wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“What need, therefore, have I to be concerned with future outcomes?


Future outcomes imply a need for hope for the desired end.


Yet this hope for future outcome contains no certainty in the present.”


Desert Spirit






Friday, May 14, 2010


Today my lesson reads,


It (truth) goes before you now, that they may see something with which they can identify; something they understand to lead the way.”


I am not sure I am a demonstration of he who allows truth, or certainty, or safety, or the timeless, or the Wise to go before him to lead the way and provide the world of witnesses with something with which they can identify. Yet I have made it a need to do what I think is necessary and important, to me, to be NOT ruled by time, and to demonstrate the things that seem impossible with me ARE possible with the Creator, regardless of how I perceive my feeble attempts.


And so my westward journey and the restoration of the well pump and the sifting of the sand from the rock and all that I would accomplish here in the desert must be an example of non-delay and what needs to be done FOR oneself, for myself.


Whether or not this is accurate, I cannot deny I think of these things and write of them today. And today I think of the sand-sifting not as a laborious act, but an expression of some principle within the mind being seen in a physical effect.


It is the removing of sand from the gravel leaving only gravel to spread on the areas where the path has been eroded and worn. It is a restoration of the path with the resources I have here. Sifting of the desert sand reveals that which is hidden there. I do not need MORE rock. The rock is here. The resources are here, within me. And my need is great to sift through the dross and remove the unessential. Is there no journey in the discovery that the rock, the resources are here, hidden only by the desert sand?


Now my lesson reads,


Yet at the journey’s ending there will be no gap, no distance between truth and you.”


So does it require time to complete a journey that is, as You say, already accomplished? On the day before my trip out west, I was in a sandwich shop washing my hands in the restroom. There was a poster. The inscription was, “The joy is in the journey. Focus on the journey rather than its ending.” And the journey to the desert to restore the well pump became one of intrigue.


In earlier days here in the desert it came to me the discovery, “Safety is the Means TO Its End.” And this must indicate and end is not what needs to be sought. But an end only confirms that which led TO it. A zebra extends itself, and its offspring is an end. But the end is not the means that led to it. The means CONTAINED the end.


In the awareness and realization, Safety is HERE, in ME, Guiding me every breath. This ENDS the journey. It IS the end. For what IS here NOW must be that which is revealed in the time level as an end.


So in terms of my lesson with a broken well pump, the successful outcome was ALREADY written in the stars, that I came to this outcome in a constant understanding, in spite of my doubts, that success would BE the ONLY outcome I would experience.

And so this Successful Outcome is the MEANS to ALL ends, but not an end in itself. The end can only be produced THROUGH the constant reminder that successful outcome is HERE, NOW with me.


Therefore, this You call the journey’s ending is only the realization that TIME DOES NOT LEAD TO successful outcome. Rather, Successful Outcome led me to END time in me. And the Means PROVIDED the end, the effect.


Successful Outcome IS the Cause and is present in everything I experience Now, here in the present, Safety assures me of the end that IS safe, that death of a body is not safety.  Rather, it is death of an idea. I am ‘saved’ and I ‘save,’ in this now moment that Safety and Successful Outcome desires.


What need, therefore, have I to be concerned with future outcomes? Future outcomes imply a need for hope for the desired end. Yet this hope for future outcome contains no certainty in the present.


Today I look not to time for release FROM it.


Today the understanding of the journey’s ending rests safely in the fact there IS no journey to complete, that here and now I am with my Reality as It has always been in me. Safety and Successful Outcome are the Means to an End that is written BY Them FOR me. And in this understanding that Safety and Successful Outcome are HERE and PRESENT forever, ALL time concerns for future outcomes end.


It is time that has attempted to convince me IT will release me from it, and that IT will lead me to safety. Yet it is time that kept me OUT OF the timeless instant where Safety and Successful Outcome of everything I do is the Cause, the Means for realizing Them. And so the journey’s end is not a time idea.


Here, now, the journey’s ending is the realization of Its present conditions, and the timeless gift I extend to ALL minds now.


SO be it.

“It is done.”


sift – (OE,siftian) – to pass through a sieve’ to examine with care; to separate fact from fable


Now the sifting exercise is revealed to be a careful examination, with care, of what resources are available. I need not MORE – more time, more rock. The rock is here, hidden in the desert. The timeless is also here, hidden in the desert. And so with tools I sift through what HIDES the resources, revealing the resources and the abundant supply.


Now, again, is the journey’s ending confirmed. For it is not time that has revealed the resource. It is care in examining the contents of this site, this mind, and the removal of the dross reveals the Abundant Supply.