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    "To experience a physical illness does not necessarily

lead to a psychological or spiritual shift."

Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit



To: Chris Cuomo, CNN Journalist 

Hello Chris,

      The time I give to extending these thoughts to you are sacred to me.

     I will therefore ask that you please respect the time I have placed into offering this Inspiration to you, and give equally the same amount of care and importance to these words that I have given in sharing them.

    Two things that struck me this morning listening to your report; one is that you are experiencing fears, worries, depression in this cleansing and healing process, and two, that you are concerned because you do not want OTHERS to “get it”.

     So if you can accept some constructive criticism, please try to exercise an open mind now.

     You sound like a co-dependent.

     Co-dependency is often misperceived as “caring for others” when actually it is a form of martydom; “I will suffer and give the information so others will not have to suffer and go through what I am going through”.

     As I previously shared with you, this is not just a physical illness. It is a consciousness shift, a raising of the consciousness of the human race, and in this our DNA is being re-written. Whether you believe this or not regarding the rewriting of DNA is irrelevant, nor is it worth pursuing.

     The fact is that this is a consciousness cleansing on ALL LEVELS of our being; physical, mental and spiritual. These are THREE LEVELS OF CLEANSING.

     In A.A., for example, we are told we have to go through a physical, mental and spiritual transformation. And so it is in any inner cleansing work.

     That is why it is called TRANSFORMATION.

     To experience a physical illness does not necessarily lead to a psychological or spiritual shift.

     But the Corona Virus is a three-fold illness and therefore three-fold process of healing and cleansing.

     So first we experience the PHYSICAL symptoms.

     From there the healing affects our psychosis; or MENTAL faculties. It is a psychological cleansing. So you will experience all that must be corrected, or cleansed, at the MENTAL LEVEL.

     And finally we experience a spiritual transformation, whereby ALL our past concepts, ideas and beliefs about what we have learned or been taught in the past is addressed, brought to light, questioned and eliminated, or perceived in a new light.

     So all that you are currently experiencing IS PART OF HEALING. In the Tarot you are the HANGED MAN.


     The point of it is to not give power TO the process by resisting, by attempting to rush the process along; “I should not still have a fever, I should be past this….” or tying to be a martyr by suggesting you do not want OTHERS to go through the process.

     What is it in you that wants to curb the suffering of others, and why?

     You pontificate that we must fight, that we must do all we can to “face the beast” and then you say “I do not want others to go through this”.

     You contradict yourself.

     This frustration is what raises your blood pressure and intensifies the fever and prolongs the suffering.

     You do not have to ENCOURAGE OTHERS to be careful not to be infected, because there are Other Forces Who decide this. Spirit, not man, is in charge of this, is in charge of the earth and all that occurs on it, and the sooner you grasp the depth of this truth, the quicker you will “let go and let God” as they say in recovery.

     You can have compassion for others, but compassion does not seek to remove or prevent the suffering of others. You are Given the Tools and you are Asked to share them, and then that ends your responsibility. Then it is up to the others how they will use the gift you have given us.

     Everyone must go through the cleaning process if there is to be a consciousness shift on the earth.

     EVERYONE means all beings, seen AND unseen, and no one will be an exception.

     Everyone means every one; we are all One Family.

     Now I will tell you that there is a light at the end of this journey for you at this time. For when you begin to experience the MENTAL, the PSYCHOLOGICAL cleansing of your being, you are on the precipice of cleansing, the jumping off point. In the Tarot it is symbolized as THE FOOL.




     You are on your “final round” if you will. You are on the last lap of your marathon. You are approaching the finish line.

     Be kind to yourself, rest and do not attempt to impose a time line on the healing. There is a natural course within the transformational process that we must go through and experience. Some are meant to “survive” and report on their experience. Some are not meant to remain here, and so they are being escorted from the earth to other realms. THAT TOO IS PART OF THE collective healing and consciousness shift.

     In A.A. we first withdraw from alcohol.

     It takes 30-90 days for the body to be completely rid of alcohol.

     In this process, we begin to experience psychological withdrawal and leads to the next step.

     This is when the mind has the most trouble.

     We try to convince ourselves we are ok, we can control our drinking, we are not as bad as we thought we were, we can moderate our drinking, etc, or we condemn ourselves.

     Then there is the psychological withdrawal, the mental cleansing.

     The psychological is the withdrawal from TEMPTATIONS that the mind offers, and often temptation is a double edged sword, offering us the “good” as well as the “bad” pertaining to that from which we are being released.

     And finally a spiritual correction occurs, for we have not only been physically and mentally sick, but we have been spiritually bankrupt.

     So you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be, and to attempt to define where YOU THINK you are supposed to be in this process is to suggest YOU know better than Those Who are in charge of the healing of the consciousness of the human race.

     Get out of the way, Chris, and stop promoting what YOU think should be happening or not happening to you, and especially to others.

     If you care for others, and love others, then do not deny them ANYTHING they, as spirit, have come to experience.

     If you do, then you are suggesting that you know what is best for OTHERS, when clearly you do not know what is best for yourself.

     You do not have to report every day.

     Give yourself a break, for God’s Sake.

     Share this with others, as you feel Guided to do so.

     In honesty,

     Desert Spirit