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  "The reclamation of one's power is

TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR and WITH one's power. 

It is sanity that does so."


Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit



To: Chris Cuomo, CNN Journalist 

     I enjoyed your sharing on 4/7/2020. It is indicative of "EMBRACE YOUR PAIN". One cannot recover from that which one resists.

     What IS sickness? Is it what happens TO us? Or is what we invite? Why would we invite sickness?

     Why would you invite the EXPERIENCE OF SICKNESS unless you planned to DEMONSTRATE your desire to rise above it?

     You want to be a reporter? Then you have to have something TO report, beyond ideas.

      Only a direct experience gives you the opportunity AND privilege to do so. Your talk on 4/7/2020 demonstrates that.

     There are two levels of "fighting". One is RESISTANCE TO something. The other is UNITY WITH something.

     The "fight to resist" only leads to more sickness, because one first makes the sickness more powerful than that which wills to fight it.

     The "fight to unite with" leads to a relationship, in which one reclaims one's power OVER something by realizing it was the denial OF one's power that made the sickness possible.  

"That to which I give my power is what I value." 

     Nothing happens TO us. We invite our experiences. Why? Because we wish to be an EXAMPLE, a DEMONSTRATION FOR OTHERS.

     Otherwise we are merely victims of the world external to us, irresponsibly blaming our victimization ON that which victimizes us.

     It is therefore irresponsible to disown sickness and make it something that happens TO us rather than that which we have manifested, invited, come to embrace.

     Sickness then is to GIVE POWER TO that which HAS NO power. It is insanity, justly termed.

     You said you have a "measured weak immune system". Yet is the weakness an ABSENCE OF POWER or a MISDIRECTION and MISUSE OF it? It  can be traced back TO that to which you gave/give your power.

     Who or what has power OVER you that makes you subservient to it, to them? Discover that and you have reclaimed your power.

     The reclamation of one's power is TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR and WITH one's power. It is sanity that does so.

     Alcoholics give power TO alcohol. Yet of itself alcohol HAS NO POWER. To give power to alcohol is to say "Alcohol has power over me." To recover from alcoholism is to say, "I gave power TO alcohol that I think has power over me. Now I reclaim my power."

     I have been in recovery (A.A.) since 1985, extending recovery to others. A.A. teaches, "I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away.Then, the principle A.A. teaches is, "What I give away I keep for myself".

     If I give away my power to sickness, to alcohol, then I am weak OVER sickness and alcohol. To, then, "fight" a dis-ease" is to reclaim one's power over it in the truest sense of the term.

     We are not human beings looking for a spiritual experience.

     We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

     We are greater than the sickness to which we abandon/give our power.

     You are not allowed to die from this sickness or ANY sickness because you AGREED to the terms of your "contract" with a Higher Power. That you do not remember this Arrangement is irrelevant. That it brought you to THIS MOMENT is.

     From where do you think this messages comes?

     The "contract" with Higher Intelligence was to CONTRACT the "illness", and demonstrate your willingness, for OTHERS, to reclaim your power over it.

      We INVITE that over which we will to demonstrate, thereby raising consciousness within ourselves and within the collective consciousness.

     It is only a "beast" as long as it is uninvited. Yet it becomes your friend BY YOUR invitation.

     Resist not the "evil" upon which you have placed this identity and your power. To "love your enemies" means the power YOU disowned and gave TO them is yours to reclaim.

     Healing, then, is the reclamation of the disownership of one's power over that which seems to happen TO us or have power over us.

     In the honest, humble admittance of "I asked for this lesson" is the reclamation OF power AND the right use of it.

     I beg to remain anonymous.

     Desert Spirit

"Sickness is a defense against the truth.

I accept the truth of what I am, and let my mind be wholly healed today."