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"Desire will never satisfy need.

And love will always satisfy preferences."


Desert Spirit





Thursday, May 21, 2015

Desert Spirit


     It is Written,


Where there is a need, it will be met.”


     A basic understanding of what constitutes a need and a preference is essential to discover by which one’s existence is motivated. Everyone has needs. And everyone has preferences. It is the motivation behind these that defines one’s expression in the time level.

     One can ask, “What is a need? And what is a preference?” Questioning is inquisition and invites disclosure.

     In the world, one can observe the basic needs, as seen in all of creation. The basic needs are essential, and are few, and everyone’s needs are the same. On the other hand, preferences are not essential, are many, and everyone’s preferences are different.

     To discover a need is to discover one’s instinctual nature. All of life is contained and content in need. All of life is uncontained and discontent in preferences. Needs never change. Preferences continually change.

     To discover a need is to discover the presence of Love. To discover a preference is to discover the presence of fear.

     Where there is Love, preferences are meaningless and secondary, and there is no desire. Where there is fear, there is only desire, and needs are overlooked in place of preferences.


Desire will never satisfy need.

And love will always satisfy preferences.


     What is the basic need? There is a basic need for everything that lives. There is the basic need for water, food, shelter and clothing. In the plant and animal kingdoms, life is clothed naturally. Man is also clothed naturally, although it often is insufficient to protect him from the elements of the earth, unlike the plants and animals. In this regard, the plant and animal kingdoms are more related to need than is man.

     Where life’s needs are met, there is no conflict. There is shelter, food and water and protection in the natural environments that are related to Life and Love. In man’s artificial kingdoms, needs have been superseded and replaced by preferences, and where there is preference there is desire. Where there is  desire, there is no love. Where there is no Love there is cruelty and corruption.

     Life provides all needs. I require shelter, food and protection. These basic needs are met by Love and are never denied. Yet, these basic needs have become secondary, where desire for preferences has become the primary motivation of man’s quest to exceed the basic need by replacing it with preferences.

     So one requires shelter as a basic need, yet desire persuades the mind with a preferences for a big house. Where one requires food, desire is for a specific diet that necessitates a preference for “special foods”. And the more special the desire becomes, the greater the cost. In a grocery store, a pear costs less than a dollar. In a fancy restaurant, this same pear costs three times the amount. There are elaborate homes that are worthless for and to those whose preference is to occupy such grandiose things, and the worthless homes, neglected and dilapidated, become a safe haven for those creatures whose needs are met.

     Where preferences exceed need, there are endless empty houses, and endless empty souls living without basic shelter. And yet their needs ARE met. Where need exceeds preferences, everyone would be sheltered. It is obvious man is not moving in the direction of Need. Wanting has become the new law that desire authorizes.

     It becomes clear, if one observes, the collective consciousness of man, ruled by desire, has made preferences the essential need, casting aside the basic need as being essential. So some eat well, while others starve. Some own two homes, while others are homeless.

     Desire will always have justification for the pursuit of its preferences, and shares nothing. Love needs no justification, and shares all things.

     The question becomes, “By what am I motivated? Is it desire or is it Love? Are preferences more important to me than needs? And what of the needs of others? Am I conditioned to provide the preferences for others, or do I assist in offering a need to another?”

     Creation knows what one needs. But man does not know what he needs because man has made preferences his need. And they constantly change. Man prefers to supply his preferences, opting to ignore what creation can offer.

     The world’s idea of “family” is not a need. It is a preference.

     Creation’s Idea of Family is a Fact. It is an inherent Need.

     When preferences supersede needs, there is desire, there is separation and there is only conflict.

     When needs supersede preferences, there is only Love, there is creation and there is peace.



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