wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit

May 16, 2021

     Today my Lesson reads,

      “Those who remember always that they know nothing, and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it. But whenever they trust themselves, they will not learn. They have destroyed their motivation for learning by thinking they already know. Think not you understand anything until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace and understanding go together and never can be found alone.”

      I have trusted myself to think “I know; you do not” in my relationships with others who presume all they think is reality and truth. And yet they come to me to ask me to do the things they cannot do or think they cannot do.

      Now he who physically suffers, who calls himself P.S., thinks he knows. He thinks he knows the Bible, God, Jesus, himself and his function on the earth. How can one communicate with those whose “knowing” have closed their minds TO anything that challenges or brings to question their knowing?

      At the same time, I think I know…the Bible, A Course in Miracles, A.A.’s Twelve Step Recovery, God, Jesus, myself, my Self and my function on the earth. And so there is no relationship with he in whom this “knowledge” dwells.

      Now here I am today facing a lawsuit for an unpaid debt. As I do not understand what this means beyond the world’s rules, it brings me to disturbance. I am not at peace with the idea of being sued. And my study reveals in the Lesson, “…peace and understanding go together”. Then if I am not at peace, I am not understanding the reason I have called this into my life.

     I have an IDEA of what it means to be sued, but I do not even know what the word means. So being motivated BY a WILLINGNESS TO understand, and therefore come to peace, I go into the disturbance to seek just what the word “sue” means, as this lack of understanding makes me not peaceful.

      I Ask what DOES it mean to be sued?

 sue - (L, sequi, follow) - to follow; to make an appeal;

a request for help

      I never thought of being sued as a request by the creditor as those who are making an appeal to me for help.  So how can I help them?

      I discover the word “sue” means an appeal, a request for help from a higher court. And so my brother who sues is asking me for help. He is appealing to me, seeking the Understanding of a Higher Court in these matters. For the matter is always a lesson in unhealed relationships being brought to healed relationships.

      At the same time I am told he, P.S., lays flat on his back with two major arteries in his heart blocked 100%, kidney issues, complications from diabetes as well as mental distress that this must be producing. The hospital is telling him, “We do not have the answers you seek. We do not have the capability to help you”.

      When I asked P. what was going on, he replied that this sickness stems from a past, his “diabetes”. Yet there is no mention of what is the motivation BEHIND the mind that manifests sickness in the body. For this level of understanding is not available to him. He does not know himself. He does not address the thoughts that manifest this sickness in the body. He is convinced the body has its own CAUSE and he experiences its effects, and this is purely a biological issue. And yet as A.A. teaches,

 The main problem for the alcoholic

centers in his mind, and not his body.”

      Then, how can it be any different for any illness? If the brain is in the body, then it cannot be the brain that is the problem. For the brain is doing what it is being commanded TO do. Who commands it? The mind commands it. The mind is the “center”.

      It says the problem CENTERS in the mind and not the body. The mind is the center of all thinking. The mind is the center for thought transference, from Spirit to me, from me back to Spirit. Yet the mind is also the center for thought transference from my thinking TO THE body.

      How then can they treat him if he refuses to learn of the nature OF his sickness? And how can Spirit assist us in anything as long as we think we know and understand the Ways of the Spirit?

      So they of the hospital staff turn him away claiming the issues are too complex, that a better hospital is needed, that one who specializes in issues with the heart, kidneys and diabetes will be required. And I wonder if he himself, P.S., has asked Creator, “Why do I keep manifesting serious issues in the body if I am doing Your Work?”

      I ponder what P. has been Told, by Spirit, regarding the nature of his illnesses, or if They have Told him anything at all.

      I ponder what P.’s “spiritual understanding” is regarding his illness and his relationship with a Higher Power.

      So now I find myself, again, making contact with him who thinks he knows the nature of his illness, insisting he is a victim of the sickness of the body, and that his illness is “hereditary”. Yet he refuses to accept the fact that “sickness is of the mind and not the body”, that the sickness in the mind IS motivation for learning what he thinks is the CAUSE of his sickness.

      Is it possible P. thinks his mind IS NOT SICK, but that only the body is?

      How can a person who claims to have a relationship with Higher Power be so closed-minded? Is it Spirit’s Instructions TO P. to not listen to ANYONE who may question his beliefs and his thoughts?

      Who among those in his small, limited, corrupt orbit/world/kingdom will reveal TO HIM, “You do not understand anything you perceive. Not one thought you hold is wholly true”?

      To NOT know IS peace. But I must first understand this.

      The motivation for learning anything I THINK I know or what I ALREADY know has been destroyed BY this THINKING. He who thinks he knows ANYTHING never will. And yet the single thought he does NOT know is that he knows nothing but thinks he does.

      In this “knowing” he CANNOT and WILL NOT or WILLS TO NOT learn something beyond his closed-minded box of beliefs which contain all his “knowing”, all his pain, all his sickness, all his lack of understanding. For how CAN one learn WHAT one thinks one already understands?

      Who within his family, within his community of friends will question the validity of what he offers them?

      Who will NOT side with his sickness and give pat answers, but rather impel him to ask the hard questions?

      Where is “Know THYSELF” in his sickness?

      Now today I feel Motivated to extend this lesson to him who thinks he knows who refuses to listen to anyone who does not agree with or fit in to his predetermined mania. It is not that I have something to “teach” another, but it IS an application of the principle of, “I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away.”

      And so I will to ask what Your Will for me to extend to him. For even God Himself is unavailable to him, as is “Jesus”, who COULD easily give him his answers were he to humble himself sufficiently to ask for Their Knowledge regarding his sickness be Known to  him.

      I wonder if he might consider the truth of,

 “The answer always comes through your brother”?

     Maybe P. will take some time to read my exchange with Susan?


      Perhaps he will have enough inner respect to ponder the thoughts two minds have shared with one intent?