wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit



     You can decide if you will receive the vaccine but you may consider these I share with you before deciding.

     First you have to understand that the Creator would never RUSH you to do anything. That is not the nature of God. Creator would not say "Hurry, hurry, you have to get the vaccine, you have to protect yourself..."
     Second, human intelligence could NEVER fast track a cure for a virus that they know nothing about.
     Something is Influencing and assisting these scientists and doctors who work in the field of finding cures for disease.
     This vaccine REWRITES the DNA code, CHANGING human genetics. That could only come from an intelligence superior to humans. And this is where the alien intelligence comes in.
     You thought Marshall Summers and his talk about alien intelligence was foolish, but you do not realize there are other races that are currently infiltrating the human mind and are unconsciously influencing the human race to become subservient to their "help". They are predator races.
     They are resource explorers and they are here because they need not only earth resources but human energy also.
     It would take YEARS for human scientists to find a cure for such a destructive virus. There is no way human intelligence could find a cure in less than a year. That should have been everyone's red flag, but many do not think for themselves. They are being led to the slaughter.
     Higher Power must be your only defense, your only vaccine. You must begin to think of yourself as spirit, as and extension of Creator and ask every day what His Plan is for you.

     Nothing else will cure you from the influences that are misleading many.
     The alien predator races and their thought processes are far more powerful than human thought. They are no match for the predator races. We must rise in consciousness to reclaim our true Identity.
     Think of a predator race as an addiction or a temptation that only wants to mislead you. They will always try to convince you they have your best intentions in mind. They do not. They work on infiltrating the human thinking and unless you have an inner certainty you will be negatively affected by them.
     The government did not come up with the vaccine. They only want to take credit for it.