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      "YOUR ENERGY affects others. 

     YOUR ENERGY affects yourself.

YOUR ENERGY affects the planet.

YOUR ENERGY affects other worlds, other races.

YOUR ENERGY affects the Greater Community. 

      The purpose of the being is to come to strengthen the aura."

Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit



On April 17, 2020

From: Slava




     Fast forward to 3:03 -   "it is in my head; this virus creates psychological illness."

      Thank you David. 

     Chris is also saying, "it messes with your head, this virus". Which is essentially the same as, "it is in my head; this virus creates psychological illness."

      So, is he is saying that it is the virus that causes him to be "edgy" and delusional, or is it the media?

     Everything that we experience comes from WITHIN US.

 "There is nothing outside you.

That is what you must ultimately learn."

     The minute you make anything that affects you OUTSIDE YOU, then you are PROJECTING, or disowning it. It is YOUR conflict. Or in this case it is his conflict, not the virus. 

     He would be more honest to say, "I am edgy because of my impatience and fear and I am blaming it on ‘the virus’and think I can determine who SHOULD and SHOULD not get the virus.” 

     I have shared with you and the others that no one will be immune from the CORONA VIRUS.

     No one will be immune from the rewriting of our DNA by Higher Intelligence. That is what it means to have Corona Virus. 

     Even at the "disease" level it is going to force the human race to look at ITSELF and its relationship with the world differently.

     It is reported that the Himalayas can be seen for the first time in 50 years, and California has blue skies, and other countries are reporting the absence of air pollution, including China, which is the GREATEST POLLUTERS in the world. And we are only into this "pandemic" for a month. 

     So clearly Higher Intelligence reveals to us, WITHOUT THE USE OF "SCIENTIFIC DATA", that the elimination of and/or the reduction of human activity in a given place AFFECTS the atmosphere. If the pollution can be lifted in less than a month though the suspending of human activity, then this can only suggest that HUMANS HAVE CONTRIBUTED DIRECTLY TO the sickness AND health of the planet. 

     And it also shows how quickly the earth could recover and benefit FROM the absence of ignorant humans. 

     So the question for the individual becomes, "How am I affecting myself, my thinking, my being, and in turn the very atmosphere and vibration of the planet?" 

     Today I discover, "I have Corona Virus." To have Corona Virus is to be blessed.

     What exactly does this mean? 

CORONA -  (L) the layer of ionized gas surrounding the sun; a ring of colored light seen around a luminous body, as the sun or moon. 

VIRUS - any harmful influence; any influence; unauthorized, disruptive, spreadable computer program with instructions 

     However, if we RECEIVE it we have REQUESTED it so, it is therefore not "unauthorized". WE authorize its entry into our minds. 

AURA - the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place; a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. 



"Overall, a black or dark grey aura indicates that there is “clearing” and healing that needs to be done still. It is possible to see multiple colors in someone's aura, and for their aura color to change as their lives do. It is possible to see different tones and shades in the auras, as well." 

     AURA COLORS - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, gray, brown, black.


    A rainbow is a symbol of the aura. 

     So when I say "I have CORONA VIRUS", if you are growing new eyes to see and new ears to hear, you may see and hear that I have or possess the aura that surrounds me that affects others.

      YOUR ENERGY affects others. 

     YOUR ENERGY affects yourself.

     YOUR ENERGY affects the planet.

     YOUR ENERGY affects other worlds, other races.

     YOUR ENERGY affects the Greater Community.  

      The purpose of the being is to come to strengthen the aura.

      When the aura is weak, our energy leaks, the aura has "holes" in it, and it allows OTHER MALIGNANT influences to enter our being, which affect us, that which is appropriately termed TEMPTATION.

      I hope this answers your question.