wilderness path

a significant inner journey

      "Everyone will be placed into situations that will bend them

to question their ethics, beliefs, understanding of themselves, of the world,

and even of God."

Desert Spirit





Desert Spirit


To Chris Cuomo


Hello Chris,

     In your recent reporting, you asked, "Where does it lead you?"  

Chris Cuomo: I can't shake off my fever


     It is a three-fold illness, Chris, and therefore a three-fold process of healing. As I shared with you, it is physical, mental and spiritual. 

     The first leads to the second, and the second leads to the third, meaning a Higher Power within you, your own power, the power within your mind and soul WILL BURN AWAY this dross, and in this cleansing and healing exercise, because that is what it is for you, you will see life through new eyes. 

     Trust in a Higher Power, Chris. Put away your traditional beliefs. You can see how this has PREVENTED individuals from attending mass on Easter Sunday.


     Because as the Wise teach, "This Kingdom is WITHIN YOU" and not within a church, or in a book, or in your beliefs or in others. 

     Thank you for sharing this truth, Chris. It is WITHIN YOU this power. 

     Do not be afraid to admit how this has affected your relationship with God, with the Creator. I know it has. YOU know it has.

      If you are rigorously honest with yourself, you will realize this has been a time of soul-searching for you. Do not be ashamed to admit this to the whole world, or to your Creator, Chris.

      It is ok to be angry, at yourself, at others, even at God. This is the purpose of this inner cleansing, and you are being given a Great Gift to share with the world. Ego is being burned away. And only your true Self will remain to guide you.

      You have ideal circumstances to report, to share, to extend these truths to others, to our brothers and sisters in the world. They FEEL THIS TOO but will be afraid or ashamed to admit it. This dis-ease surpasses all borders.

      This is why you have been Given the gift. When you mentioned the psychological aspect of this to Gupta, even HE was caught by surprise, replying "Hmmmm...."

      You caught his attention, because what you are experiencing goes beyond the parameters of human understanding. I explained this to you from the beginning.

      We are being raised to a higher consciousness, and no one will be exempt. YOU are Gupta's teacher, not the other way around.

      Everyone will be placed into situations that will bend them to question their ethics, beliefs, understanding of themselves, of the world, and even of God.

      Share this. Share how it has shaken the foundation of your belief systems in yourself, in medicine, in science, in religion, in spirituality. We are being redefined. Our DNA is being rewritten by Higher Forces.

      Call me, anytime day or night if you need to reach out.

      You are in the basement....you have “descended into hell” into the “lower regions” of consciousness until the lesson is completed.

      You cannot put a time on what Spirits are teaching you. So use this time wisely and reach out to Them.

     Journal your thoughts. Empty your mind on paper. Give yourself a mental enema. It will purge your mind and give you space to Receive insight.

      You have been Chosen to take on this in order to teach others. In doing so you have elected to TAKE ON A PORTION OF OTHERS’ illness as a way of unburdening them. It is what saviors do.

      That is the Role that has been Assigned to you on the earth, whether your ego likes it or not, and whether you remember this Agreement you made with Spirit before you incarnated on earth.

      Embrace these truths. What else can you do?

      On a final note let me say this that may help you to ease the burden you carry of wanting OTHERS to NOT be exposed to this: EVERYONE WILL BE EXPOSED TO IT.

      Everyone will be exposed to it, Chris, because this is a raising of the consciousness of the human race. This is occurring outside the realm of human understanding. That everyone WILL BE EXPOSED TO THIS does NOT MEAN that everyone will experience the dis-ease to the degree you have.

     Some will have NO symptoms because through their previous inner work they have developed a strong immune system that does not allow this consciousness shift to affect them.

      The strengthening of the immune system occurs NOT IN THE BODY, but in the MIND. When we say MIND we are speaking of the level of thought; the level of non-physical reality. Do not confuse the mind with the brain. The brain is only an interface through which the mind works.

      The raising of consciousness is occurring in the mind of ALL BEINGS, so no one will be immune to this correction of consciousness. Yet as we said not all will be affected in the same way.

      Soon you will enter the third stage of the cleansing, which is the cleansing of spirit, which will lead you to question many things.

      It will be beneficial to remember only this one thing: Spirits of Higher Intelligence, God lit Beings, if you will, and not humans are in charge of all that occurs on the earth level. And so it is TO Them to Whom you can reach for counsel in your times of great need.

      They will not abandon you in your fear, but rather release you from it. 

       Chris, you will find a Language within your heart in how to verbally express to your world audience. Ask Spirit for the Wisdom, and the Words.

You will find a Language within your heart in how to verbally express your experiences to your world audience. 
Ask Spirit for the Wisdom, and the Words.

 "God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The Courage to change the things I can,

and Wisdom to know the difference."

     I beg to remain anonymous.

     Desert Spirit