wilderness path

a significant inner journey

Amando Natalio
 SimonMed Imaging - Desert Ridge
 20830 N Tatum Blvd Suite #190, Phoenix, AZ 85050
20830 N Tatum Blvd Suite #190, Phoenix, AZ 85050
     I am aware you have a difficult time ending things.
     You are particularly sensitive to rejection.
     But our relationship is over, Amando.
     You have to accept that.
     I know you think your words are helpful to me and others, but you must find your own inner certainty.
     I can no longer feed you.
     Your parents can no longer feed you.
     And you will have to learn to not use other people to feel good about yourself.
     My hope for you is that you will move out of your parent's home.
     You will stop being dependent on them and others.
     You will go live your life and become a mature adult.
     You find someone else with whom you may have a loving relationship.
     I wish you well in your journeys.
     David and Anya
 "Our lips are sealed."