wilderness path

a significant inner journey

       "You are already safe.  You are an eternal being. 

Your body is a storehouse of wisdom. 

     It will survive any virus if there is enough life force in it." 

 Wendy Gillissen


 Fear-mongering is the

greatest test for humanity

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2020 

Practice for Past Life Therapy


     Ever since the rapid overblown reaction of governments and mass media to a new flu virus I have been feeling that there is something very odd about the whole situation. 

     Whole cities and countries on lockdown because of a virus that per mortality rates is comparable to the ordinary flu? 

     So I started following my intuition – what is really going on? 

     My intuition is telling me it all has to do with the power of fear. It is showing me that the powers behind the scenes, the ones that really move the pieces on the chessboard, the ones that control, want and move the most power, influence, and money are simply trying the same old tactic they have used for eons: the tactic of inducing fear. 

     If you can make people afraid, if you can scare whole governments and countries into reacting and acting out of fear, and let citizens give up their personal rights for the sake of perceived safety, then you have ultimate power and control.

     I don’t know names (although I can think of some). But names are not important. 

     What is important, is that we don’t give in to fear. That we don’t start to run along with panicked masses, scared into hoarding, discriminating, isolating, giving up our rights as human beings, or give ourselves over to acts of despair. 

     It’s important that we keep using our heads and keep looking at the facts. 

     What we have here is a new flu virus. What we have here is a weird hysteric overreaction by governments, while many scientists keep trying to tell us it’s comparable to influenza. No more, no less. By all means, keep your elderly and vulnerable members of society out of its path. Keep them safe by keeping yourself safe. 

     Wash your ffing hands if you didn’t already. 

     But do not give in to fear and hysteria. Before you know it, you will be living in a bomb shelter, eating out of cans, obeying some curfew, wondering where your civil liberties have gone. 

     If 9-11 told us anything, it’s not to give in to fear. Not to trade our rights and freedom for the semblance of safety (I smuggled a packet of fruit juice onto the plane and across the border into America in my backpack. It was that easy. Safety my foot.) 

     Keep safe, but don’t fall into the trap of trading your freedom away. 

     You are already safe. 

     You are an eternal being.

     Your body is a storehouse of wisdom. 

     It will survive any virus if there is enough life force in it. 

     And if not, you have the eternal freedom of the soul, who can send out any ray of itself in the wheel of reincarnation if it so chooses.

     You are free.

     You are eternal.

     Don’t let anyone or anything bully you into believing otherwise.


 The Company of Spirits