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     "The spirit knows the body is not eternal.

That is why it does not fear.

     The body does not know the spirit is eternal.

     That is why it DOES."

Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit


April 29, 2020
From: Slava

     Hi David, thank you for your response. This has resonated with me:

"If you only care about your small insignificant biological unit then all other living things suffer from your separation and exploitation of them."

     I have a question about this:

"Survival is not a concept spirit recognizes as part of Reality because life is eternal."

     If spirit does not recognize the concept of survival, then is survival a man-made concept?

     So what does it mean, to survive? What does the word mean?

survive - (L, super, above + vivere, to live ) - to live above; to remain alive or in existence after; to continue living or existing

     The concept must have two meanings; one as it relates to the physical world, and one that relates to the spirit world.

     The concept of survival comes from a level of consciousness, so it is IN the mind. But that mind is unaware that life is eternal because it, the mind, has incorporated the concept of "death" into it.

     In the world, all things physical exercise a need to survive. Why? Because there is danger, because there is fear, because there is a need to protect oneself, because the concept of death exists, and that where there is "life" there is "death".

     Yet even in all this the eternal lives. And so "after death" all things continue; a leaf falls from the tree and returns to the earth, the tree turns to sawdust and mingles with the soil producing fertile ground for the next tree.

     And after you cast off the body you will continue.

     In nature there is an inherent need to survive; the body needs food, water, and shelter, as do all things in the physical. Without these the body, the physical, cannot survive. The inherent nature OF survival is built into the physical, that which may be termed "instinct", whereby the grizzly knows where the salmon is, and the salmon knows its upstream swim to lay the eggs must be accomplished in spite of the "danger" of grizzlies being there to eat them. Yet their concern is to "continue" by laying the eggs in their upstream journey.

     Yet even their relationship is part of survival, survival of the grizzly, survival of the salmon. For without their relationship, both would perish; the grizzly would not eat without salmon, and salmon would over-populate without grizzly keeping the population under control.

     Their relationship is symbiotic; they need each other. Grizzly can live by eating salmon, and salmon is liberated by grizzly making it, the salmon, its meal.

     We need each other.
     You are a guest to the planet.
     What you receive here is not for yours to take.
     You have to participate.
     What is Given you in your lifetime is Given by Creator.

     To sit at home reading books condemning the world is ignorant. And this stupidity will "survive", will continue in the mind of he who preserves it as his "right" to "live" this way.

     It is when this survival concept is ruled by FEAR that it becomes counter-productive. Under the use of survival in the human race, everyone becomes greedy, hoarding in panic, protecting only what they think is "theirs", causing wide spread shortages, lack and the entire system of living is thrown into imbalance.

     Man has destroyed the forests to build houses that do not protect him. There are no controls in place for developers to limit the amount of homes they can build, thereby destroying the earth and the land, exploiting the resources to preserve their developments, taking more and more water, paving the earth to the point it cannot breathe. In man's ignorance, his use of survival will be his downfall.

     We all have inherent within us the dual concept of survival, because the spirit knows it needs the body in order to do its work here, and the body needs for the spirit to provide to the body what it needs.

     It is written in the DNA of the human body the need to survive, the need for food, water, shelter, community. It is how the human race has evolved, yet the instinctual survival need has been perverted and now the fear has thrown mankind into an ignorance whereby his own personal existence becomes more important than his relationship with his brother.

     In order for the human race to survive, it must see the need of others is and as one's own. In this, survival becomes a call to service, to give to others what one has been Given to share.

     The spirit knows the body is not eternal. That is why it does not fear.
     The body does not know the spirit is eternal.
     That is why it DOES fear.

     We all seem to be on different paths, yet we are all moving toward the same Source. The spirit is not concerned with ITS survival, because it is eternal. It SURVIVES AFTER it casts off the body. If you are related to the spirit, then all you need in the physical will be Shown to you and you will function IN the world without fear or with the idea of having to find your own personal needs meet.

     A watering hole on the Serengeti Plain is known by all animals. Yet each herd will take the path to the watering hole that is known to it. The zebra may not travel with the herd of elephants, but it is moving toward the same need. The zebra will find the water coming from the east, the elephant from the south, the giraffe, from the north and the lion from the west. They may all seem to be traveling on different paths, but all these paths lead TO the watering hole.

     Those who say "I will find the watering hole myself; it is my choice, my sacred right" do not know where to look because they are lost. They think their fear and isolation will protect them.


    Spirit does not concern itself with survival, because it is forever safe within the Source.
     The body does concern itself with survival because it feels it is not safe and this is because it is cut off from the Source.

     Identify not with the fear OF survival but with the assurance Survival is inherent in the path you walk. In this, Spirit guides you, rather than your mind telling you it thinks it knows what you need.

     This is how spirit is.
     It is eternal.