wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit


     This is one of our nature spirits....he has been tending to my gardens since 2004. He is very quiet and never complains, a little shy. 

     Last week I asked if I could give him a new coat and hat, pants and boots. He is very happy about this because he had mold growing on his clothing, but never complained about it.


     While giving him a new hat I asked him what is his name and he told me it is Glasgow. 


     I asked him what colors are his eyes. He told me they are blue, as are all nature spirit’s eyes. He says it is to help humans remember, when they look into the eyes of their nature spirit guides, that they reflect back to humans the blue earth.

      Say hello to Glasgow...


     Nature spirits are like me....wish to remain anonymous....do not draw attention to themselves.

      Glasgow says it is because humans no longer believe in such things and they have all but “disappeared” from human consciousness and awareness.



     Glasgow has a new pair of boots, new trousers, hat and coat.

     He says he is ready to go outside to tend to the gardens.