wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 "Why do we cooperate so easily with the voice of guilt

but not the Laws of Guiltlessness?"


Desert Spirit




April 23, 2014
Desert Spirit
 Today my lesson reads,
"Miracles make minds one in God.
They depend on cooperation
because the Sonship is the sum of all that God created.
Miracles therefore reflect the laws of eternity, not of time."
     The sum of all that God created in the Sonship makes ALL BEINGS a Son of God, an expression of the Unseen Light and Love. Then for me to extend this Fact to another would require his or her cooperation? How CAN I extend it UNLESS I cooperate with Spirit Guide? For to whom can I offer an expression of love if he or she is not interested on will not listen, truly, to the words Spirits offer me to them or Them to me?
     Now this principle grabs me and shakes me, as the words "DEPENDS ON COOPERATION" rattle my kingdom, and speak volumes regarding the use of miracles. As I look in hindsight to those times in A.A., I perceive how each being sought to extend to me ONE message, one that they themselves had attempted to solidify into a reality in their respective worlds. It was, "Do not drink. Go to meetings. Find a sponsor. Work/apply the Steps." And would I share this recovery with them if I refuse, if I resist, if I make it a problem, if I begrudge, "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?" How can I willingly RECEIVE the Miracle of Recovery if I do not cooperate and follow simple direction?
     Now I think of another to whom this lesson would apply as the day unfolds and the recently passed day produced a letter requesting a document or documents before the process of liberation can continue. She is confronted with a perceived block in which she is asked to produce documents she currently does not possess. The documents are requested by a "higher authority", that she may return to a past existence to investigate her guiltlessness and innocence. If Spirit Elders make this request to her, then would she cooperate and respond favorably if the miracle DEPENDS ON cooperation? For who within a miracle will NOT cooperate?
     Does Love not cooperate with us, or do we not cooperate with Love?
     Will she see the request for documents as another irritation, another block, another delay to resist, become irritated, to be disgusted with and angry about the "process"? Is this how I am to respond to the Elders request for a document that would reveal, TO ME, my innocence?
     We look at the past and we condemn our action in the past that leaves us seeing ourselves in an unfavorable light. And although this is true, the Elders never share our lowly opinions of ourselves but rather offer us an opportunity to return TO a past to produce a document that shows only my innocence, my guiltlessness, that reveals clearly I have committed NO CRIME and that society or others or even God Himself have not condemned me to a life of separation from Love and misery.
     Would a person not trust the process that miracle offers and not wish to produce the necessary documents that affirm ones guiltlessness? How difficult will it be to PRODUCE A DOCUMENT THAT REVEALS MY INNOCENCE if God Himself asks for it?
     If God Himself said to me, "Reveal to Me your guiltlessness. Show Me documents that reveal no crime has ever been committed by you. Reveal documents to Me that show Me your innocence rather than blame yourself for a past full of mistakes, heartache, error and regret. For the document is proof to YOU and not to Me. You need this document, not I."
     Who would deny Creator these documents? Who would NOT cooperate? Who would deny themselves the miracle True Innocence offers? And what action must I take to participate in such a lesson? How difficult could such a miracle be to experience?
     If a being IS God's guiltless Son, then can documents which reveal innocence NOT BE given? How difficult would it be to produce documents that reveal one's true innocence?
If a being is convinced he /she is guilty, no good, insane, then there is not a document in the Universe that can reverse such a thought process. No document will absolve them of self-condemnation, even if the document reveals perfect innocence. Why do we cooperate so easily with the voice of guilt but not the Laws of Guiltlessness?
     Today the Universal Mind asks for cooperation in the affirmation of innocence, as it will affect ALL mind, that innocence may be remembered today and shared. For innocence IS the Stamp of Spirit's Approval that allows one freedom from the hell we have made and restores us to Heaven Eternal.
     So be it now.
     "It is done in this way."