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Sent: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

From: Ms. D.

246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead

      Michigan data shows 246 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated against the virus that causes it. ‌ ‌ ‌


     Hello Ms. D.

      I received your email today and in reading it I had an Insight. I will share with you that which Spirit has shared with me today. You can do what you wish with it. I was reluctant to share this with you because you have a tendency to be selective in what you want to hear, like most beings on the planet. But you better start opening your mind to the possibilities that you may not know as much as you think and perhaps Spirit will send someone to you to introduce you to other possibilities.

      Spirit asked me this morning, after you sent me this email,

"What is a virus? And what is a vaccine?"

     I do not try to answer questions to which I think I already have the answer, and since I do not know much about anything in the Greater Plan, I instead QUESTION the things that come to me. In this regard I investigate the words in the question Spirit Asks. If Spirit asks me what a virus is and what a vaccine is, Spirit is suggesting I have an assumed understanding of these, but not the truth of these.

      So this is why it is important, with Spirit, to question everything. This is why a dictionary is good to have, unless we think we know the definition of everything, and in that regard we do not need a dictionary and they should all be taken off the planet. It is a resource not worth exploring if we know everything and question nothing.

      But we DO not know everything, because Spirit is in charge OF everything, and to understand anything about Spirit and Its Plan will require Spirit's Guidance and Knowledge which is deep within each one of us. Then we become responsible participants.

      So to define the words, we discover this:

      virus - unauthorized, disruptive, spreadable computer program instruction; any harmful influence

     vaccine - any preparation introduced into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease

      Spirit tells us God did not create the body, because God is eternal and He only creates what is eternal. Since the body is not eternal, it means God did not create the body. God is Spirit. Worship Him only in Spirit.

     God creates only like Himself. Thus, you are, we all are spirit, eternal, that cannot die. Then, you/we are not a body. Then what is it that makes the body possible? The answer is OUR MIND, and it is THIS that Creator created. This is not an influential idea to believe. One must LIVE this truth.

      You/we are pure mind and this mind lives within the Pure Knowledge/Intelligence that is God, as He created It. We, then, who are extensions of It, are the spirit that is the individualized expression OF this Mind. And you will know them by the fruits of their labor.

      You know there are many different flowers; they are individualized expressions of the Mind/Thoughts of God. The flower is intelligent, and does not have nor need a brain to express itself. And so neither do we.

      Yet while we FIND OURSELVES IN A BODY it is up to us to RISE UP, or ASCEND to this Higher Level of consciousness and understanding, from Where the mind and spirit came.

      We must THINK LIKE THE Creator thinks. Hence, it is our essential need to QUESTION EVERYTHING.

      Your resistance to getting a vaccine is then justified. I will not get vaccinated, neither will Anya, because it does nothing. In fact, it acts AS an immune system; the vaccine mimics the immune system by DISABLING YOUR NATURAL immune system. It TAKES THE PLACE OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by introducing ANTIBODIES that become your "defense" against the virus/dis-ease.

      This means that the vaccine destroys the body's natural defense system and replaces the body's defense system with antibodies. It may sound very good to “get the vaccine” and often those things cloaked in goodness are the things we must question the most. For influence comes in many costumes.

      But the antibodies are chemically manufactured and therefore will dissipate over time, leaving you WITHOUT AN IMMUNE SYSTEM as well as an immune system that will be useless.

      This is not a belief I share with you, nor an opinion. It is a fact. It is a truth. How does one know what is a truth? One knows a truth through the APPLICATION OF ITS PRINCIPLES. This means we must LIVE the truth in order to know a truth. Once you live a truth you can never be coerced to believe anything, and you will demand OF yourself the need TO live the truth. I will explain this in a moment.

      Now I will share with you what is happening, truly, actually, with the virus and why so many people died or are dying.

     As the definition of the word virus suggests, it is an unauthorized, disruptive, spreadable computer program instruction and a harmful influence.

      You have to open your mind to the possibility, first, that we are not alone in the universe. There are other races beyond earth’s solar system. We call them ET's. They have been visiting the planet for over 100,000 years. This is not new information, but in light of the events on earth it must be understood.

      There are other races that have superior intelligence to man's intelligence. We are at the birth of a higher intelligence. They have evolved to highly sophisticated beings and THEIR INTELLIGENCE can easily influence us. One race is called "reptilian". They are predator energy; that is, they prey on the weak.

      Who are the weak? The weak are those who can be EASILY INFLUENCED.

      Do you think humans are not easily influenced? Think again. Look at what Trump stimulated in his followers. Look what religion has done to the human being, making man dependent on beliefs that are not true. Look how easily we succumb to sickness and think we must rely on a doctor to fix us.

     The spirit is asleep, and so is the mind, and in this sleep state the mind is BEING INFLUENCED NEGATIVELY and we hardly have a defense for this.

      Reptilians and other predator races are called RESOURCE EXPLORERS.

      So now enter the reptilian race. They who are resource explorers travel the universe looking for resources they need. The influence of resource explorers on the earth is tremendously strong and extremely influential. It is producing a collective sickness and hardly anyone is immune from it.

      One of the most significant resources they need is the human energy, or more specifically the energy of the spirit and its mind.

     They need those who can EASILY BE INFLUENCED, those who will follow what they are TOLD TO DO. They need to further their race and their agenda. 

     They need THOSE WHO CAN BE INFLUENCED, who will follow direction, who will listen and do what they are told. They induce into consciousness a virus, and then offer the cure.

      And so you see this in the world now.

      The virus is not human born. It was a "rote" given to humans. A rote is a thought ball. It is a capsule of thought. It contains tremendous power.

      The rote is "thrown" to the mind of the individual, and those who have no internal defense against negative influence RECEIVE the rote, and like a curious cat, OPEN THE ROTE.

      When they open the rote, the harmful, unauthorized, disruptive, spreadable program instruction is released into the mind, spreading through the mind and therefore through the brain and the body, contaminating it. This makes the body sick and the body dies. Then the influenced spirit is released FROM the body, and taken to where they will be used by the reptilian race.

      You may think "This sounds like a good screenplay for a movie," but dear sister, it is fact. It is exactly what happens when a virus code is sent to your computer. As long as you do not click on the link or open the file, the rote will remain sealed and your computer cannot be inflected. The virus can only be released when you open the file or click on the link.

      This is a metaphor for what occurs at the level of our mind and thinking. It is a truth, a reality, given me by Spirit and I now share it with you to answer your questions as to WHY YOU RESIST THE VACCINE. And now you know.

      The reptilian race, and OTHER INFLUENTIAL RACES need "worker bees" to use in their agenda. If they can gain sufficient influence over humans, they can control the humans on earth and exploit them, thereby utilizing them, as they utilized Trump and others like him, to dominate humans.

      Then eventually they will exploit even those who do their work for them, and the result of this is a domination of earth and exploitation of all its resources.

      Those who have died from Covid are those who have been "injected" with the "virus", the harmful, unauthorized, disruptive, spreadable program instruction that overwhelmed the mind and thus the body, because the power of a harmful unauthorized disruptive spreadable program in the mind will destroy the brain and thus the body.

      A virus is DESIGNED TO SHUT DOWN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and this is what causes physical death.

      These beings who have died, whose spirits have been released, now are shuttled to other worlds where these predator races will use them in whatever capacity it will serve the race's needs. Do not think this is scientific bullshit.

      The virus is an influence. It is not biological. It is not human made. Humans are not that intelligent. It is a psychosis, introduced into mankind’s consciousness. In doing so, it is introduced INTO THE BODY through this influence. The influence then is manifested through the brain and into the body, thereby affecting all functioning OF the body, since the brain is the “computer” that controls the body.

     As I previously stated, this is not a belief, as I have lived the truth of this. A psychosis is a condition in the mind, in one’s thinking that affects one’s life, physiologically and psychologically. 

     A virus introduced into man’s thinking, on a COLLECTIVE LEVEL, will affect everyone and everything on the earth, not only humans but all plant life, all animal life, all mineral life, even the air we breathe and the water we drink and the sunlight we receive. It affects other planets because the mind is that powerful.

      So if the virus is in the psyche, then so must be the vaccine, or the cure.

      As I told you I have had a direct experience with this truth, I will share it with you here. In my youth I was inundated, consciously and/or unconsciously with influences that came from others. You have also. We all have. Every child that is born is influenced consciously and/or unconsciously by those who extend to the child their beliefs. And this is how the thinking processes continue uninterrupted.

      But at some point someone may interrupt this ongoing influence, and break the chain. In my introduction to recovery from alcoholism I broke the chain of influence by attending to my own recovery. 

     The influence OF alcohol in my thinking led me to drink. I was introverted and shy, and so the alcohol, a chemical introduced to the body, provided, or so I thought, that which was needed for me to FEEL “normal”. Yet this began in the thinking processes, as did alcoholism through the IDEA of drinking and its “benefits”.

     And so the influence, as a psychosis, was established, and from there led me to act according to what the psychosis dictated, which was, “Go drink alcohol”.

      Now in recovery I discovered that alcohol was not the problem, but that “the main problem for the alcoholic centers in his MIND and not his BODY”. And so only a shift in the psyche would be able to break this influence over me, that which is called “a psychic shift”.

      The immune system is defined not by the biological aspects of a human body, but shaped by the consciousness of the spirit that is manifesting the body. 

     Then, everyone has an immune system, however, based on their level of internal understanding of themselves, not all immune systems are the same. And so some are affected differently than others by that which is introduced TO the immune system

      A psychic shift is a shift in thinking, producing a change in consciousness. This change in consciousness is a regenerating of the immune system. It literally rewrites one’s DNA. When this shift occurs, that which once posed a threat TO the immune system no longer is a threat.

     In my shift in consciousness from an immune system that was unable to protect me from alcoholism, another immune system was established, based on the rewiring of my brain through the influences of recovery in the mind upon the brain. This is the vaccine; any preparation introduced into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease. The preparation is self-honesty and willingness.

      What does all this mean?

      It means the destruction of alcohol on me, physically, mentally and spiritually has been removed THROUGH a psychic shift in consciousness, thereby rendering me IMMUNE TO alcohol, alcoholism and the destructive ramifications that stem from them. These things CANNOT TOUCH ME. Even if I am completely exposed to drinking, places of drink, to people who drink nothing can affect my immunity from alcohol and alcoholism. In fact, that level of consciousness cannot even enter my life/world. It has been removed, as I have been removed from it.

       And so this is the key TO the virus, to ANY virus.

           It cannot come from “a liquid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle”. Immunity can ONLY COME FROM A psychic shift. And each person must take upon themselves to make this possible within him/herself. It is the only way to establish that which they term “herd immunity”. Unless collectively this is done, the “herd” will be led to the slaughter, as this has already begun.  

      Spirit reveals this to you today. Be very careful with whom you share things.

      And as I have repeatedly told you STOP OPENING UP FORWARDED EMAILS as they contain "viruses" that are causing your computer trouble. In fact, to a degree, your mind is being influenced and this is causing you many physical problems. You are too easily influenced, and you are clinging to your ideas regarding the virus and the vaccine.

     You need to stand firm, within yourself, and decide you will no longer be negatively manipulated. Stop listening to Limbaugh who is still talking to you beyond the grave.

      Reptilians will use ANY SOURCE AVAILABLE TO THEM to negatively influence you. You said you prayed to God to alleviate your pain as a result of two shots in the spine, and you were able to stand straight the next day. Then, realize YOUR CONTACT WITH THE Creator, and the Ascended Ones, will be your ONLY DEFENSE against the negative influence that is on the earth right now.

      You will have to come to this psychic shift within yourself. Everyone will. And you cannot do this FOR yourself. No one can. It must be Given, and it will be Given when you demonstrate a willingness to go to ANY LENGTH to receive it. Everyone must.

      You will have to start weeding out those individuals in your life that are contributing to this negative thinking or you will become just another worker bee who will be shuttled off earth in your physical passing to serve the desires of those predator energies that are now feeding off the human spirit.

     With Creator you will need One Injection. For It is 100% effective.

     For Creator is also a Resource Explorer.

     It seeks those who will to be responsible participants within the Great Awakening.