wilderness path

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"Gratitude is love.

Love is what I am.

What I am is truth.

Truth is corrected perception.

Corrected perception is the truth for which EVERY BEING asks. "


Desert Spirit






Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Desert Spirit




“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”



     Now I come to communicate my thoughts to the Unseen Who live and work and think with me. Come forth now, my Holy Self, lift my spirit and bring Your Peace to my mind now.’


     What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, our Father, what will You have me say and to whom? For it is what I say that I perceive to be a problem, an issue with others who find my words unappealing or disturbing that they think they can be free by avoiding.


     Your Will be done through me. Decide for me for my life here and now, and reveal Your Message of Healing to me.


     You, Inner Teacher, say, “We have been given everything”. Then, why do I feel lack?


     I lack recognition of everything given.


     Today this day begins with quiet neighborhood, as I attempt to recognize the everything You have given. Is it external I would see this everything, or is it internal?


     The day is cool, no dogs barking, only birds singing, and a quietness in the air, as I think of Arizona, New Mexico, the cabin, a visit there, an extended stay there. I could go anytime. Yet there are cost factors I must consider, the cost of travel and maintenance of the internal cleanse business.


     Today I look to fulfill the Lesson You have Given me, as I awaken to the day with indefinable irritation of those sent to me and the idiotic messages I receive from them. But I have been given THIS space this morning and this quiet place to study, where I can carry into this study this irritation, that it may be absorbed and transformed.


     So I come to express this thankfulness by giving time and attention to this study, that I may find clarity in what You offer me. And Your suggestion to substitute gratitude for irritation, anger, malice and vengeance seems not natural to me. It is like asking a bee to not sting.


     Even with the knowledge that what I give others I give to myself do I still perceive I offer bitter, caustic, sharp, sarcastic words. Nor do I know how correction of this takes place. I only know from my experiences with You that I do not resist what I perceive to be the temptation to reply, TO them, with my perceptions of what I receive FROM them.


     What I offer I perceive are words that usually are those which offer back to the receiver what I think I would offer, based on what I perceive I have received FROM them, without much concern for how he/she will receive my words.


     Yet I will not play the game the world attempts to teach me, the world that suggests “the customer is always right”, unless of course I see right now I AM THE CUSTOMER RECEIVNG WHAT THEY WISH TO SELL ME OR GIVE ME, and attached to it ‘reward’.


     It is as if they say to me, “I offer you income to do with as you wish; but you must do as I tell you; you must act as I demand you act; you must do as you are told; you must serve me the way I expect you to serve me as long as I am providing the income”.


     This I cannot do and I will not do.


     They send money. Shall I be grateful for this? Shall I pacify them because they give money, or give favor? They say, “Look what we give you…you should be grateful…”


     Something is not right here. What is it?


     In my perception, and with regard to this internal cleanse business, they invest (money) in the cleanse (inner correction of mind’s perceptions). And it is this I give. What else would I give?


     You say, “We have been given everything. God cares for us and calls us Son. Can there be more than this?” As Son of God, can I offer MORE THAN corrected perception? What other single gift is more valuable than this?


     Then, I WILL BE grateful FOR this service. I will be thankful for the inner correction and changed perceptions my words carry to me and to all minds, to all others. If misperception is the single cause of broken relationships of God to his Son and each being to each other, than what single gift other than corrected perception can I offer?


     I offer corrected perceptions as I perceive the words I receive and the words I give. And here I will not side WITH IDEAS that attempt to teach me anger, malice or vengeance are in my words.


“Gratitude becomes the single thought we substitute for these insane perceptions.”


     Gratitude is love. Love corrects perceptions. Therefore, corrected perceptions becomes the single thought we substitute, I substitute for these insane perceptions, be they my perception OR another’s.


     Oh wow…..


     What I offer is truth. What I offer is correction of perceptions, because this is what You have been Giving my mind for the past 27 years. For THIS I AM grateful. For this I AM thankful.


     The ability to do or to offer this IS MY DEMONSTRATION OF my thanks to You for what You have given my mind. This service, this role, this duty cannot BE purchased with money. Nor can they buy it from me. This gift I offer IS Sacred. For it IS gratitude I offer. Let them, then, BE grateful FOR the gift of inner correction and inner cleansing they ask to receive that I give. So be it now.


     “It is done.”


Now my Lesson reads,


Our gratitude will pave the way to Him,

and shorten our learning time by more than you could ever dream of.” 


Today the impact is made:


     Gratitude is love.

     Love is what I am.

     What I am is truth.

     Truth is corrected perception.

     Corrected perception is the truth for which EVERY BEING asks.


     I have invested 19 years in Your Course where You have attempted to teach me to recognize corrected perceptions through my offering of them. I cannot recognize what I do not give. I cannot see what I refuse to give. I cannot offer anything else. Now will I.


     What I give I give to myself. And I give corrected perceptions, regardless of how it affects other minds. Whoever You send me, I will extend this corrected perception as I perceive. It is clarity I extend tot them, and thus to myself. It may confuse, disturb, irritate, frustrate, and they may find it hostile, even hateful and painful. But I will extend only corrected perception to all others.


     I will extend the Light and it will burn away the dross in my and all minds.


     What I extend to them I extend to myself. What pains me about how they respond TO my words is that THEY DO NOT SEE THE blessing that is offered IN them because they misperceive, as did I, for so many years. I did not even KNOW there was such a thing as misperception until You showed it to me.


     What I give to them is what I give to myself. I cannot give TO myself UNLESS I give to them. For this IS the single purpose of relationship. How can I offer healing to myself if I am unable or unwilling to offer it to others??


     Extending my corrected perceptions is what I GIVE. It is the gift You gave me TO give. For this IS my demonstration, TO You, of my thankfulness FOR YOU and for the corrected perceptions that You have given my mind.


     I will not be concerned with how corrected perception will be received by others.



I offer the rose to them. They grab the stem that pricks their finger.



They then tell me my gift of beauty is painful. It is a painful gift of beauty.




     Corrected perception is gratitude.

     Corrected perception is love.

     Corrected perception is thankfulness.

     Corrected perception is clarity.


     It is what ALL spirit beings ask to receive into their minds. It is only this I will offer. Thanks be to You Who give me corrected perception to extend to them.


     Corrected perception is love.

     Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

     Corrected perception is the way I walk in gratitude.


     Corrected perception is gratitude.

     Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

     Love is the way I walk in corrected perception.


     Corrected perception is the way I walk in corrected perception.


     Love is healing of the mind of misperceptions.

     Healing is the way I walk in corrected perceptions.

     Corrected perceptions is the way I walk in healing.


     Thanks be to You for this clarity. So be it now.

     “It is done.”



     Now I travel smoothly, without obstacles to impede my adventures. I WILL offer corrected perception. It will make my path smooth. It IS the smooth path. Corrected perceptions Is the smooth path. It paves the way back to You, even if it erects an obstacle for them they think they can avoid.