTED. And in this world where bodies have reality this is what keeps the conflict alive. The way to surrender to the ego’s dictates is to do nothing, as in the Lesson, You must learn to be still in the midst of turmoil.”

      It is very difficult to do nothing when your home is being taken away, when your account is negative balance and you do not see any way to acquire an income. Yet at some point IN such a lesson one comes to understand that “THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO CORRECT THIS MESS” and in that surrender comes an Answer. Yet the Answer is calm, and goes about calmly doing what is necessary to meet whatever is the challenge.

     So the first step in the face of any disturbance, or turmoil, is TO DO NOTHING, but ask for Guidance IN this perceived turmoil, and then follow whatever one feels is best. Sometimes it is very clear, sometimes it is not. Yet we learn and develop discrimination and clarity, or a clear mind, by NOT REACTING TO TURMOIL AND DISTURBANCES.

     So when the phone broke, the lesson became, “I am not upset for the reason I think.” I am not upset my phone broke. Then why am I upset? I am upset because my connection to another whom I love appears to be broken, severed. I am upset because I require artificial intelligence to keep my connection to another open. Yet if in reality it is true that “All minds are joined,” then to rely on artificial intelligence, such as a phone, would be to rely on what is not true. It makes one passive and weak.

     And so we use a phone to communicate, rather than develop our intuitive capabilities to telepathically communicate our thoughts to one another, and we think a cow and her calf that requests milk are less intelligent than we who slaughter and eat them. So then I am upset because I do not have the cow’s capabilities, or I have temporarily lost the ability to communicate as God created me TO communicate. And this is why people have a very difficult time with accepting a non-physical reality as the only truth and rather cling to their physical limitations that keep them in the lower energies of the earth.

      The lesson, “I am not upset for the reason I think,” can be applied to ANY PERCEIVED DISTURBANCE. The upset is a misrepresentation of the facts. The upset is a temptation that the ego manufactures to justify its need to ACT or REACT to what it perceives to be a threat. This is why people want to own guns and carry concealed weapons. This is why there is a military. This is why there are “terrorists”, bank accounts, money, retirement accounts, stocks, investments, pensions, etc. It is all ego’s plan to keep the separation going, to keep the war going and to strengthen the idea that conflict is reality and there is no escape FROM it EXCEPT THROUGH war, or death, which is the same thing.

      Now the world leaders will not demonstrate non-violence. Yet the ones who do are frowned on and seen as “weak”. Can you imagine the President goes to Cuba to visit the ruling party there and is the first President of the U.S. to set foot on that island in 90 years? And everyone who does not agree with him sees this as idiotic, foolish and moving in the wrong direction?

      So it is up to the individual to do what is best to end the temptations to the ego’s use of conflict. Do nothing, in the face of turmoil. It was only when one does not seek a solution, in the midst of the initial turmoil with the phone that one is EVENTUALLY lead TO a perfect outcome. He who knows about the phone was able to fix it. In fact, he fixed it FOR a brother as his function, his service to the brother.

      For him it was effortless.

      And so service is an effortless function that God assigns to the Son in his interest and desire to fulfill his rightful place in the Sonship. Everything else is meaningless.

      Now it is this way on the path of awakening.

      It is essential to trust in the Ones Who know the way Back. As it is written in A.A., “If you want what we have and are willing to go to ANY LENGTHS to get it, THEN you are ready to take Certain Steps”. These Steps of Certainty come when we SURRENDER TO the ego’s temptations, if only momentarily, and not allow ourselves to enter its conflict. When the mind sees there is nothing it can do or WANTS to do to fix a perceived conflict, then the ego’s chain of bondage to the mind is broken.

      In this breaking free of ego’s rule of our minds, the Invisible Connection to Spirit is strengthened, for It has never BEEN broken.