wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Wilderness Path

A Significant Inner Journey


To: Pastor Tony Spell





Desert Spirit


 (4+1+8+2+0+2+1 = 18 = 9)


     Today my lesson Offers me:

Atonement teaches you how to escape forever from everything

that you have taught yourself in the past,

by showing you only what you are now.”

      What am I now?

     What am I in this present holy instant of timelessness?

 “I am the holy Son of God Himself.

I will not suffer.

I will not be in pain.

I will not suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks.”

     Yet I do not remember this.

      I have lost this understanding, buried deep within me, hidden under the mire of noise and dogma that stains my Altar.

      I am the Pied Piper, collecting the rats that plague the city, the scavengers who, within them are dark, empty, lost, desperate, poor, and hungry, who carry and spread their dis-ease among themselves and the unsuspecting.

      I am the Pied Piper, who leads them away from their perceived despair, to follow me. Yet they do not see I lead them to their untimely demise.

      I am the Pied Piper.

     I play my pipe, sing the tune to which they dance and play, prancing in the aisles, waving their arms as they sit in the pews, transfixed.


      I collect followers.

     I do not liberate my brothers.

     I make them dependent on me.

     Yet I say I am not a politician.


        My melody mesmerizes them into a trance, and they follow the tune of my magic hymns.

    And my lovely followers dance to my tune.


      I am the Pied Piper.

     Even my name reveals my intentions, he who calls himself Pastor Spell.

     Yet they who have not eyes to see nor ears to hear see not and hear not this truth.


      I am the Pied Piper.

     I am the Spell Caster.

     They listen to my song and jump in glee.

     But they are not liberated from the poison I sing to them.    

     And so I lead them to an outcome they know not.


      I am the Pied Piper.

     I am the Spell Caster.


          I am the great deceiver.

     The great deceiver is safe in my kingdom I have built.

     The great deceiver is safe in my church, for no one looks for him here.


      I, who stand before them at the podium, shout my merry sermon to them.

     And in their emptiness they side with what I give them.


     I say I am not a politician.

     Yet the congregants give money to my campaign, to my church, to my cause.


      I have not heard nor seen what the Carpenter has taught:

 “Give your money to the poor and follow Me…”

      Yet they the poor give ME their money.


     I say I am a prophet.

     But I am profit.


     The Pied Piper is profit, he who profits, who TAKES from the poor, taking money from the weak, the poor in spirit, the lifeless, and take for my own use.

      I am profit, who takes their soul, to do with as I wish.

      I chant to them my mantras, my spell, leaving them in a frenzied state in what they believe all I sing to them.

      Now my congregant, my follower, reveals what I have taught him, and what he has learned from me, and announces to the world:

 “We do not believe in abortion or gay marriages.

We are ‘evangelicals’.”

      And so the Carpenter’s Lesson is lost to them which states:

 “Love yea one another.”

     God is NOT an Israelite.

     God is not an evangelical.

      And neither is His Son.


     I am the Pied Piper, he who is insecure, he who must draw attention to himself.

     I am the Spell Caster who has lost his Identity as a Son of God, who thinks he is an “evangelical”.

      And neither is he the wiser.

          Blessed are they who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, for they are not of this world.

      Yet the Spell Caster cannot see nor hear.

      For self-honesty is unavailable to him.



Screamin Jay Hawkins

I Put A Spell On You

  I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Stop the things you do
Watch out
I ain't lyin'

Yeah, I can't stand
No runnin' around
I can't stand
No put me down
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine, ohh yeah

Stop the things you do
Watch out
I ain't lyin'

Ohh, oh

I love you
I love you
I love you, anyhow
I don't care if you don't want me
I'm yours right now
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine

Ohh, oh, whoa, ooh, ah

--- Original Message ----------
From: tony spell <tonyspell@me.com>
To: desertspirit@juno.com
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 04:50:57 -0500

"We love you and hope you get saved from this evil generation."

Pastor Tony Spell

     Is the log in your eye or your brothers?

     Whom do you think Sent me TO you?

     Are you beyond redemption?

     Have you nothing more to learn?


     Did not the Carpenter instruct, “Resist not evil”, brother?

     Why are you TAKING money FROM the poor in spirit?

     Who is not “evil” who does such a thing?


     Why do you go to the church where you will be seen by other men?


     Do you not realize the spell that is cast on you has placed “evil” in your thinking?

     Why do you teach “evil”?

     Why do you promote “evil?”

     Do you not see what you teach is strengthened in you?

     Do you not see the “evil” you resist makes it stronger, in YOU?



     “get saved”?



     Do you perceive “evil” in your brother?

     Do you give power TO “evil”?


     You say you “love”, but you think one needs to “get saved” from “evil”?

     Is this your plan?


     Are you a child who is afraid of the dark?

     Do you think Love or “EVIL” has been Sent to you?


     Think you Love sends you a message that you perceive is “evil”?

     Have you asked Creator, within you, why this “evil” message comes to you?

      How is it you have attracted this “evil” in to your life?


     You say you love another but you perceive “evil”?

     So how is it you perceive “evil” but not love the “evil” you perceive?

     How can you believe IN “evil” and not give value and power TO “evil” ?


     Why do you give your power TO “evil” that you resist and think you must fight?

     From what are you running?

      How are you NOT the Pied Piper of "evil"?


     "We love you and hope you get saved from this evil generation."

     Pastor Tony Spell

     Did not the Carpenter instruct, “Give your money to the poor and follow me…?

     How do you teach the poor in spirit of the Kingdom of God within them who do not need to listen to you?

     Who claims to be a prophet who profits from the poor in spirit?

     Why do you TAKE money from the poor?


     How are you not the Pied Piper?

     How have you not cast a spell on they who follow you, the profit of "evil"?


     How are you not a false prophet who profits from the weak who have no mind of their own?

     How are you not the Spell Caster?

     Do you not see the spell IS cast on you?


     You perceive “evil”, from which you run away?

     But you think you have “love” to offer?

     Who is he who claims his brother is part of an “evil generation”?


      Who is he profits from his congregation who claims his brother is “evil”?


      From where did you learn “evil

      Who taught it to you?

      Why do you promote it?

      What is it within you that speak to you of “evil”?





      Could it be the “evil” hidden within you is the vile veil behind which you hide from your need to live?

     When will YOU awaken from the “evil” to which you continue to give power and value?





      Print THE SPELL CASTER and read it to your audience, your followers, your congregants, that they too may share in your conclusions.

     It is written in the first person; that which constitutes "praying for others".

    We have made the prayer for you, that you may have had difficulty in formulating honest thoughts and words in you will to extend your heart to the Creator.

     In the event you have misplaced it, here it is again on the web, along with your replies:


     A hard copy has also been attached.

     Bless you, brother.

     Desert Spirit


     Mr. Spell,
     Do you not see Screaming Jay Hawkins is you?
      Do you not see yourself screaming at your audience, casting your spell on them?
     But you see someone else as "evil"?
     Do you not see you are not a prophet? 
     Do you not see that you entertain your audience for profit?
     Do you not see how you have perverted the sacred ancient writings of the Wise?
     Why do you not see?