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 "When Jesus taught parables,


not yours when you repeat them and interpret them."


Desert Spirit





Saturday, May 18, 2013


Desert Spirit


     A parable was a teaching tool that was given in an impersonal way a story about an experience that someone had, but what is interesting is the impersonal parable was someone’s personal experience.


     The one who gave the parable was the one who had the personal experience. For what reason would he give a lesson regarding someone ELSE’S experience? For then it would only be theoretical regarding the reality of another’s experience. The one who gave the parable was giving his personal experience in an impersonal format, and that is in alignment with the concept of extending, or “I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away”.


     The personal experience, delivered in an impersonal form, makes it applicable to anyone, thereby allowing anyone to apply the PRINCIPLES IN THE PARABLE to their life and experiences. This made the personal experience less threatening because it was not making the teaching within the parable personal.


     When Jesus taught parables, they were HIS DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, not yours when you repeat them and interpret them. If you go read the parables he taught, he is telling you that these were his experiences, in a present life or in past lives. But he was teaching them, or extending them, or sharing them in an impersonal way so that he would not draw attention to himself. This way the impersonal teaching was not offensive to anyone who might receive the parable because he was not making personal references about himself or the receiver of the parable.


     So in my visit to my mother, she spoke of her concerns about her knee, how it bothered her and how a doctor explained to her surgery would be necessary, but her reply was that she was too old to put herself through an operation. So she suffers with the pain, perhaps her idea of being a martyr that is in alignment with her religious beliefs.


     In view of the injury, it is apparent what the problem is. Her overweight issue puts excessive and unnecessary weight and strain on the joint. A reduction in weight would perhaps not only alleviate much of the problem, but also offer correction for it. However, being lame is also a physical manifestation of deeper issues.


     So I pondered how, if a parable were offered, the other person could draw from the parable principles that might be applied to that being’s life. Given an experience in the form of a parable, the impersonal nature OF the parable would not be threatening to the receiver of the parable, and provide, possibly, insights to the receiver of the parable an answers to the issue for which the parable was given.


     In this vein of inspiration, the following parable came to me. It is a personal experience, but written with an impersonal intent.







     A farmer had a tractor on his small farm. Each day he would use the tractor to attend to his duties with the tractor that allowed him to work more with less physical demand on him. One day he discovered the front wheels of the tractor wobbling. After trying to investigate by himself the wobbling wheels, he came to the conclusion he needed someone who had knowledge in the tractor and its working parts.


     He presented the tractor to a tractor shop owner who lifted the tractor and removed the wheels. The shop owner discovered the wheel bearings were severely worn and explained this to the farmer. He then replaced the wheel bearings with new ones, and the farmer paid the shop owner his fee and went his way with his tractor.


     About three months later, the farmer discovered the wheels wobble problem again. He returned to the shop owner to inquire about the wobbling wheels. The shop owner again raised the tractor and removed the wheels and explained to the farmer that the wheel bearings were once again worn and had to be replaced.


 “Why, I purchased this tractor not six months ago, had to replace the bearings three months later, and now you are telling me the bearings are already worn? Granted, I do use it every day, but should the bearings wear out in three months?”


     After repairing the tractor, the shop owner revealed to the farmer that although the wheel assembly and the wheel bearing were a perfectly matched system, the excessive weight of the motor on the tractor, and specifically the positioning of the weight on the front of the tractor placed an unnecessary burden on the wheel bearings, which resulted in their premature wearing out. The only true solution to the problem of the bearings wearing out was to address the issue of excessive weight on the front wheels.




      As I delivered the parable to her, it was obvious, to me, that she was not going to grasp what was being offered to her in the parable. I thought, “How does she sit and read the Bible every day and not glean from the parables within them what they represent to her in her own earthly journey?”


     It then became clear to me that with some beings only a clear, direct message would suffice because they simply did not have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear the deeper message. With this idea I turned to her as I was exiting the door to begin my journey home and stated, “Take care of that knee. You may think about losing some weight to alleviate the stress you are placing on it”.


     Regardless, the perceiver will always find offense in any offering if it demands they consider it applies to them.