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"We own nothing.

If all things are impersonal, then they are under the control OF the Impersonal."

Desert Spirit





Sunday, May 25, 2014


Desert Spirit



     Today my lesson reads,



#49.The miracle makes no distinction among degrees of misperception.

It is a device for perception-correction effective

quite apart from either the degree or the direction of the error.

This is its true indiscriminateness.”



     Principles and miracles are useless unless I can experience them directly.


     Today it occurs to me that a SITUATION cannot change unless PERCEPTIONS ABOUT the situation change first. And so the miracle does not CHANGE THE SITUATION. It changes perceptions ABOUT a situation.


     In a recent past I long felt an injustice imposed on me, as I was given news on two occasions of two situations that directly related to me. The news was given to me after the fact. In receiving news of these situations after the fact, I was unable to express my disagreement about the situations or how they were handled. To me this was a great injustice. To be unable to do something about a situation, after being told about a situation that I therefore could not change, I felt it was highly deceptive as well as disrespectful.  And so as it was, I felt an injustice imposed on me.


     Yet the Teacher tells me nothing happens by accident. He tells me that I asked for and received the lesson regardless of what I THOUGHT about it. And so it must be true I asked for the lessons whereby I allowed the imposed perceived injustices upon me. I asked for them. Yet there has to BE Justice IN a perceived injustice. And so as the miracle offers correction of perception, I asked for correction in perception, or a miracle, in the perceived imposed injustices I experienced.


     Now today I am aware that all things contain energy. Personal possessions contain energy. My personal possessions contain my energy. When my personal possessions are placed into another’s possession or world or dwelling, they still retain my energy. This is why I never shop at garage sales or antique stores.


     Yet if all things are NOT “owned” by the individual, that all things are “on loan” TO us in our earthly journeys, then this suggests that all things are IMPERSONAL.


We own nothing.





If all things are impersonal, then they are under the control OF the Impersonal.



     The Impersonal, the principle says, does not discriminate. If I discover, after the fact, things about which I cannot do anything, then so must be this lesson for others. And they too will discover, after the fact, about situations over which they will have no control.


     Then, my “personal possessions” placed into another’s world become my energy IN another’s world, as requested BY the Impersonal. Why others would want my energy in their lives and world remains a mystery to me. But Spirit has its reasons, and we think we have ours.


     Now if my energy is placed into another’s world, and this is NOT an injustice, then it must be part of an Impersonal Justice and Plan. Since Impersonal Justice is equal to all beings, it suggests that my energy can be placed ANYWHERE, and into what may be perceived to BE “their world”.


     Someone placed my possessions and energy into another’s world. I allowed this.

     Now I and my energy will be placed in another’s world. I will allow this.


      What this suggests is no one can tell anyone where they will or will not live, or with whom if Spirit is Impersonal Justice and if all justice is of God. If my energy will dwell in another’s dwelling, then another’s dwelling will receive my energy, according to an Impersonal Justice. In this truth, ALL things are fair.


     Then, it cannot be an injustice for others to discover my energy is placed or will be placed into another’s world, when it is.


      And so as I receive this miracle in corrected perception regarding my perceived injustices, I am liberated, freed of this disparaging energy. I look to new beginnings that offer me a place to dwell, that will contain my energy, as the Impersonal arranges it. For in this world no one can own anything, and realize all things, be it personal possessions or even a dwelling, does not belong to them to do with as they please. And as the Impersonal is fair, what one desires for oneself, must be fair for all others.


      We cannot expect to have a secure world while we deny others the same.


      Now I await the Impersonal Direction that will move my energy into those places that others attempted to block me from entering, that they feel belong or belonged to them. The Impersonal now will allow me to enter. For they too have asked to learn the lesson of allowing another’s energy into “their” world.


     What is part of God's Plan? Does it lead to harmony?

     What is part of ego's plan? Does it lead to harm on me?