wilderness path

a significant inner journey



”When the doctor says, ‘The operation was successful,’

the pain of recover may attempt

to negate what the doctor is saying.

But the doctor is revealing a truth

 that will soon, in time, be revealed as the body heals.”

Desert Spirit





Desert Spirit




     Last night, after watching the PARANORMAL STATES, it occurred to me that I have gotten away from the cleansing of my own aura, and the dwelling place I call my home. Before watching these episodes last night, and for the past three days, I have been cleansing my aura, surrounding myself with the cleansing smoke of the incense.

      After I watched those episodes last night, it occurred to me how much a part of my life cleansing with incense was, and how I would surround myself with the Light before entering places, or even as a regular practice. These episodes renewed past practices I engaged in, that somehow became weak in me as my worldly adventures intensified. That is not to say I completely obliterated any practice of communicating with Spirit. It just means that there has been a renewed interest in the practices.

      So last night I studied,

 "Love is no longer feared, but gladly welcomed."


     So if what Spirit offers me is a truth and if the truth is true in spite of what my brain wants to tell me, then there must be some 'evidence' in what I perceive that I do not fear Love, or that Love is welcomed into my mind. The simple fact that Love IS feared by what does not trust It explains the possibility of Love's presence.

  "Idols have disappeared and the remembrance of

 God shines unimpeded across the world." 

     If my own personal experiences are those that measure my participation in a spiritual study, then I would have to question whether this is true or not. In my understanding of an idol, it is something one worships, that to which one gives one's power. Fear could be an idol if one accepts it as true and does not question its validity. In essence, if I am swayed by fear, I am an idol worshipper. I worship the fear that has rule over me, or I think has rule over me. 

     My study says idols have disappeared. They do not appear. They are gone. I have many personal possessions I THOUGHT were idols, but I do not worship things except to the degree I see they reflect the Gift of the Spirit world to my life's experiences. Recovery as well as spiritual study could become an idol, something to BELIEVE in but never practice. What is in my world is an extension of my being within the Spirit Realm. This applies to things as well as thoughts I think. A cabin can be seen as a special place in consciousness that is retained for meaningful purposes. A vehicle can be seen as what provides ease and enjoyment of movement to the body that is provided. The ease and enjoyment of movement, then, is a principle that is defined in physical or material terms. The departure of a material possession does not negate the condition that made them possible. It remains when the physical is removed, just as the spirit life force remains long after the body has been cast off.

 "Christ's face is seen in every living thing, and nothing is held in darkness,

apart from the light of forgiveness."

      This continuation of my morning study reveals what Works Spirit is doing with my mind. From my perceptions of the world, "Christ's face" IS seen in every living thing. If there is only Life, or Love, or Power, then the term "Christ's face" is synonymous with these things. The sentence could then read, "Love is seen in every living thing..." or "Power is seen in every living thing..." or "Life is seen in every living thing..." or "Peace not of this world is seen in every living thing..." 

      If I am Told this is a condition my mind is able to accept presently, then what darkness can be imposed on my mind or my visions cannot endure, or do not apply, or cannot interfere. The condition for this vision is forgiveness, meaning a pardoning of my misperceptions for the corrected perception Spirit is introducing to my mind. Whether I BELIEVE this or not is moot. The fact that a condition exists, even if I am not aware of it, does not negate the truth of it. When the doctor says, "The operation was successful" the pain of recover may attempt to negate what the doctor is saying. But the doctor is revealing a truth that will soon, in time, be revealed as the body heals. And so it must be with the mind.

      White Eagle emphasizes that spiritual work is very slow. This teaches us who live by the laws of time to be patient. What the brain calls 'an unanswered prayer' or delay is Spirit doing the work that will reveal what will be provided if we do not rush, and if we trust and are attentive to this. 

"There is no sorrow still upon the earth. The joy of Heaven has come upon it." 

     As I looked upon the earth today, the clouds that have kept this part of the country in an overcast, I began to think of the rain as the nourishment the earth needs. It is reported in FLORIDA that the DROUGHT IS OVER, that the state has been inundated with so much rain that the earth cannot absorb it fast enough. This is synonymous with the I CHING I recently threw. The theme was ABUNDANCE (FULLNESS) that spoke of a tremendous amount of power that was present. And so the overcast skies contain sufficient water to nourish the entire planet that is much needed. In FLORIDA too much rain resulted in FLOODING. And this to can be the case if we abuse the presence of power in our lives. It can overwhelm us if we are not wise as to how to use the power provided.




     As I wrote about these things, I looked up for a moment, and a ray of sunlight had penetrated the overcast sky. The single ray of light shown on the motorcycle. I felt impelled to go take a ride. The shaft of light represented to me a ladder, out of the world of overcast doubt and uncertainty and up and out into the new world that awaits me. For this shaft of light is what my study in the Course represents, as the section is titled WHAT IS THE RESURRECTION?