wilderness path

a significant inner journey


" Do not think for one minute mankind is evolving to a greater awakening.

In fact it is far more worse now than it ever was,

and it is going to get a lot worse before there is a

significant shift in consciousness.

The ONLY escape from this collective mania is to remain true to your Self

and the inner journey, and extend that to others."


Desert Spirit





Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Desert Spirit



     Isn’t it a contradiction? Teacher says all worldly paths are futile, aimless and lead to death. But at the end of this part He says there is no path that does not lead to God. So this means that all roads I tried to escape from what I am still lead to God?


     So this means that to attempt worldly roads is still a good idea because this will bring me to God anyway? Is that true?  Now matter what road I try  -  even guilt road  -  would still bring me to Him? Weird….


     Could you comment on this? Because it seems to me I linked the line of a circle in the same spot. I have come to the same spot from which I started and this feels a bit anxious, as if I did not reach a new point but came back to the same, as if I keep walking the same route with no outlet….feels a bit hopeless.


     "All worldly paths" means pursuits of the externals.


     If you pursue the world’s ideas of success, you may become successful but that does not mean you will be happy, truly. It means you have followed the world’s ideas of success. And that does not lead to an understanding of the God Light within you because the success is based on pride and arrogance and false humility, and ambitious people think THEY have come to this success on their own, rather than this being part of His Direction.


     If we discovered our “path to success” was part of His Request, then the outcome, the end and how we would use our skills, rewards and talents would be very different than the end for which we pursue these things. Even if a person says, “I want to be a doctor and help others,” this is false and it is colored with ambition. For the idea of “helping others” is a self-generated idea and is founded in pride and deception.


     There are many “successful” people who have, or should I say, hear an Inner Voice. But regardless the path one pursues, a correct perception OF it would be liberating.


     He says, “I can use all things you have made”, and so He can awaken you no matter what worldly roads you choose. Worldly roads are external pursuits, man’s ideas of love, peace, happiness, freedom, etc…..these all lead to death, meaning they will not awaken you and the distraction they provide PREVENTS you from discovering they ARE distractions we use to remain amnesiatics.


     But the moment you question all that, you are alive  and you are free.


     Then it appears that I have never taken the road of the world, BUT I took to a road to ESCAPE FROM WHAT I AM by getting married and making someone else my power. Then, having a child was escape number two, when I wanted to stay home and not go to school any more as I hated it. So I escaped from myself by choosing to have a child. This is not a very nice thing to discover about myself. This truth does not look very attractive in my eyes.


     So then you must be misperceiving? Because misperceptions bring discomfort, but to see the same road through His Eyes would inspire and you would discover the Order of all things. So this is how ego keeps us distracted, and is why many will not approach the inner work.


     In A.A. one cannot do an inventory WITHOUT FIRST DISCOVERING A Higher Power. And in your present study He will tell you that if you try to approach your subconscious level of thought without a Guide you will proceed along an “ego-alien journey” and your path will be painful, fearful and you will abandon it. And this is EXACTLY WHAT THE EGO WANTS YOU TO DO.


     The external world cannot awaken us. Take a look around. Mankind and his consciousness is not getting better. It is actually getting worse and worse. As consciousness affects the planet, and as mankind calls this insanity upon himself and his world, more and more are turning to religion to “save” them. Those who do not have taken up arms. Gun sales are up at an alarming rate. Open hatred and bigotry is rampant on the planet. And the greedy are getting more greedy and the violence is increasing to where even children now are planning the murder of their classmates.


     Do not think for one minute mankind is evolving to a greater awakening. In fact it is far more worse now than it ever was, and it is going to get a lot worse before there is a significant shift in consciousness. The ONLY escape from this collective mania is to remain true to your Self and the inner journey, and extend that to others.


     Worldly pursuits lead to unhappiness, worldly views and perceptions. But you can look at the same things through new eyes and they would look differently. This appears to contradict what I just said, but it is also true that it must be very dark FIRST before there is a dawn, and in my personal experience I had to come to hopelessness and helplessness before I made that turn. And every being on this planet will have to do the same.


     I look pretty bad in my eyes after I made this discovery.


     You THINK you had a child for your reasons…..and that is what are “worldly pursuits”. But Spirit was with you also when you were to have a child. So by looking at the same situation through Spirit’s Eyes, you see the lesson was His to teach you something about yourself. He can USE our worldly ideas to introduce ANOTHER perception, but He requires OUR willingness and some degree of open-mindedness, because He cannot oppose or interfere with what we want to think.


“I look pretty bad in my eyes after I made this discovery.”


     Because you do not se the same situation through Love’s Eyes.


     Maybe He asked you and you agreed TO carrying a child into this world and be married and then leave this marriage. Maybe all that had nothing to do with you, but guilt will perceive these experiences you had in a very unfavorable light.


     You have regrets and think you could have made better choices. But that is all ego telling you that, not the Voice of Inner Contentment. Whatever happened in your journey was already decided by Spirit before you came into a body and into this world, including our having this discussion today.


     When I lioness kills a zebra foal and eats it and feeds it to her cubs, do you think it says to itself, “Wow….I should have not done that… I SHOULD have killed and ate the mother…”???


     I do not think a lion would ever think this. What a confusion in my mind….lol…what a stir He made in me.


     No matter how much you beat up on yourself and condemn yourself, it will never lead to peace. What will lead to peace is ending the need to beat up on yourself and end the continual punishing of your mind. I am not saying do unjust things and then say, “Oh but this is what God told me to do…this is part of His Order.” That is just bullshit.


     Spirit, not man, has always been in charge. We are only “in charge” of how we perceive. That is it. The experiences are not ours to arrange. Only HOW WE SEE THEM is under our control, so to speak.


     The choice you have is in perception, in how you see anything, be it past, present or future, and not whether you made good or bad decisions. If you see only from the unhealed past, that will be your present and future.


“I look pretty bad in my eyes after I made this discovery.”


     I do not think they ARE YOUR EYES that are looking.


     I think they are everyone else’s eyes…the eyes of the husband, the eyes of the friend, the eyes of the child, the eyes of religion, etc., but not your eyes and certainly not God’s Eyes. You have been trained to look at yourself THROUGH THE EYES OF OTHERS, how OTHERS have taught you how to think and how to be and how to act and how to speak and when to speak and when not to speak.


     When you see yourself through other people’s eyes, you will always be depressed.


     If you think you made all the decisions in your life, then realize right now that EVERY DECISION you made has led you to bring your presence here, to bring your Love here, to share your concerns here, and that is a very beautiful thing.



     Today I am studying Principle of Miracles, #37:


A miracle is a correction introduced into false thinking by me.


It acts as a catalyst, breaking up erroneous perceptions

and recognizing it properly.


This places you under the Atonement principle,

where perception is healed.


Until this has occurred,

knowledge of the Divine Order is impossible.”




     This principle I am studying today is exactly what is going on in your mind and my mind and if you can see this then you are aware of a Divine Order. For how is it possible your study and my study the Teacher brings together on the same day and is the same exact lesson?


     If He “breaks up” false thinking, then you are going to experience confusion, but that is the proof that your thoughts are being reorganized and your old beliefs are being disassembled.


     If He did not break up your false thinking and false perceptions, you would be part of those whose “sins are carried to the third and fourth generations”, as it is suggested in the Bible, and you would remain the same and so would your world, and you would never think differently and you would defend everything you think and believe and nothing would change in your life, or in you.


     So realize that changing your geographical location or moving to another place does not necessarily mean that there has been changes in YOU. Many seek to change the external, thinking this will somehow affect the internal. But they go to a new place and still remain insecure, desperate, alone, afraid, seeking for “love” outside themselves. And so places like match.com and other social media have been very successful selling their wares to the discontented, as they have convinced these lost souls THEY have the “right match”, or their “soul mate” for them, for a significant fee of course.


“So this means that to attempt worldly roads is still a good idea because this will bring me to God anyway? Is that true?  Now matter what road I try  -  even guilt road  -  would still bring me to Him?”


     Yes, that is true, because Spirit is in charge. But you are in charge of HOW YOU WISH TO SEE all things, and as I said before, there is a blessing in disguise in every perceived disturbance. The issue is whether one wishes to go INTO that disturbance. The world does not understand this. And match.com members certainly do not know this, and is WHY they have a membership on the social media network.


     So the Path of Awakening is quite simple  -  it is a matter of corrected perception of which He is in charge. You are responsible for HOW you see. He is responsible for WHEN you see, and for the experiences He will arrange so that you can LIVE THE TRUTH of the lesson, rather than just theorize about it.


     Your message is a great encouragement to me, but as I have said, I want to experience this truth directly, on my own. I must come to this understanding completely, totally, undoubtfully…. an absolute understanding of myself and of my guiltlessness.


     You MUST. No one can give it to you. Otherwise, it would be a worldly pursuit.


     The world is sick. It wants SOMEONE ELSE to “do” it. The so-called “Christians” want “Jesus” to do all the pain and suffering, to be their “Lord”, their “king and savior” and so forth so they can all be “saved” and sit on their asses and not participate in the inner correction process. It is very convenient.


     The Catholics want the Church to provide the answers so they can stay blind and indifferent. And their “leaders” are sicker than they are. Who among the lost can appoint a leader? How can lost people elect someone to lead them? That is how it is. We want OTHERS to provide the answers, and never discover the True Answer is in ourselves.


     If there is a "Satan," he/she is safe in their churches. No one looks for him/her there. 


     All this is about eyes, again about my eyes, my eye problem, my eye irritations, my seeing…everywhere are eyes…in each extension I make are eyes, and another proof I have a “foreign object” in my eyes….yes, physically and non-physically….wow…is that not amazing? What is it if not Spirit undoing my vision?


     Yes, it is all about eyes and seeing, and eventually this leads to the realization of a Divine Order.