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Text sent to David from Fae 4/2/202: “The Joy FM radio is presenting a special Good Friday show/service. In Pittsburgh, everything shut down from 12 noon-3pm in reverence/ respect to the 3 hours Christ was on the cross. I haven't been able to find a Church in my area that still does that. Covid might have something to do with it. ”

     The Church of the Ascended One is within you, Fae, not outside you.
     That you spend quiet time with the Inner Teacher deep within you in quiet is far more respectful than going to a church to remember Jesus.
     When the Carpenter was ready to leave the disciples he said to them, "Where I go you cannot follow, but I will not leave you comfortless".
     If He taught "The Kingdom of God is within you" and He is in this Kingdom, then He is within you within this Kingdom in you also.
     The Second Coming of Christ will not be an event in which "Jesus" comes to the earth again. He has already done His part. He could not offer mankind anymore than He has already Given.
     It is time for each of us to recognize the Higher Self within us, the Christ Self, the Son of God that WE are. This recognition each person must make is what is termed "the Second Coming of Christ".
     The Second Coming of Christ is the awakening to your true Self, the Christ that YOU are as the Creator created you.
     It is when each of us realize we must live by His Teachings as He said, "This I do so must YOU do, so WILL you do, and even greater than this will you do".
     It is time to awaken TO the Christ Self that you are.
     It is time on the earth for this Second Coming.
     It is inconceivable, to me, that such a message would be disturbing to some, ignored by others, rejected by many, denied by most, affirming for me the Truth of,
"All are called, but few choose to listen."

Sent: Fri, Apr 2, 2021 10:24 pm

From: G. in the Forest

To: desertspirit

Subject: THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST – An Easter Message

      Thanks for forwarding the Easter Message. Christ is within all of us, we must just acknowledge and respect his wishes, is that so hard? He gave his earthly life for us, that we might prosper. Rejoice and be glad all of the time, not just Easter. G.

     Hello G.

     Allow me to reply to your message regarding the Easter Message. You wrote, “Christ is within all of us…"

       Well, yes but it is not “He” we must acknowledge as the Christ if we have not acknowledged WE are the Christ also, as a Son of God. One’s own Higher Self is the Christ that is within. It is this we must affirm.  We must awaken to this truth.

       The term “Christ” means “the anointed one”. It is not Jesus’ last name. It is a title given to each soul by the Creator. We cannot know Jesus as the Christ until we have come to know ourselves as the Christ.

 “we must just acknowledge and respect his wishes, is that so hard?”

       But what are His Wishes? Is it to “know Jesus as the Christ” or is it to know THYSELF as the Christ? Because until we know ourselves as the anointed one we do not know Jesus, or what the Christ is, or what he taught. And yes this is far more difficult to live than you can imagine. For the world and the body were made out of our denial that we are the Christ.

       The crucifixion is therefore the dying of the small self, what is termed “ego”, or the personal self. It is this Jesus demonstrated. That self identity must die in order to ascend and resurrect the Higher Self which is the Christ within

 “He gave his earthly life for us, that we might prosper.”

       Actually this is not accurate. No one is asked to give his or her life for someone else. What he demonstrated is that what God created is not the body but the Spirit that is greater than the body, and that each one of us must return the mind God gave us in creation TO God in the original condition it was given. In order to do that we must awaken to the fact that within us is the Christ, but we have deceived ourselves by convincing ourselves we are a body.

      You can only prosper when you have accepted what God created you to Be, which is a Son of God, or the Christ, the Anointed One.

 “Rejoice and be glad all of the time, not just Easter.  G.”

       If you realized you are the Christ, how could you not rejoice all the time? And how could you ever give your Christ power to depression? For the power God gave us as His Son the Christ was not intended to be used in that way.