wilderness path

a significant inner journey

    "Clouds represent that dimension that separates

the ceiling of the world from the Floor of Heaven.

   Clouds represent the Gate to Heaven."

Desert Spirit


 3 of Swords – Legacies of Enlightenment

Desert Spirit


12:12 A.M.


 “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it is creativity.

Silence is violence if you are just avoiding confrontation.”

Brahma Kumari


“Seeing 12:12 means that you are through

the 11:11 portal of Awakening.

You understand that every ‘One’ is Equal.”

Author Unknown


     As I lay in bed, I was suddenly awakened. After the Tarot card 5 draw reading, in which the first card represents the Present Position, the Thought came to me,

The Heart is lifted to Heaven”.

     Of course this was the Principle Thought to which a stream of Thought was attached. That is how it is with Divine Knowledge. It comes in an instant, stimulated perhaps by something one saw, read, heard or experienced. In this case the Thought was stimulated by the image of the 3 of Swords.

     Being that the Tarot comes FROM Unseen Intelligence, it must follow that the Tarot is dimensionless, unlimited in scope and meaning, and cannot be contained or confined to a handful of interpretations or limited by they who wish to sell you their interpretations OF the Tarot.

     As many do, we often turn to others for our answers, for our guidance, for our understanding of things, for explanations, for interpretations and yet that for which we seek answers, guidance, understanding and interpretation is that which comes TO us, occurs to us, in our worldly experience.

     Why do we conclude that someone else can and will interpret more correctly our perceptions of our direct experiences, our relationships with Life in all things?

     It then must follow that the Answer can be Received FROM the Source of Knowledge, God, the Creator, Love, because all things we experience in our earthly journey is WITH Knowledge, with, God, with Creator, with Love. To rely on others, then, for our answers, makes us weak and dependent with regard to our contact with and answers from Divine Knowledge.

     In the beginning of any spiritual discipline we ARE weak or perceive ourselves to be weak. Yet this weakness is in and of itself a very potent presence of power. How does it feel TO BE weak? It can be daunting, overwhelming, overpowering and troubling. It can be power-ful. Yet the presence OF weakness means “power turned against oneself”. In A.A. Step One speaks of this:

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol,

that our lives had become unmanageable.”

     The powerlessness and unmanageability is not WITHOUT power. It is with power that is misdirected, misused, misapplied. To ADMIT powerlessness then means we are reversing the process or practice of turning power against ourselves by being willing to admit, being willing to LET IN, being willing to ALLOW TO ENTER into us, into our minds the IDEA of powerlessness.

     In a moment of exercising willingness to allow the idea of powerlessness to enter our minds we are exercising right use OF our power. For it requires strength, courage, determination and integrity TO admit, TO BE open-minded, and to be honest with oneself.

     I had often seen those in A.A. misunderstand and misapply this Step One principle. Convinced they ARE powerless and unmanageable, the Step would become for them, “I am powerless and my life is unmanageable”, rather than what the Step actually says: “We ADMITTED…”

     And so as we enter on what Marshall Summers calls “the path of evaluation”, we begin to come to self-honesty about our lives as we begin to question and hopefully discover just exactly what we are doing on the earth.

     Being that a “spiritual path” is new to us, we do not have the certainty or conviction that comes FROM a spiritual discipline, and we must be honest with ourselves and gentle with ourselves to realize that there is much we must learn, and that in order TO learn we must be willing to be teachable, meaning we must discover WE DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS because we have been unwilling to seek for them, or we thought we HAD all the answers we needed, or that our answers have not helped us much at all, and that there IS an Answer;

Seek first the Kingdom of God within you

and all else will be given to you,”


My primary purpose is to stay sober

and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety”.

     We then discover that along with the Gift of Self Discovery comes the responsibility of service to others.

     And so the external world becomes rich in the delivery of its gifts to us that reveal the steps, the secrets, the keys and the clues to what the Unseen wish to reveal to us.

"Spirit is in a state of grace forever" means "Knowledge is everywhere if you have the eyes to see It and ears to hear It".

     The more we come to discover the Answer IS within us, the more we are open to insight, inspiration, intuition and true knowledge. Then when we encounter a perception that may challenge us or that may seen fearful to us, we know this is the Test. Why is it a test? It is a test because it challenges us to QUESTION THE NATURE OF OUR DISTURBANCE. It liberates us from our desire to preserve fear within us by introducing a door to open and face fear's invisible nature. It makes us independent OF fear by becoming dependent on Knowledge, on God, on the Self. For we are dependent on It as much as It is dependent on us.

      And so when the perception OF what seems disturbing to us is “corrected”, we experience what is termed a “miracle”, a “holy instant”, a pure untarnished moment that cleanses us. It is reintroduced to us as “corrected perception”. From there, we are a step away from Direct Knowledge. For it is Direct Knowledge that has made this experience possible.

     So the "disturbing" image of the 3 of Swords has been interpreted again and again and again by many who have agreed with the collective understanding of those who identify with the card as revealing some form of pain; swords, storm clouds, rain, grey skies, a heart pierced.

     In and of themselves, they formulate a disturbing picture until we consider there may be another way to perceive. For each of these symbols, swords, storm clouds, rain, grey skies, a heart pierced contain a principle by which Wisdom will define their usefulness, and will lead to enlightenment if we are willing and open-minded sufficiently to see with corrected perception.

     I receive a clear Thought regarding the number three, which can represent for some the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as the sword appears at its handle as a cross. The cross represents the complete and perfect integration of the two paths; the horizontal journey through time and space, and the vertical journey of timelessness that intersect. In the intersecting OF the two paths IS integration, unity, completion, fulfillment, ascension, final judgment, resurrection, redemption, salvation.

     The number three also represents the three concepts of recovery; recovery in and of the body, recovery in and of the mind and recovery in and of the spirit. Each lesson we learn in life contains these three aspects of recovery.

     As we identify heavily with the body, it is this that is first challenged.

     In A.A. the drinking of alcohol is the first that is addressed, bringing the body back to health in a daily application of suspension of drinking whereby a physiological withdrawal is experienced. From there the mental healing occurs that is an addressing of the psychological issues that lead one TO drink. And finally, there is the spiritual aspect of healing in which we question and or redefine, if we have any, our beliefs and past experiences with a Higher Power, with God, with religion.

     The integration of these three aspects of recovery are Given by Higher Intelligence. It is the complete release and transformation of body, mind and spirit within this phase of one’s spiritual journey. Imbedded in the heart, these aspects change the consciousness of the being, bringing one out of the lower earth energies and earth realms, and lifting one closer to the refined energies of the celestial realms.

      The image of the heart being pierced by God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit is the recognition of the imbedded truth OF these Three Legacies of Enlightenment within the heart, the heart being a symbol of the seat of Love. The integration of the Three Legacies within the heart implies one is no longer OF the world, that one has RISEN ABOVE the world, signified by the image of the heart and swords floating, suspended, held just under a cover of clouds.

     One cannot achieve this alone. It IS Given.

     Clouds represent that dimension that separates the ceiling of the world from the Floor of Heaven. Clouds represent the Gate to Heaven.

     It is the Last Step, as the Teachers call it, that lifts one THROUGH the ‘barrier” of the clouds, lifting one out of the world and toward higher understanding of Knowledge / Heaven, and leading us “back to God”. The Last Step, sometimes referred to as “the Last Judgment” or “the end of the world” as well as "the end of times" is not something we can "do" or accomplish. It is what is Taken, by us. One can only TAKE what is OFFERED, and what is Offered is what we Receive. It is Given by the Source, by the Creator, representing the complete resurrection of mind from mortal existence to immortal, eternal life.

     In the reading, the Present Position implies that the mind resides just below the Gate to Heaven. It has gained access to higher understanding by embracing within the heart the Three Legacies of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These Legacies do not bring injury or pain to the heart, but would be perceived to BE painful to ego, to the personal self. For in order to access this Knowledge one must lay aside the personal mind, the personal self that only seeks to claim personal credit for such an experience, the personal self that is slave to an external world that has lulled the mind to sleep in endless distractions of entertainment and ambitious pursuits of grandiosity.

     Safely lifted out of time and space is not a physical event, although it is manifested in and through some kind of physical experience. It is a raising of one’s consciousness. In this IS the only True Safety.

     In any consciousness shift the DNA is reprogrammed at the cellular level. The code is rewritten. In the rewriting of DNA code the body experiences this as a change IN the body. The change in the body is experienced as a manifest effect of a shift of consciousness in the mind. This is why the path of the mystic is called the path of healing, the path of cleansing, the path of transformation.

     In this regard all illnesses can be healed, regardless of their severity, all past physical injuries can be reversed, where even broken bones would show no sign of a break in the bone. History has recorded these experiences as “miracles” being done by someone TO someone else. Yet the miracle worker claims no credit for this, revealing,

Of myself I can do nothing. It is the Love of God in me

Who does this work,”


This I do so will you do, and even greater will you do,”


If you want what we have and are willing to go to any lengths to get it,

then you are ready to take certain steps.”


     Now as the heart is lifted high above the world of relative thinking, it brings TO the earth the cleansing and healing rains. It is said that when it rains the Angels weep for mankind, sending forth Their healing tears.

     It is a joyous moment to discover the truth of the 3 of Swords. And this Gift is available to all of us.

     Now I read from the Text, page 242,

"The miracles you do on earth are lifted up to Heaven and to Him.

 They witness to what you do not know, and as they reach

the gates of Heaven, God will open them."

      Who would discover, 26 years into Study, the 3 of Swords on page 242?

     How is this possible?