wilderness path

a significant inner journey

     "Those who abide by man-made laws

are not aware of the Laws of the Universe.


Those who abide by God Laws

are aware of man-made laws and the falseness of them. "


Desert Spirit



 Tuesday, March 06, 2018

 Desert Spirit



4192 Heaton Terrace

North Port FL 34286-2618


Greetings entities, 

     This will be my last correspondence to you as I offer you these things to ponder. It is essential, to me, to extend who and what I am to others, as it is essential to me to remember who and what I am. In A.A. this principle is said in this way; “I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away”. In sacred writings it is written, “Giving is proof of having”. What that means is what I offer to others is strengthened in me, even if it is perceived to be useless to those to whom I extend it. 

      I will share with you that which stimulates me to extend to you to the degree it is strengthened in me to do so. Your reply or lack of would be in reciprocity what you would strengthen in yourselves. Many ignore things that come to them, especially those things that may be “threatening” or “disturbing”, and in doing so this strengthens ignorance within them with regard TO these perceived threats and disturbances. Yet it is said that the only way PAST a difficulty is THROUGH it. Avoiding those things that disturb only increase the fear OF that which one avoids, thereby never escaping them.

      In this world, where bodies have reality, there exists what is termed “man-made laws”. Man-made laws are false laws. These are the laws by which men have established to manage a society of human beings, according to those who feel society and human beings must be managed. The laws of man are designed only to control man, and keep him a prisoner TO these laws. It does not allow man to be free. If you “break the law” you would wind up in prison. Yet the irony of this is we are ALREADY IN prison in our belief IN the laws of man and our belief we must live by them. These laws offer no protection.

      Plants, animals, minerals and extraterrestrials do not abide BY the laws of man. They exist and function outside them. They abide by Other Laws. Those Laws are the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Love, the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Creator, God’s Laws and offer ONLY Protection.

      Those who abide by man-made laws are not aware of the Laws of the Universe. Those who abide by God Laws are aware of man-made laws and the falseness of them. The Laws of Creation are True Laws. Those Laws can be observed in how life expresses itself; a flower that opens to the sunlight, a tree that sheds beautiful colorful leaves in the fall as it prepares for its long winter sleep, the squirrel who knows its morning meal will be effortlessly provided because it knows no lack. It is not aware that it would have to apply for a building permit to erect its nest in the nearest Oak tree. It does not pay taxes. Nor do the rivers, mountains, wind or the sun. The sun’s warmth is a Law that cannot be broken, or violated.

      Man-made laws are temporal and exist outside man externally. Divine Laws are eternal and reside within the being forever. When man decides to obey man-made laws, he or she inevitably violates the Laws of the Universe within himself, which are in direct opposition to the laws of man.

    A tree is eternal, as it drops its seeds onto the ground, thereby extending a small part of itself to build an entire forest. A 500 year old Redwood, in all its immensity, is contained in a single Redwood seed. Can you just imagine that? It is subject to the Laws of Love, the Laws of Life. It is eternal. When man abides only by man-made laws, he violates these Laws by cutting down the 500 year old Redwood to build a shelter for himself that will house his fear, insecurity, greed, self-destruction and arrogance.

      The earthly journey we as spirit take on in his lifetime and many other lifetimes are established and guided BY Universal Laws. Yet we lose sight of this when we enter the flesh, and become a “member of society” that is designed exclusively to keep man asleep and unaware OF the God Laws that placed his spirit into the flesh, and into the physical material world. All our discontent and disharmony, within ourselves and with others, stem FROM this lack of awareness OF Universal Laws within us. To therefore fulfill one’s function in the time level is to align oneself WITH Divine Laws and Principles.

      Each one of us belong someplace, just as the zebra belongs only in Africa, and Penguins only belong in the Antarctic, just as shark belongs in salt water, and bass belong in fresh water. Everything belongs in a specific place. A plant that grows in Florida will not grow in the Arizona high desert. These are Universal Laws and cannot be violated. When an alligator is removed from its environment and is taken for a pet, it is going to cause great duress for you, your family and your dog and cat. And the Burmese Python that was purchased at the local pet store as a cute small three inch snake is now a 22 foot monster that is not native to the Florida Everglades where it is released because it cannot be cared for any longer, and proceeds to completely alter the ecosystem of the Everglades by eating everything in its path.

      That is what happens when we as spirit beings violate Spirit Laws by living by man-made laws. You know you are not free, deep inside, but do not know how to come to a True Freedom. And so we become complacent IN our self-made prison, living out our existence in a silent desperation, waiting for whatever we think will bring us to harmony and peace through external seeking.

      I have three brothers and four sisters in what is called the “biological family”. In October of 2016 my mother, Lorraine Salas, passed and entered the Spirit World, according to the Laws of Love. Her time on the earth plane was over. Her last wish was to visit with her children. In February of 2017 a complete stranger contacted me while we were vacationing at the cabin in Arizona and revealed to me that Lorraine had passed five months earlier. Not a single family member contacted me to inform me of her illness and subsequent passing. And yet every one of them conspired to keep FROM me this news. This is an example of how individuals who live by man-made laws think they can control the lives of another. By denying me the news of Lorraine Salas’ illness and passing, they willfully conspired together to keep this news from me, obeying what THEY THOUGHT was just. They said it was “God’s Will” to keep me from knowing of this event.

      Can you just sit and grasp for a moment what kind of thinking, what kind of arrogance, what kind of hatred, what kind of sickness would transpire in an individual or individuals who would conspire against another to keep news from him to which he was entitled?

      This was a violation to God Laws. Violating the Laws of the Universe will have consequences for every being who participated in such an action. And as it is ONLY God Laws by which we move and live and have our being, Spirit made it known TO ME OF Lorraine’s passing by placing into my world a complete stranger who brought this message to me, thereby proving man cannot EVER interfere WITH the Laws of Love.

      David’s presence was Invited to live in a home in Lecanto Florida that previously belonged to David’s mother, Lorraine Salas. Anne Marie was invited to enter this home of his mother, offering to purchase the home. In spite of what Anne Marie believes or how they were acquired, these resources were Provided BY Spirit. Their respective invitation was made by Eternal Laws. Lorraine opened the door to her home to Anne Marie, a door Anne Marie would eventually slam on David’s face with the command, “You have to GET OUT!”, thereby violating the very Laws that brought them TO this home. 

      Lorraine Salas opened the door to Anne Marie Cotter to enter and share a dwelling with David. This was the path upon which Spirit placed Anne Marie and David for the learning of various lessons. Their time together was Arranged by Divine Laws but was temporal. As it is with Universal Laws, everything has its meaning and time in these Laws. And so as it came to be, these two entities were led in different directions, as it is according to God Laws.

      I have heard it said by Anne Marie that she stated to others, “He (David) left me when all the money was gone”. Without going into a dissertation of my financial, moral, ethical, emotional and material investment in the Lecanto house, I will only say this is a distortion of the facts, for the only money that was “gone” in our passing was mine. 

     For twelve years I listened to the daily Anne Marie mantra, “When George left me….” The responsibility for the parting of their ways was never embraced by Anne Marie, and in the pain of this “abandonment” by George, she sought someone, ANYONE, to replace him. In fact, she is still doing this to this day within the mantra, "When David left me…".

      When we are insecure, when we have low self-esteem or no self-worth, we seek externally for another to prop up our unworthiness. Such beings think they can purchase love. It is not a concept David ever supported and encouraged but rather offered Anne Marie Self Reliance in the relationship. Yet Anne Marie became complacent in her inner work, as well as financial matters as David’s internet business grew and was able to support David AND Anne Marie. In fact, at one point David was paying Anne Marie an hourly wage to work FOR his internal cleanse business. And whatever resources Anne Marie claims to have given David were not specifically requested by David but were either given as gifts or repaid by David in various ways.

     Anne Marie sought in David what she did not find in George or Joe, and was convinced David was going to be “the one”. When they parted, Anne Marie sought desperately for someone who might meet her criteria for a “healthy” relationship, joining various Internet dating services and dating an endless list of men seeking the “right” one. Within the time they spent together, David invested a great deal of money, time and energy to keep his mother’s home within his mother’s wish; to keep her home in her family. David often reiterated this to Anne Marie, that should the home ever be sold, David requested it be offered to him and his family first. Anne Marie did not see this as desirable, as she felt this was a mere piece of real estate with which she could do as she pleased.

      When Anne Marie purchased the Gallup, New Mexico house, David offered to purchase the Lecanto house, as by then it was obvious Anne Marie had determined it WAS “her” house and not their home. Anne Marie stated to David, “I want $200,000.00” to which David agreed. At the time the title was drawn up in David’s name, David was paying expenses in both dwellings, and paying the mortgage on both properties.

      In a hail of tears upon returning to Florida after deciding Anne Marie did not want to live in New Mexico because of snow, she begged David to give the house back to her, to which David did not object and retuned it without any resistance or argument.

      In the Universe, we all belong somewhere and with someone. You will know where this is and with whom it is because there will be a certainty within you that does not compromise your integrity. You will not be with someone because you are insecure, and you will not stay with someone when you realize your time with that person has ended. A bird abandons its nest when it has no use for it. A snake sheds its skin. A female Grizzly will “abandon” her cub exactly at the first year of the cub’s life, as by this time she has taught the cub all it needs to survive. And we too must move on when it is apparent we are Asked to do so. You will not feel hurt. But you will have gratitude for your time together and thank the Universe for that.

      You will be with someone because you know you belong with that someone and in the place you belong. You will not even be able to explain how two people who lived in opposite places in the world could be brought together. Anya is that someone with whom David was Led to join, and the Lecanto house is the place where they belong beyond the time Spirit asked Anne Marie and David to part ways.

      Anne Marie misinterpreted this experience as betrayal, screaming at David, “YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME”, indicating that Anne Marie apparently felt that she was the one who decided what relationship individuals must be in, and where than can live or not live, rather than seeing it as part of Spirit’s Laws.

      And so in this distorted perception, Anne Marie took it upon herself to dispose of the Lecanto house for half of what she offered it to David, and once certain it was a sealed deal, contacted David days later to inform David about this. Anne Marie then proceeded to dispose of all the furnishings in this home, which belonged to David, aside from a dining table and chairs and a credenza, and gave it all to her offspring Chris, only to inform David after the fact of her actions. She later emailed David to state, “That door is closed to you” when David stated to Anne Marie his intentions of returning to the Lecanto house. This is an example of how individuals who live by man-made laws think they can control the lives of another.

      Can you just sit and grasp for a moment what kind of thinking, what kind of arrogance, what kind of hatred, what kind of sickness would transpire in an individual or individuals who would conspire against another to plan the sale of a property that she knew was not hers to do with as she pleased, and kept the news from him until AFTER it was sold, and then proceeded to give away all the furnishings to her children? She then claimed this to be “God’s Will”. You would be amazed at the things some people do “in the name of God.”

      This was a violation to God Laws. Violating the Laws of the Universe will have consequences for every being who participated in such an action. Willfully selling a property with the intentions of informing someone after the fact whom you know would be hurt by such an action is a malicious, vengeful act that could not ever BE part of “God’s Will”. To say her actions were part of God’s Will is to not accept the responsibility for her actions.

       Now as I said earlier that it is ONLY God Laws by which we move and live and have our being, Spirit will make it known TO ME OF how Lorraine’s request to keep her home in the “family” WILL come to pass. That in her passing she would, within Eternal Laws, make it possible for my return TO her home.     

     This thereby proves man cannot EVER interfere WITH the Laws of Love. For if it is Lorraine’s wish to keep the Home in the Family, meaning no one can decide where one can or cannot live, then there is not a power in the world that can prevent this from transpiring. It is only Divine Laws that decide these things. 

     I often wondered if it was not “God’s Will” for Anne Marie to contact David upon her decision to depart from Lecanto, and say, 

“David, I no longer wish to reside here in Lecanto in this house we shared. You placed a lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears into this place that you always said you felt it was your true Home. I want to live in Bradenton. I know how much you love this place. Your mother opened this door to me. And now I am leaving this door open for you to return. I know you will care for it and enjoy it. It is in my departure I wish to offer this, as a token of my gratitude to you for all you have shared with me over the years. I would like to remain in contact and I would like to one day meet Anya.”

      In such a parting of ways, there is no regret for foolish, impulsive decisions, no vengeance, no bitterness, no hatred, no resentment, no separation, no feelings of being victimized, no ill feelings towards another, no break in communication, no judgments or blaming, and both remain in the peace and contentment of the Eternal Laws of Love.

      It is Written, “The things which seem impossible with men are possible with Creator”.  

     Embrace this truth.

     Extend these truths to others today, that it may be strengthened in you.