wilderness path

a significant inner journey



Desert Spirit



virus  -  a harmful or corrupting influence; as in "the virus of cruelty that is latent in all human beings"; a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data; the rewriting of code


corona - a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown; the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun's corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon. 


        True Knowledge enters mankind, sent from Higher Intelligence of the Greater Community, to stimulate the spirit to remember its Self.

     Who would see with New Eyes page 240 of the First Edition of A Course in Miracles the revelation of present time circumstances now Revealed on 4/1/2020 the Message that man has sought to understand yet to which the human race may be oblivious? For it is Written in Code, infecting a mind that will be unable to dispel it, slicing through the false as it brings Victory. And as eyes that cannot see nor ears that cannot hear confine themselves to external circumstances and false perceptions, reasons, assumptions, guesses, beliefs and false information, where will Clarity be found? 

     And so it is Revealed, 

We cannot sing redemption’s hymn alone. My task is not completed until I have lifted ever voice with mine. And yet It is not mine, for as it is my gift to you, so was it the Father’s gift to me, given me through His Spirit. The sound of it will banish sorrow from the mind of God’s most holy Son, where it cannot abide. Healing in time is needed, for joy cannot establish its eternal reign were sorrow dwells.” 

     One mind is all minds. Every being upholds his or her part, to lift the voice of consciousness to Higher Meaning. It comes not from scientists, or your worldly leaders, for it is not born of man. A Divine Gift is the Unexpected. And attempts to “contain” It will be futile.

     A warning is sounded, and as the alarm sends millions scurrying for shelter, fear is perpetuated and those eager to consume it are devoured by it. Yet Love is to be embraced, not resisted. 

     Sorrowful wails across the lands, seen and unseen, are a degrading hymn sung to God Who hears it not. For the True Self has come to carry the souls of the dead in spirit to a New Beginning. The Eternal Reign of Joy is upon the human race, and suffering is eliminated, where animated corpses, eternally prodding along forever, have wailed for peace for ages.

     And now we come, together, to take the Next Step. 

     Why do my brothers weep?

     It is not a time for sorrow.

     The DNA code is being rewritten. 

     But a crown of thorns must be replaced by the Crown of Truth.

     The Corona Virus IS victorious, coming TO conquer AND fulfill Its Goal. 


       Mankind has lived in and by the assumption the world outside him is cause for all of that from which he suffers, seen AS cause, not as an effect of his own thoughts.

     It is written,

There is nothing outside you.

This is what you must ultimately learn.

See the Love of God in you and you will see it everywhere

because it IS everywhere.”

      And yet so too He offers, 

It is essential that you free yourself quickly.”

      For time is NOT your friend. And a “celestial speedup” is upon us and has entered the consciousness of the human race.

      What is Unseen is the Corona that now burns through the consciousness of mankind that cannot be looked upon. Its Greatness can only be perceived and experienced in contrast to It. Yet Its effects felt on all levels everywhere will not be denied except where Its Presence is misperceived. For Life is eternal, and no one is immune from Its effects; that which comes to cleanse the consciousness of humankind.

      Who would embrace such a “disease”?

     And yet who will resist it?

      For what is resisted increases its strength IN they who resist. Yet to embrace a sickness ends its perception of being the enemy.

      Consummation OF it brings immunity FROM it, and the ONLY vaccine.

      To embrace it makes you one WITH it. 

      Do not therefore mourn the loss of they who have embarked on such a journey, but thank them for their example that must be courageous to embrace a life force, wholly, that consumes them, devouring their flesh, powerful light beings the flesh cannot contain. 


     For the vehicles of those who now shed them burn their flesh from their bones. They come to reveal the Greater Community that now has begun Its entry.

      It will not leave you.

     It will not leave the earth.

     It has come to transform both.

     Untrained eyes are blinded by the Corona, for the Unseen is only not seen by weakened eyes, yet eternally felt. The Code that infects is the Crown that rules, and Truth’s double edge sword will not be denied.




      Here there is no April Fools humor.

      Reality has Touched your life.