wilderness path

a significant inner journey


" There is nothing in the universe, in life, in nature, in space

that is not doing WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE DOING.

This fully functioning universe, in all its various expressions,

we can call ORDER, or HARMONY."


Desert Spirit



May 27, 2016

Desert Spirit


Hello S,


     I have some insights I feel a need to share with you. It begins with the idea of “competition”.


     Competition, or to compete, is an idea that suggests not only is there something to compete FOR but that we must compete, AND that we are not only competing against others, that also others are competing against us. In a mind that things it must compete, or that there is competition, there lies the concept of SCARCITY. That is, there is a lack IN that for which we must compete. If there is a lack for which we must compete, then there is only a select number OF competitors who will be given the limited things for which they are competing.


     So the issue is not a question of competing or not, but rather a question of scarcity, or why we think in terms OF scarcity.


     When we feel there is lack, or scarcity, we feel threatened, and our sense of security is raised. We then feel fearful OF the things that are scarce, and that there is only a limited supply OF what is scarce. Hence, the need to compete FOR the thing that is scarce.


     To compete for what is scarce suggests that some will receive, and some will not, that some will benefit and some will not, that some will gain and some will not, that some will win and some with lose. Not only do we think this, we also think that WE may be the one that will not receive, or lose, or not benefit, etc. This becomes a threat to us, and we feel insecure if we do not receive that for which we are competing. If someone else, then wins the competition, we may become upset, angry, and even condemn ourselves for ‘losing”. We may even BLAME the “winner” FOR winning what competed for and did not win.


     On the other thank, if in the competing we WIN, the we feel justified, we feel secure, we feel happy and proud that our “skills” and “talents” were greater than another’s, and is why we were chosen over the other. We are happy to win the competition, and may not even think about those who did not win, how it affected them, or even care one bit as long as we won. We say, “Well, we all competed fairly, we all had the same chance, and I won”. And we are content in our arrogance.


     So the question is, “Is there truly scarcity in life, or in the world?” We may even expand our considerations to ask, “Is there truly scarcity in the universe in which I seem to live?”


     Or is the scarcity confined to a geographical location, such as, “Is there scarcity in Toronto, Canada?”


     There is ancient wisdom on the planet. It is so old that there are places that these teachings are buried and cannot be found. They are older than time, and have been on the planet since man has inhabited this plane. But these teachings are not available TO man, because along the way, man had begun to develop a condition called “self-centeredness” which is a condition that defines man’s self-importance. These ancient teachings were once available to ALL men, to ALL human beings. But as man began to develop this self-centeredness, so did he attempt to use these teachings to gain FOR HIMSELF at the expense of others. Well, as time presently shows reveals, we can see the destruction of this self-centeredness and how it affects our relationships with one another, as well as our relationships with the planet.


     These ancient teachings will not be made available TO man until man returns to his proper function by ending his self-centeredness and learning that he is part of a greater whole, that his function has to be for the greater good, and that he cannot take exclusively for himself and that what his function is must be a CONTRIBUTION TO the universe, to live and to the earth, and takes NOTHING FROM IT.


     Now in a boundless universe, there is no scarcity. WE LIVE IN AND ARE A PART OF A BOUNDLESS UNIVERSE. Even on the earth, there is no scarcity. In nature there is no scarcity. And in nature, in life and the earth THERE IS ON SELF-CENTEREDNESS.


     What does this mean?


     It means that EVERYTHING on the earth, in life, and in nature has a function. Everything. There is nothing in the universe, in life, in nature, in space that is not doing WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE DOING. This fully functioning universe, in all its various expressions, we can call ORDER, or HARMONY.


     If you pay attention to nature, you see everything knows what it is suppose to do. It is not competing with anything or anyone. There is no starvation in the animal, plant or mineral kingdoms. There is on greed, no self-centeredness, no scarcity, no hatred, no disease. THERE IS ONLY HARMONY AND ORDER, except where man has interfered and has disrupted this harmony and order.


     So our function is like that of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Our function is to discover WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE AND FUNCTION ON THIS PLANE? You can ask yourself this.

If you observe ants, every colony has many ants and each have a specific function; there if ant has to dig a hole it will, if ant has to move rocks and leaves it will, if he had to remove the dead ants it will, if it is a hunter it hunts, if it is guard, or a boss, it guards and bosses. The ants have an organized system of order and harmony and each ant has and KNOWS ITS FUNCTION. And no one ant competes against another ant for a role or a service.


     We too have a service to perform in this scheme or life, in this universe.


     Do not think in terms of competing and you will not have to think in terms of scarcity. If you realize there is no scarcity, then you will realize there is abundance, and that you have a function, and that you have a place and a purpose, and Life knows where you are supposed to be and where you are suppose to be to learn your life’s lessons and what your function will be.

You can ask, “What is my function in a boundless universe?”

Or you can ask, “Where can my skills and services be most useful and helpful to others?”


     In doing so, you begin to put away your self-centeredness, because you realize you are not here to appease yourself or others, but you are here, like ant, to fulfill the role that has been and will continue to be assigned to you.


     Thanks for listening. I welcome your questions and feedback.