wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 "The people who will hear my words, read my interview, are people who have a connection to life in the universe. I call them Greater Community People.

They have an innate spiritual connection to life in the universe...they all have a connection to this beautiful life in the universe. Its built into them.

Its part of their blueprint for being here.

And these are the first people who are going to respond to this reality."


Marshall Vian Summers


  The Reality of the Alien Agenda in the World

Marshall Vian Summers 







 Desert Spirit


     History has repeatedly offered a need to "know oneself", not the self of the personality, but the true Self. This teaching of know thyself is not new. It is ancient wisdom; the reclamation of one's power, as it is the Source, Knowledge, Truth that extends THROUGH the individual. Many have come to demonstrate this and not claim personal credit for it. 

     My introduction into Alcoholics Anonymous cemented the ancient wisdom of "know thyself" for me. To 'recover" in A.A. is to reclaim one's own power. From there one is "guided" or taught to extend this recovery to another, as in "I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away". 

     It is the founding principle of Alcoholics Anonymous to give service to another by first reclaiming one's power THROUGH the guidance of a 'higher power", or Higher Intelligence, or Divine Forces, or God or whatever we wish to term it. 

     The principle is not new. This truth is ancient. The problem is HOW individuals have used the principles of truth for their own personal attainment and aspirations, and have exploited it by using it to build their "kingdoms" on the earth. A true preacher would not encourage a following, but tell his congregants, "There is nothing here for you. The Answer is within you". Certainly it is the responsibility of they who have been Given such wisdom to share it WITH others, but not to profit from it. 

     Service is IMPERSONAL, meaning it cannot be claimed as coming FROM oneself. Nor can it be dictated as to WHO shall receive it or how it is to be used. 

     It is WHY founders of A.A. never placed their names on the books. Helen never placed her name on the Books BECAUSE the Knowledge within Their covers was not hers to claim. 

     A true teacher of truth must not claim personal credit FOR that which he or she is Given to extend and share, but must claim responsibility for how it will be used. The Inner Guidance will direct how this is to be useful. 

     It is essential to share the reclamation of one's Self, but not claiming it as one's own. In this regard the Source must be recognized as the True Author, and they who are asked to extend it are responsible ONLY FOR its presentation. 

     In the reclamation of one's power does one come to realize A.A. IS a form of "intervention" by Higher Forces, and so establishes a foundation FOR the approach OF and response TO the "Intervention". 

     The path IS narrow, and few ever find it.

     "There is a celestial speed up. It is essential that you free yourself quickly."