wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Dr. Kavorkian came to this level way before his time.

 For man is not ready to hear his message. Yet he came FOR THIS REASON,

 and on some level knew he would be crucified.

But he came to plant the seeds no one wishes to see grow to maturity."

Desert Spirit





Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today I come to extend the truth of what I am – I am not a body. I am free. I am spirit. I remain as God created me, as spirit, in the creation of all things. And extending this affirms what You have offered to me to remember. We will use and learn through the body and this time level until this is needed no more.


 My lesson reads,


Their suffering is but illusion. Yet they need a guide to lead them out of it, for they mistake illusion for the truth.”


Man’s suffering is the ill use of his mind power used to teach himself that he is a body, subject to time and space and the ego-thought system of survival. Yet the ill use of the mind and its power does not free man FROM his world. And so in the realization that I am not a body, but spirit, I will come to use the mind and its power, with You Guiding me, to rightly use it. And in this I will end my need to make time, and jobs, and economic circumstances my salvation.


Now today You offer me,


Such is salvation’s call. And nothing more. It asks that you accept the truth, and let it go before you, lighting up the path of ransom from illusion. It is not a ransom with a price. Here is no cost, but only gain.”


ransom – (See redeem) – the redeeming of a captive by paying money or complying with demands: the price paid or demanded.; to obtain the release of a captive by paying the demanded price


redeem – (L, re, back + emere, get) – to get back; to buy or get back; to recover; to pay off a mortgage; to turn in for a premium; to delivery from sin; to fulfill a promise; to make amends or atone for; to restore to favor


Ransom is man’s world. In order for me to be “free” in man’s brain and body world, I am told I must pay a ransom. I must work in order to be paid in order to be ‘free’ of the work to which I am a slave. I must pay the institutions in order for me to remain compliant to them. If I do not obey man’s laws I will be subjected to the harsh punishments of the world.


And yet You say this world and this body is not my Home. So I will come to comply to Your Requests for me this day.


The strong winds blow outside. The water is restored to the cabin. The times and conditions of my journey are changing.


Today You extend to me salvation, truth, escape from the ill use of my mind’s power, where time ideas and man’s ‘laws’ of health, wealth, success, salvation BIND ME rather than release me. And so as I study Your Words, I will exercise right use of my power and my part, where You ask me to accept, to receive willingly the truth of my lesson – that You Guide my feet on a path You have appointed. Your Word were clear – “This is the appointed way for you now.” Only a fool would think the path he walks has been appointed by himself.


If the path You appoint is one I walk, then could time ideas rule me? Could ideas of a job rule me, bind me to the job? If the services I perform for others are those You Assign, could I be concerned ABOUT the duties or the consequences of my actions should I ‘fail’ to uphold man’s ideas of service and sustainment? For it seems to me it is only my PERCEPTIONS of the duties I perform that hold me captive and demand ransom for my release from them.


Now in this timeless place and in this timeless awareness of no time I receive willingly the path upon which You place my feet. I am only hear BECAUSE You have led me here. And they are only where they are because You have led them there, although they think their ‘choices and decisions’ have led them to their current situations.


But if that is true, if their choices and decisions placed them in their respective roles, then the only question to ask is, “Do I wish to continue to guide myself, and do I find happiness in the decisions and choices I have made in my earthly journey? For the truth of the matter is there IS ONLY Your Direction, or one I think is mine.


It is only my misperceptions that define what I see and experience.  I am not and WILL NOT BE a slave to time or to a job or to ideas that would attempt to convince me I must maintain. I look to the journey upon which my feet are placed as one You Guide me along. And if truth lights the way, so must I travel lightly.


I will travel this appointed path lightly, unburdening my mind with thoughts of yesterdays and tomorrows. I wish to see my mind released from thoughts of time, of delay, of survival, duty. I will walk without worldly burdens upon my heart and mind, seeing the world of bodies and man-made rules as that to which You have sent me for ONE reason – to live by the truth that I am not a body, that God did not create the body or a physical world or universe, that I am in the IDEA of a body, with others, for one reason – to remember I am spirit, created AS spirit, formless, BY Spirit, with a mind and power to manifest the thoughts I think into perceptions that define what I think and how I thing about what I think.


In the remembrance that I am spirit, created by You Who are Spirit Creator, I will extend this remembrance to those You send to me and to whom I am sent, in words and actions You Define.


Now if I need food, You will provide it. If I need shelter, you will sustain me. If I need money, Your resources will supply me as they must be unlimited as are You. You are the food, the nourishment my soul needs. You are the cool drink I draw up from the deep well. You are the shelter from the storm of my unruly thoughts and misperceptions that bring anxiety, fear, concern, worry, depression, pressure and sickness.


You are the Shelter and the Duties I am given to carry out, and You are the Timeless that sustains me IN time. This does not require belief, nor do I need to define myself in religious terms to live these truths. For these truths are not Christian, nor Buddhist, nor Islamic, nor Navajo. It is only man and his ignorance that has attempted to personalize the Impersonal and attempt to profit from it.


In the duties You ask I fulfill, I will do so effortlessly, without pressure, without burden. For this day You say it is my responsibility to step back and accept the path You have appointed.


Therefore if others read these words, let them now realize this message You extend to me is one you extend to them also. It is not “David’s lesson” of “David’s message”. It is what You will for them to see, hear, taste, experience. And any response to this message should be their desire to extend their reply to You.


Do You, my Creator, need me to receive THEIR message to You, to be delivered to You? Do you, my Creator, need me to send YOUR message to them, to be delivered by me?


Today in this lesson You use the word RANSOM. And is this not what the world of bodies and man’s brain world demands? Is it not a ransom that must be paid for my freedom? How am I free from a mortgage unless I pay to the bank a ransom? How do I have my titles restored to me unless I pay the institutions a ransom? And should I not pay it, what will be the consequences?


Everything I am given by You man threatens to take away unless I pay a ransom. And the religions of the world teach a ransom must be paid I order to be a qualified recipient of the truth. I must pay in order to be ‘free’ or in order to hear some purported message in a ‘holy’ book that is interpreted by ego-maniacs. Yet this freedom and their message are not real. it is illusion and keeps us preoccupied. How can my spirit be free if my body and thoughts are burdened with ideas of survival, or that only SOME people have the qualifications be ‘the messenger’?


But it must be true that all are Called, and yet few choose to listen.


Dr. Kavorkian came to this level way before his time. For man is not ready to hear his message. Yet he came FOR THIS REASON, and on some level knew he would be crucified. But he came to plant the seeds no one wishes to see grow to maturity. And so although the world may see him as a failure, a madman, I see him as coming ahead of his time, fulfilling his function, and leaving its impact on the world. It may be ignored, but never forgotten.


Today You say the path of ransom is not a price I pay. For the path of ransom is the path of redemption. Under Your Guidance I am restored to divine favor, I am released from man’s rules and time ideas and time pressures.


Under Your Guidance the path I walk is lighter, because I am lighter in thought and deed, where gain is assured by You. Today I do not gain weight, but gain light. And here, now, today I receive that which You provide. I receive willingly only the gains Light upon this journey I travel provides. For the ransom paid is the redemption You give my mind today, in my refusal to accept the world of form as Reality or my Home.


Let me remember only these truths as I go forth this day, seeing within the misperceived world only truth’s light leading me Home.


Man’s parade is his thoughts – let him celebrate as he witnesses the journey of his thoughts that he allows to travel across the expanses of his awareness. Let him not touch them, nor give importance to them, but be a witness to them in the joy of being free from them as he does.


So be it now.

“It is done.”